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10-22-2011, 09:10 PM
Loved the whole Kraziness in the Kennel experience. We got to Spokane about 1:45 and I stood in line near ZagItUp while Mr. ID made a Costco run. We were standing about a hundred feet from where the line turned to go down the sidewalk. It was a lot of fun. The atmosphere was electric, no-one seemed to mind the long queue, and luckily the rain had stopped. I visited all the booths and picked up schedules, signs for the motor home, etc.

I called Mr. ID to pick me up a polish dog at Costco. He arrived back at the MAC with just a few minutes to spare, so we had to eat our dogs before we went in.

Inside, it was even more special. One of the dance team members applied my tattoo for me. We found seats in the front row of the upper section, but with a better view of the floor than the accessible seats.

Loved the atmosphere--even the old farts were standing up and clapping--though I had to remind the old fart next to me (Mr. ID) to stand up once.

The scrimmage has been adequately covered by all the posts before mine, so I'll just say I was impressed with all the guys. Loved what they were showing, especially the newbies, and I am so excited for the season.

Had seen Hondo while I was in line, but had a chance to talk to him after the scrimmage. He seemed as excited as I am about the season.

We got in line to get autographs, and I was really glad we did. Enjoyed visiting with the guys a bit--Kelly Olynk recognized me, and asked if the the dogs were with us--they were in the car. Kelly confirmed that he had hit his head in practice, but that it was just precautionary that he sat out. Sacre chatted with Mr. ID, saying "Everybody's got color in their hair but you (Mr. ID looks like an Idaho Mountain Man) and I don't need that--at which Kelly (I think) said, well you have to have something to color, Sacre. I told Sacre that we would be going to see them play in Vancouver--so I could indulge my two passions--Zags and Inuit/Indian Art. He said it would be a great time, and impressed me by naming the one Museum everybody on the Inuit/Indian art group had said was a must visit--the Museum of Anthropology at the U of BC.

Chatted with Sarbaugh and told him we were happy to have a fellow Idahoan on the team--he was impressed that we came over from Sandpoint for the scrimmage, and I said Zags and Costco--when you can do that in one trip, it's a good day.

Chatted with several of the newbies, and was impressed that they did not seem overwhelmed by the reception they had received.

We just got home about 9--we were trying to find some almond roca as a hostess gift for my sister-in-law in the UK--she loves it. After a stop at the made in Washington store in the River Front Mall (they don't carry it, go figure since it is made in Tacoma) and found it at the Rite Aid across the street. Then we stopped in Sandpoint to pick up a Papa Murphy's pizza.

Forgot to say--the Kennel Club was great! Several new chants and lots of energy!

All in all, a great day. PMTA


10-28-2011, 09:34 PM
Great day in Zagland.

We departed only 45 minutes later than I wanted--not too bad.

We got to our hotel about 4:00. I had planned to walk the two little dogs on the river walk to Gonzaga, but didn't have time. So after we got to the arena I did half of my workout for the day--15 minutes walking around the arena.

Saw BobZag and his mom before the game and had a nice chat.
Alsot visited a few times with Lurknomore and her daughter Haile and her sister-in-law.

Thoroughly enjoyed the game. Loved seeing the newbies and vets play. Was impressed with Ryan Spangler, Mike Hart, Kyle D. Vets: Elias is back!!!
Sacfe and Carter performed as expected. By the end of the game, I was just hoping that Few would put Sarbaugh in so that we could see him play, since many think he may redshirt. He did get in and aside from looking like Matt Bouldin from a distance, he seemed to move quite a bit like him--though he doesn't have Matt's guns--needs to get in the weight room.

Anyway, it was a great first look at our 2011-2012 Zags.

Can't wait for the regular season to start!

After the game, I saw Lurknomore and her daughter again. Her daughter actually caught a t-shirt from the cheerleaders. I told her I wanted to borrow her Bulldog hat (big Spike head) for the next game.

As we were going out, someone tapped me on the elbow and said "Red Hoodie" as he dashed by. I think it was ZagItUp, who was behind me in line last Saturday, but I am not sure.

