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01-29-2012, 07:12 PM
Heister and Few

open dicsussion re: vs. Portland:

Few: In the first half, they were playing harder than us. They were playing with a little more passion and toughness and we were in quite a battle. They were executing better, on the glass and for 20 minutes I thought Portland was the better team.

we regrouped at half and thee guys did a great job of getting back to executing what we wanted to do, you know, the game plan,

GH: Were you yelling at them or what ? What's the process ?

Few: What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room.

We did what we had to do in there" to get back on track.

GH: Does the team respond to yelling or do you show them the right way or what ?
MF: It's just like dealing with your kid. Everyone is different. If you are constantly yelling and screaming all the time, there's less effect. But sometimes you have to poke & prod, sometimes kick in the rear, it comes down to the situation at hand and sometimes you just have to go with your gut.

(But) the players deserve the credit. they changed, they returned & played with more emotion, played harder, we started moving the ball better and getting away from the things we weren't doing better in the first half.

GH: the whole package was there the second half . . .
FEW: yeah, Edi was able to get some plays going. Some guys looked and joined in. RS and EH got back to establishing themselves under the basket versus 10-12 feet out.

We got our transition game going and we settled down pretty well. We were able to get some stops and get back to our interior play taking over.

GH: Does a good teams just win ? This team seems to just win.

Few: As you go through a season, some games there's great play, some good and some poor. we go through phases.

The key is surviving and, of course, keeping score. Winning games when not playing good is key to a great season.

We've been able to do that so far. We' ve played well in some games and others had some bad stretches. Yet were 17-3.

They're still learning and trying to correct those bad phases.

Kevin's shots (vs. Portland) were great, just not dropping. If they go down it's a different ball game. Stocks, too.

GBj played phenomenal the second half. He had 17-18 points in the second half.

01-29-2012, 07:17 PM
talked about sitting out. He's majoring in accounting and will get a grad degree as a bonus to taking the extra year to redshirt.

KO says he's working on his shooting and quickness.

Says he's satisfied with his progress and looking forward to next season. Adds teammates are very close and he's enjoying watching different team mates take over games and scoring at times. All good friends, too, and supportive of each other.

GH then announces MC is his player of the game for the Portland game, adding "MC is on his way back."

01-29-2012, 07:27 PM
After Few predicts it'll be the giants in the super bowl.

GH to J.Krause:director of basketball operations.

GH: what does your title mean?
JK: titles don't mean that much to me. It's the method that all Div 1 schools have taken to concentrate admin duties. I hope to have positive impact because I evaluate what we're trying to do. Subjectively and through player performance, which we measure.

GH: you are in to what numbers mean ?
JK: yes. we have to evaluate the program and have some objective means to do that. coaches then have subjective means, too. I think most coaches are light on objective measurements and better on subjective ones. Looking at film etc. Mark (is an exception). . . he has such a great feel during the games. He has a tremendous gift there.

GH: you assign numbers and grade kids out. you ever wrong ?
JK: generally the trend is there. not where you are now but where you are going. The general direction is what I tell players about. Over time the objectivity is there and the numbers don't lie.

GH: is this old school ?
JK: some of my ideas go back to Ohio state when Bobby knight was a player. some basic ideas came from a junior high math teacher and coach and he came up with some ways to measure team performance. (note: I'm thinking moneyball here).

GH: ben to all the final fours.

JK: since wooden won in portland with ucla. 40 plus years.

GH: what do you get out of that ?
JK: it's a time of celebration of end of the season. that you survived in the profession so a lot of fellowship. then I can't wait to learn something, I attend and give clinics. So a time of learning, too.

01-29-2012, 07:29 PM
FEW: BYU is a different team without jimmer. but they have a very good outside game. They haven't been shooting great but the environment with 22k in Utah is obviously a big challenge and it will be a big game.

We'll have to play very, very good -- like we did at xavier -- in order to win.

Then it's on to Pepperdine.


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Thanks for this, good job.

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Thank you gamagin, great recap

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Awesome. Thanks, G.

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Awesome. Thanks, G.


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Awesome. Thanks, G.

indeed! thank you gamagin

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Thanx gamagin, great recap! :clap:

I finally got a chance to watch the show last night and then read your recap this morning.

But I have to say, it doesnít do the show justice. Iím not putting your recap down. Iím saying the show was good; perhaps the best Mark Few Show to date.

Heister staid out of the way and let those being interviewed take center stage.

The opening interview shows a side of Coach that doesnít get out very often. He looks as comfortable as he ever has during an interview.

By my guide, The Mark Few Show is on again tonight, Root Sports Northwest (RTNW), at 7:00 PM PST (thatís 9:00 WooHoo time).

If I could, Iíd stream it. But I donít have a friggin clue how to even begin.