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maynard g krebs
11-12-2011, 04:07 PM
Haven't read near every post since last nite, so I may have missed something. We all know this team isn't going far in the postseason with Hart at the 3- same story as w/ Meech last yr.

But I wonder Hart's pt last nite was a message to other, more talented players about effort and smarts, which Hart possesses in abundance. Hart was outstanding against Carroll, competing with players more on his level of natural ability, mostly because of his effort level, and always being in the right spot.

Few was probably pretty confident about beating Eastern, and it's at least a possibility that Hart playing 29 min in a probable win was Few's way of pushing the buttons of other players.

Not saying I agree with the tactic- it can be a double edged sword, i.e. it can either motivate or harm confidence of the guys who aren't playing and make them play tight, which I think has often been a problem for the Zags.

But given Few's record, overall his methods are pretty successful, so even if I'd personally rather see shooters in the game, I'm gonna wait a while to pass judgment. Like till January. There's too much to figure out with a new guard rotation.

I still think the best years will be the seasons following this one.

11-12-2011, 04:34 PM
In the game in the Arena vs New Mexico that Casey broke the backboard, the Zags lost by 1 in OT. There was a JC transfer on that team named Alex Hernandez. Alex had been very valuable coming off the bench in his 1st year.

Alex sat on the bench the whole game. Few was not too thrilled with the work he was doing in the classroom. Even though he was easily eligible by NCAA standards, he wasn't meeting GU standards. If Alex plays in that game, the Zags win IMO.

Zags wind up going 13-1 in WCC, win the league Tourney & advance to the Sweet 16 thru the South Regional beating Virginia & Indiana St. Alex was arguably the MVP of the sub-regional. Lesson learned?

FWIW, Spangler spent most of the time in the early warm-ups sitting on the bench. Going thru pre-game, was looking puny to this observer. Speculation only on my part but as a coach the #1 rule is don't share any info with your opponent regarding your player's health.

I'm sure Few spends a lot of sleepless hours worrying about all the speculation on this board.

11-12-2011, 04:55 PM
Thank you Sitting. You're the first to imply that maybe there was something going on with Ryan other than not being deserved of playing time. I was wondering if maybe he was kept out because of an illness or injury. As for the Hoff, I was perplexed by his white warm-up/track jacket. Everyone else had on a red and blue dry-fit pullover. Thought maybe he was battling an injury too and was wearing different attire because he wasn't going to play.

11-12-2011, 08:33 PM
Probably right 50.

I will say this, it was almost the perfect lesson for some new freshmen players. I'm not sure they'd learn as much winning by 40. They learned about the dreaded "3" ball. They also learned pounding the ball inside to our bigs gets other teams in BIG foul trouble.....Eastern was lucky it didn't get out of hand. We play them 10 games in and it will be a bigger span.