Great day in Zagland. We are back at the hotel, looking forward to going to the Lady Zags Fan Fest tomorrow.


11-11-2011, 10:39 PM
What a game!

If the women's game was a bit of a yawner, the men's was cardiac city!

We went right back to the MAC after checking into our hotel. I walked some more around the arena, (to get my sixty minutes of exercise in).

First thing I noticed was that Kelly, Chris, and Kevin seem to be redshirting. Guy was also in street clothes, since he can't play.

EWU came loaded for bear--I didn't feel comfortable until the last 2 or 3 minutes.

During the game, I got a kick out of "Coach Kelly"--he was carrying a clipboard, writing on it, and coaching from the bench.

Loved what I saw from veterans Rob, Elias, Marquise and Michael. Kevin Pangos had a solid game, and Gary Bell seems to settle in later in the game. For a while, I worried that our free throw woes from previous years were catching up with us, but they seemed to right that ship later in the game.

At halftime, I had a learning experience--I was standing over by the door to the Bulldog Social Club, watching for Hondo, since I hadn't had a chance to talk to him for a couple of games. As I stood there, a guy went by and said--you want to go in? I said sure, and he handed me a social club ticket. I didn't see Hondo, but I did learn that if you were only donating the extra Bulldog Club money for the social club, it wouldn't be worth it for just beer or wine and pretzels.

I thought that the Kennel Club did a fantastic job. I am so glad they started a bunch of chants for defense. It means I don't have to lose my voice every game shouting DEEEEE-FENSE.

After the game, I did get a chance to talk to Hondo. We had a nice visit.

Now we're back at the hotel watch Zags on the news and relaxing.

All in all a very satisfactory day in Zagland.


11-11-2011, 11:20 PM
What a game!

I thought that the Kennel Club did a fantastic job. I am so glad they started a bunch of chants for defense. It means I don't have to lose my voice every game shouting DEEEEE-FENSE.


From a KCer...you guys (the rest of the crowd) were fabulous too! I love starting the "ON YOUR FEET" chant and getting such a response from the crowd.

11-26-2011, 05:19 PM
We left the house at about 10:30 to get to the Arena for the early start. Packed up the dogs and overnight stuff, in case Mr. ID wanted to stay overnight since we'll be going to the women's game tomorrow. The dogs seem to know that they are going to get to go when I pick up the Zag Bandanas and put them on--Rusty the lab gets especially excited.

Can anyone explain to me why there were no cheerleaders at this game? Spike and Ronald MacDonald don't quite cut it. The KC had fair representation, and the crowd was full of little kids who were enthusiastic.
Don't now if it's true--but it seems like my yelling "Deeee-fense" is the signal for the KC to start one of their chants. :p

I saw Hondo before the game and chatted with him.

Loved the game. I was very impressed with David Stockton, Sam Dower, and Mike Hart. The Zags let WSU back in once and I got a little anxious, until they started to pull away.

I was interested to read on the program that a student at one of the school I taught at is an assistant coach at WSU. Larry Farmer played at Manual High School in Denver my first year of teaching there, where I was a very enthusiastic fan. (He's probably better remembered for playing and coaching at UCLA.) He was a great player and student--and a very spiffy dresser. His looks haven't changed that much--though he has put on a few pounds. I googled him, and found out that he is 60 years old and has been coaching 30 years. Talk about my being ZaGranny! :D

We drove back home tonight. Gonna have leftover turkey for dinner tonight. We have to get up early and head for Spokane again.


12-15-2011, 09:35 PM
We got an early start today, because we had a couple of errands in Sandpoint--mailing our last Christmas package and checking at Yoke's to see if we could order a goose for Christmas dinner--we couldn't. I'll have to think of something else.

Then we headed over to the Spokane arriving at the Kennel around 5.

I walked 10 laps around the arena before the game. I saw BobZag, Hondo, and BBallGuy and chatted a bit. Two of the ushers started counting may laps for me, and again most of them were smiling and giving me a thumbs up. As I was walking, I saw a Spokane policeman. I stopped and said "I'll bet you're having an easier gig than the guys in Cincinnati this week." He said, "Yeah, I am sure you're right."

