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12-05-2011, 06:42 AM
Just curious how the mob feels about the rematch of Bama and LSU.

Secondarily, how do you feel about 35 total post season games? How about 13 teams making bowl appearances with 6 and 6 records or worse (UCLA is actually 6 and 7)? Better still, is anybody gonna watch the 4 games that match 6 and 6 teams?

Some of my favorite games will be the following: MAACO Bowl with Boise St (11-1) vs Arizona St (6-6) Makes me wanna go out and get in a wreck, Little Ceasars Pizza Bowl in Detroit with W Mich(7-5) against Purdue (6-6) I'll have a Hot n Ready for that one, Pinstripe Bowl (Bronx) with Rutgers (8-4) vs Iowa St (6-6) Makes me want to watch in 3 piece suit, Music City Bowl (Nashville) Miss St (6-6) vs Wake Forest (6-6), wow one of the teams will have a winning record after that game, Meinke Car Care Bowl (Houston) Texas AM (6-6) vs Northwestern (6-6) another team will claim a winning record while I think about a catalytic converter purchase, Fight Hunger Bowl (San Francisco) UCLA (6-7) vs Illinois (6-6) maybe the winner can get a full meal and a competent coach as a prize, Gator Bowl Florida (6-6) vs THE Ohio St U (6-6) this used to be a decent bowl game what happened? I suggest that if Florida wins that they be handed over the THE from Ohio St and they can be THE University of Florida, The BBVA Compass Bowl Pitt (6-6) vs SMU (7-5) What the hell is a BBVA Compass? I think I want one.

Even I can do the math, 35 games means 70 teams get into post season play WTF is with that? Some consolidation is in order. I suggest that the groups between the Fight Hunger Bowl and the Famous Potatos Bowl join up for the "Fight Hunger with Famous Potatos Bowl". Same thing for Chick-fil-A and Little Ceasars, how about "Fast Food Bowl" for that one? Beef O'Brady's Bowl and Outback Bowl combine and they co-sponsor the "The High Steaks Bowl".

Meinke and MAACO combine for the "We Hosed You on Car Repair Bowl". They ought to be able to sell many upgrades and add-ons with the ticket purchase. The Military Bowl and the Armed Forces Bowl can become one, how about the "Deployment Bowl"? The two Bowls with "New" in their name, The New Mexico Bowl and the The New Orleans Bowl combine, and play the game in a diiferent city each year. The only requirement to host the game is that the host city or state has to have "New" in it's name. I suggest New Braunfels for the first revamped game, they have good BBQ there. OK, almost frinished here. Do we really need a Holiday and a Fiesta? How about just one, "The Lets Partay Bowl". Lastly, there's the Belk Bowl. Does anybody know what a Belk is? I sure don't, Do I need one? Let's just get rid of it. There are other candidates to be sure, but I just got rid of 8 Bowl games, 16 teams. That's a more manageable number but still too many. At least with just 54 teams most will have winning records going in. Any other recommendations? BBVA Compass Bowl is tenuous IMO.

12-05-2011, 07:59 AM
Bravo Birddog... Great post.

12-05-2011, 08:32 AM
Poor Boise St. They manage to get upset every year and they go from a BCS bowl to the.....Maaco Bowl. That's a huuuuge drop.

12-05-2011, 08:38 AM
My feelings on the rematch is that it's a total crock. If Alabama wins, they'll have won the "National Championship" without even qualifying for their conference championship game, and at best will have split the season series with LSU. They had their chance to knock off LSU on their home field and lost.