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07-04-2007, 10:38 AM
Im4bigblue wrote:
Whats up with the 08 class? We have a commit for the 09 class and 2 commits from the 2010 class, but is seems like our 08 class is going down the drain and fast after just a few days ago we thought we was going to sign Clarke, Warren and Miller and Washinton and now it seems like all 4 might not even sign now whats up? Is something going on that we don't know about??

Myteam7rings replies:

First of all, 49 of the Rivals top 100 players are still left for 08 at this point....that includes 23 of the top 50...still on the board, undecided, and alot of them have UK on their list. There are very few Schools that have already inked more than 1 or 2 of these guys. Kentucky is NOT behind on recruiting for 08, especially considering Gillispie hasn't been on it all that long.

You had to know that Liggens was going to scare off Clarke and Warren a little, I don't know if you realize Clarke and Liggens are both Guards who can play the 1 or the 2, and Liggens can even play the 3. Liggens is listed one spot behind Warren at Point guard for 08, so Im pretty sure Warren might veiw that as stiff competition for a starting job., and that Liggens is ranked alot higher than Clarke....Im not sure why anyone would be shocked that Clarke is kind of backing off now.

My Question is, why is anybody worried about what kind of 08 class we get???? We are losing only 2 players, both Guards, one of those guys we already have a replacement for in Liggins.. the other we don't even really need to replace do we?

I mean, Crawford is a loss because he plays alot at the 3, Liggins has the size to play the 3..he is a good replacement for Crawford. Bradley on the other hand, is a 2 guard, who swings to the point. With Meeks, and Legion both on board...and now Liggins... how bad does it hurt to not get a replacement for Bradley in 08?

Your 08 team as of right now..

PG- Jasper/ Liggins
SG- Meeks/ Legion
SF- Stevenson/ Harris/ Liggins
PF- Patterson/Stewart
Center- Carter/Williams

why is anybody worried that we haven't got another commitment from a Guard for the 08 class??? Be honest, how is Clarke going to help us in 08, or 09? Is he better than Jasper or Liggins at Point? Meeks or Legion at the 2? Nope...he is a bench rider at UK for no less than his first two years...be honest about it, and by then Its 2010. and even then you have a pretty darn good point still on board in Liggins, and one coming in for 09...so why the interest in Clarke for 08?

Im not trying to be harsh or anything... but I am kind of getting a Chicken Little feeling about this post.

How did anybody think Clarke and Warren would still be as high on UK after the Liggins signing? Warren is all over the place, the only reason people thought he was coming to UK is because of Clarke.. Washington was listed as a 3 star by scout 2 weeks ago and my understanding is that Washington is trying to Qualify for 07... why would it be important to land a 3 star small forward for 07, when its pretty Obvious we are going to play a 3 guard because we are packed to the rafters with talent at the 2. MIller is still a hard UK lean, but he is playing it smart, he knows UK has offers to some pretty darn good players for 08, and it would suck to sign with UK and then have them recruit over you.

We are a month or two so past landing Legion and Patterson, and a week past landing Liggins, we have commitments for 09 and 2010, and Im reading a post about whats wrong with UK recruiting?

Zeller should be our top priority for 08, and if Miller signs...the 08 class is set in stone. Warren, Clarke, Washington, would just be overkill.

PG- Jasper/ Liggins/Porter
SG- Meeks/Legion
SF- Stevenson/Miller/Harris
PF- Patterson/ Stewart
C- Zeller/Carter/Williams

Show me the need for Warren/Washington/Clarke???

This is essentially the same thing Bobzag was saying earlier (albeit this is a much more detailed version). The difference is that now some UK people are saying it. The rational thinkers in Lexington are past the hype of Clarke's visit...and the prospect of Gonzaga landing Clarke is not as dim as it once seemed.

I also believe that Clarke is a little better than this guy believes. In my opinion, this is partially political spin to justify why Clarke may not become a Wildcat.

07-04-2007, 11:43 AM
Kudo, great investigative reporting. That darn chemistry thing again. The, "Where do I fit in the team plans?" I don't know squat about recruiting, but have to believe that securing Liggins was huge. Would be interesting to know that scenerio at the other spots Clarke is considering. Let's hope the Gonzaga situation is the one that is the most appealing.

07-04-2007, 11:48 AM
The big pitch by the University of Oklahoma Sooners is that Clarke would be a day one starter for them. Appealing, but the Zags have made nine straight NCAA tournament appearances, have been on national tv more, and will still be able to offer plenty of playing time.

With respect to the two important factors:

1) playing time
2) a chance to play on a national stage.

Gonzaga really is starting to look like the best fit.

tom o dachi
07-04-2007, 12:24 PM
Yes, we do still have a shot at Clarke, but what if Gibbs commits here first? Would Clarke still be as interested?

07-04-2007, 12:28 PM
Interesting scenerios to think about internally too. If Clarke commits here, does Gibbs make a different choice? What impact would Clarke have on the 09 recruits? What if Pargo headout early to the NBA?

Let's make a huge assumption and say an elite 8 run this year and continued TV time to keep that side of the equation constant.

07-04-2007, 12:43 PM
I like to imagine conversations like I am a fly on the wall. Pure speculation on my part, but a hypothetical conversation I can imagine:

"Ok Grant I like what I have seen of you. I think you play well enough to be a Zag."

"I'm ready to commit coach. What next?"

"Well Grant, I'm a man of my word and I have offered another player. I promised our last 08 spot to him if he wants it. He asked for time to make a couple visits and I told him that was fair, but I need to know by the end of his visit here...hopefully at the end of July."

So what do I do coach?

"You have several options, but if you want to be a Zag, you will need to wait to see if the other kid commits. He is making a couple visits before he comes here though. You never know, he may commit to another school this weekend. If he does, then I have a spot for you."

Ok. I appreciate you being honest with me coach, I have a tough decision to make.

I love daydreaming about stuff like this..lol

And again a strong disclaimer....this conversation never took place!

07-04-2007, 07:36 PM
You're right, MickMick, Few did offer Clarke first and it makes sense that he would put it that way in fairness to Gibbs and Clarke. Who knows, but it is fun to imagine.

"I want to take a couple more [visits] before I decide, just to see what is out there," he [Rotnei] said. "I still want to get out to New Mexico with coach (Steve) Alford and probably Gonzaga."

Supposedly Clarke said this to UK press. BobZag seems to have it right. He was being polite because he had just received the royal treatment from the most prideful program in the nation, but Gonzaga was on his mind while in the bluegrass... and Gonzaga's facilities and hold on the national spotlight are nothing to shake your head at. We're definitely not Kentucky and to some's way of thinking that may be a good thing. The more I think about it, the more I believe Gonzaga may be the most likeable program in the nation. Small time feel with big time benefits. No doubt in my mind, Clarke's still the one we want. Hope he sees it that way.