The crowd was a little sparse until just before the game was going to start. I saw talked to Lurknomore and her daughter, who were seated nottoo far from us.

The students and band just about filled sections 108, 107, and 106. The students did a good job, and some of the crowd was enthusiastic.
Unfortunately, the man seated behind me and to the right got upset when I stood up, so I was somewhat limited in what I could do, but I could still yell "Deeeeee-fense" At the half, he thanked me for being considerate, and I mentioned to him that the one thing people complain about especially when the students are gone is that the "Old Farts" don't stand and don't yell--and Ido both even though I am also an old fart.

The game had a successful outcome, but I had some very anxious moments. I was pleased to see Spangler play a few minutes, and thought he did some
good things. But I really pleased when the "calvary" arrived and Few put back in the 4 starters--Sacre, Elias, Hart, and Bell--who had been on the bench.

We sat directly across from the ORU bench, and I noticed a great sign:

"DBH #32 repping the 907"

907 is the area code for the entire state of Alaska. DBH is is Damon Bell-Holton, from Hydaburg, Alaska, one of ORU's outstanding players. I couldn't believe that Hydaburg could produce such a great baller--it doesn't even have a high school. I have been there,and there is nothing there but a great bunch of Haida totem poles.

Wonder how many people besides me (and Nada Stepovich Stockton of the Fairbanks Stepovich's if she saw it) understood the sign. At halftime while I was doing my last 2 laps, I saw a guy with an ORU t shirt and asked him if those folks were from Alaska, and he thought they probably were. Then I saw a group of young men, one of them wearing a t-shirt with a Haida (Indian) Raven symbol on it. So I asked him if he were from from Alaska and he said he was. It turns out he was a classmate of DBH, so we had a nice chat. Then I finished just the first of my two laps, since I had been visiting.

I got to see a woman that I had seen several times this last year, and none this year, so I had been worried about her health, but she said she has been to all of the games, but just sitting all over the place. She wondered why I was so quiet until I told her about the guy behind me.

After the game, I did my last lap. Then I saw that the 907 contingent (or as I called them the Hydaburgers) was still behind the ORU bench so I went down to talk to them. The young man had told me the woman with the sign was DBH's mom--I had figured as much. I thought this is probably the closest he will play to his family this year. So I told her she must be very proud of her son. She was amazed that I had been to Hydaburg. I said "Yeah, I visited my sister in Craig (on the same Prince of Wales Island) which was nothing--a store, a hamburger joint, and a dump where we went to watch the black bears and bald eagles, then we drove to Hydaburg, which was less than nothing, to see the totem poles. She kept introducing me to friends, DBH's sister, and one of the ORU coaches as a lady who has been to Hydaburg.

After that, I left and walked toward the elevator. I saw Pendo talking to a bunch of folks, so I went over to him. I asked him if he knew how many laps around the concourse it took to do a mile, and he didn't know, but he promised to find out. Then he called to a MAC staffer who said he thought it was 10. I said great, I have been doing 12--then the guy said or maybe 12, so Pendo said he would find out for sure and let me know next time. Then I asked him how his new job was going, and he said it was going well--and he didn't hit me up for a donation! :p

All in all, another great day in Zagland.

Now we are at the Red Lion hotel. We are heading for the BIS tomorrow morning and did not see any reason to drive back to Sandpoint. At the restaurant, we sat next to a group of 8. Turns out they were from Alaska, down to see one of the family graduate from GU law school tomorrow. We had a great conversation with them--but I told them they should have gone to the game to see the Hydaburg player.


12-16-2011, 07:40 PM

We left the hotel in Spokane today and drove to one in Seattle for tomorrow's game. Trouble is we left the canister of food for the dogs in the hotel in Spokane, so Mr. ID had to run out and buy dog food before we could do anything else.


12-16-2011, 07:50 PM
...We left the hotel in Spokane today and drove to one in Seattle for tomorrow's game....


I hope we are fortunate to meet you and Mr. ID ZAGFAN again this year at the BIS Pregame Party.

Have a great time and Go Zags!

12-20-2011, 10:07 PM
We got an early start today. We headed into Sandpoint to finish a little Christmas shopping and mail our Christmas cards (Yay!)

Then we headed over to Spokane. We got to the arena about 4:45, and I headed in to walk the concourse while Mr. ID walked the dogs.

While I walked the concourse I saw BobZag going the other way and chatted a bit. Also while walking, Eurozag came up and asked if I was Zagranny. She did a lap with me and we chatted. That was fun.

I went to our seats and found Mr. ID was already there. I had him go get me something to eat. The carvery has added ham to its list sandwiches, so I tried that and it was really good. (On another culinary note--the pork slider people have added a beef burger slider to their menu. I tried that last week and it was pretty good.)

First--I will say I thought the crowd, with its little pie slice of KC, was the best I have seen it without the students. (On either post game or Zags live radio show, the announcers mentioned that it was as if somebody had told the people sitting in student section that they should really bring it.) The people around me (we were in section 106) were really enthusiastic, yelling, standing, clapping, etc. The people in front of me gave me a double high five for the games, and our cheering.

The game was fantastic. I loved that the guys regrouped a bit after Butler took a lead and just took it to them. Elias had another great game, as did Pangos and Bell. Loved the lead we had at half-time.

I finished up my laps at half time, and saw Hondo as I was walking and we chatted. I also saw Lurknomore and her husband.

The second half was great, too. Stocks, Dower, Bell and Hart also deserve a mention for their great play.

When we left the arena it was snowing a bit, but nothing too bad. It stopped and then started again intermittently all the way home, but the roads were not awful. It did take us about 15 minutes longer to get home, which isn't bad.

Now we're home and having left over pizza for a late snack.

Another great day in Zagland!


12-20-2011, 11:58 PM
It's was great meeting you :)!! It was a fun game I don't have much of a voice anymore but was well worth it !! Bring on Air Force!

12-22-2011, 09:51 PM
An other great journey to ZagLand.

We got an early start, with a couple of errands to do in Spokane. The roads were clear, with a little fog in the Spokane Valley. The valley was a winter wonderland--all of the trees were covered with beautiful frost.

We made stops at Costco and the Party store in the Spokane Valley and headed on to the arena.

We got to the arena about 4:45. I picked up the tickets, and I went in to walk to the concourse while Mr. ID walked the dogs. I saw BobZag twice while I was doing my laps, BBallGuy and Lurknomore and her husband twice. The ushers all smile at me and give me thumbs up. Two of them count my laps, and once of those two walked a half a lap with me as he had to go get a chair for someone. I did 10 laps before the game.

Our seats were pretty good. 108 row 4. We were right next to the KC. There were fewer than 40 KC members there. They did not quite feel up the small pie shaped section 107. They were trying, but somewhat disjointed. I was glad to see that they decided not to boo AFA, and not to turn their backs when AFA being introduced. The two in front were trying to lead chants, but halfway up someone would start a different chant.

The rest of the crowd did a pretty good job, especially when things got a little tense in the second half.

Loved the play by Pangos, Dower, and Dower.Bell did pretty well, too. I yelled myself hoarse. Hart did his usual job on the defense. I was really glad when we pulled away a bit in the second half.

At the half, I finished my last two laps, but it was a struggle through the crowds. I saw Hondo at the half and chatted with him a bit.

Loved the end of the game, and the result. Saw Hondo again after the game. He said "It was too close for too long." I agreed.

We left and headed home. Again the roads were clear, with some fog. We got home about 10:15.

Enjoying left over pizza again and watching the replay on 426.

Great day in ZagLand.


12-22-2011, 11:00 PM
You can see us behind Spike at :55.4 in the replay. I am in the red hoodie, Mr. ID is the Idaho mountain man to my left.

I was not one of the old farts sitting on their hands--I was probably up more often than the guy behind me would have liked--but he was tall, and did not mind.


12-28-2011, 09:48 PM
We got an early start today. We had to leave our dogs at home today. Our lab gets anxious in the car, and (long story short) he was ill after the last game and we had to take him to the hospital Christmas Eve, where he stayed overnight. They gave him some meds and IV's, and sent him home Christmas day. They gave us some tranquilizers for future car trips, but we wanted to make sure he was really well before we take him in the car again. So we left the little dogs to keep him company, and had our housekeeper clean a day early so that he was not alone for too long.

After a brief stop at Costco, we arrived at the MAC about five. I went in to walk the concourse, and Mr. ID walked outside.

I walked 9 laps before the game. I saw Hondo twice before the game, and introduced him to Lurknomore. I also saw Bobzag and Gamagin before the the game. I am seeing more and more people that I have met (not on the boards) who I have met Seattle, San Diego, Las Vegas and Vancouver, as well as Spokane.

As I went to my seat. the guy 3 seats down from ours, stopped me and said "Would you be ZaGranny?" "Yes, I am." "Well, you won't know me, as I am a lurker on the boards, but I really enjoy reading your posts." Fun!

Loved the game! Loved that "Coach" Kelly Olynyk was rocking a sports jacket and tie, as well as his clipboard. Saw him coaching Dower and Spangler a few times during the game--a guy I take to be a student manager had to remind him once to stay off the floor. Love that enthusiasm from the bench. Loved the way the guys played hard all the game and never let up. Loved that a lot of guys got more minutes than usual and most did quite well. Standouts among the bench players were Spangler, Dower,and Stockton. The starters played well with fewer minutes than usual. Sacre looked much more energetic than last game, though it is obvious his thumb is bothering him. 2 or 3 minutes before the end of the game, Jennifer wrapped and (it looked like) immobilized his thumb. Loved that the crowd, where we were at least, was pretty active. The KC was a little bit larger than the last game and a little louder. Loved a 39 pt. winning margin.

Walked 2 more laps at the half, then I walked a final round after the game, to get my 12 laps in. Saw Hondo again. We left and drove home in the rain. We arrived home about 10. All of the doggies were fine, even the recovering one.

So it was a great day in ZagLand!


01-05-2012, 09:57 PM
Got an early start today. We loaded up the dogs and headed out, with a short stop in Sandpoint. We arrived at the arena just before 4:30, and I picked up the tickets and went up to walk the concourse, while Mr. ID walked the dogs.

It was great getting there that early--fewer people to avoid on the concourse.
Saw several folks I know as I walked--BobZag, Lurknomore and her husband, and a lurker and his wife who I have talked to a couple of times. As I finished up the 12th lap, I saw Pendo. He remembered me and my question the last time I talked to him. He had the answer for me--12 1/2 laps to do a mile. So I did 13 today, and will do 13 for the rest of the games, and it will just about average out. When I stopped at the Pork slider stand to get water and a diet pepsi, a lady working at the Fiesta stand came out to say hi, and asked how many laps I did before each game. I told her that it had been 12, but was up to 13, since it is 12 1/2 to make a mile. She said she and the other folks working with her tried to count the laps I was making, but had trouble keeping up.

We had great seats in section 104 row 3. Hondo and his wife were 2 seats down from us in the same row. I was glad that there was no one in front of me--so I wasn't disturbing anyone when I yelled deee-fense!!!

I took several pictures of the warm-ups and stuff, but I left the camera in the car--and if you could see the skating rink which is our driveway, you would understand why I don't just go out and get it. I will put some pictures in the thread when I get it tomorrow.

The game was all BobZag and I wanted--he said he wanted a comfortable win, with which I agreed. Loved the way the guys came out and took charge. Kevin, GBJ, and Elias had good games. Loved Dower, Stockton, and Edi off the bench. Was so happy to see all the other guys get some time. Mathis and his 3's were great. Thought we had a lot of hustle, especially on defense. Would like to see better rebounding, though.

I did my typical job of trying to get some of the other Old Farts going, and some around me did cheer and clap. I got up to dance and got myself on DanceCam. Hondo gave me the thumbs up! That was fun!

Thought they made a mistake putting the KC in section 102. They just didn't project that well from that direction.

We left soon after the game, and had an uneventful trip home.

Altogether, a very satisfactory day in ZagLand.


01-06-2012, 09:36 AM
You looked good bustin a move on the dance cam.


01-07-2012, 09:29 PM
Got a little later start than we wanted to, but still got to the MAC at 4. Mr. ID stayed out to walk the dogs, and I went in to walk the concourse. I talked to BobZag as I started my walk. I walked 13 laps before the game. On the way, I chatted with Gamagin, Lurknomore and her husband, Hondo, and Section 116.

We were sitting in section 106. The start of the game was a little nervous-making. It took 5 minutes for the Zags to score. I think it was SC 10-Zags 0. I started to feel better once we scored, and we seemed to get over our slow start. I thought Dower, Stockton and Carter brought a lot of energy when they came in. I felt much better when we went up by 2 at the half. I walked another lap, and chatted with BobZag again. He summed it up pretty well "I thought we would have a game where we started slow, and the freshman played like freshman."

Fortunately, the second half went much better. Gary Bell was incredible both with his defense and offense. The job he did on Kevin Foster was great. Elias, and Pangos played really well, too. Loved the defensive job Sacre did. And the rebounding job in the second half was great, too. Glad to see both MM and MK getting some good minutes and doing well. And I thought Carter played the best he has in a while--a couple of very timely baskets and a good assist when he first came in.

I really loved the way the Zags pulled together in the second half and came off with a 22 point win.

After the game, I walked another lap and thenI had a long chat with Bunny Rancher and his wife. They almost had to turn the lights out on us--we were some of the last to leave.

We left the Kennel, and had a completely new experience! We got our first free Wendy's. We have been at other games with Wendy's, but have always given our tickets to someone, since our local (Sandpoint) Wendy's doesn't participate, and we usually aren't coming back soon enough to use them. But we knew we were coming back today, so we kept them. That was fun.

It was snowing lightly as we left Spokane, and intermittently on the way home, but the roads were not bad. We probably had more at home than anywhere else. The worst part was the light covering on our skating rink (AKA our driveway after several melt and freeze cycles of our snow). It made the trip from car to house really treacherous.

But we made it, and are now relaxing.

Another wonderful day in ZagLand.


01-19-2012, 11:26 PM
Our adventure began at 3:30, when we took off for Spokane. Good thing we allowed extra time---instead of an hour and forty minutes, it took us 2 and a half hours. Driving was not bad, as long as we took it slow.

As we arrived in Spokane Valley, Mr.ID said "I don't want to drive any more today." I promptly called the Red Lion and made reservations. We had packed the car with all we needed to spend the night--dog food,med, etc.

We stayed on Trent rather than get onto the freeway, and it worked out well.

We arrived at the arena at 6:00. I picked up the tickets, changed to my walking shoes, and went up to walk the concourse. There weren't too many people there, so it wasn't bad at first. Later it got very wet. I was walking really slowly, because I was making sure I didn't plant my feet or walking stick on a wet spot. One of the ushers was amazed that we even got there from Sandpoint and relieved that we weren't going to drive home. She was also concerned because one lady had already fallen on a wet spot. So I walked just 7 laps before the game. On those laps TQ came up and introduced herself and her daughter. Then I saw Section 116. I also had a great conversation with a couple of cheerleaders--one guy and one girl. They were impressed that we drove in from north of Sandpoint.

After I sat down, another usher came up and chatted with me about my laps and our trip over from Sandpoint.

Loved the fact that Kelly and Ryan were rocking boy ties and looking spiffy. I noticed that Sam, true to his tweet earlier, had gotten "lined up" and trimmed a lot of his beard.

The first half of the game we struggled more than I liked. I liked what Elias did, and the improvement from Sacre. Thought it was great to see Gee Landry Edi bring it. I thought Pangos, Stockton, and Bell also did well.

I thought the Kennel Club did a pretty good job tonight, but was disappointed to see empty seats, and a lot of kid leaving early

I loved seeing the girl get the half court shot. Good enuff! Now we have seen 2 half court shots in person.

I saw Hondo at the half and he walked part of a lap with me. I walked two more laps at the half.

The 2nd half, I thought we had a lot more energy. I was really happy that we won by 11.

After the game, I walked another lap to give me 10 for the day.

We went to the hotel, and had chipotle wings at the bar before going to the rng. I walks to/from the front desk three times to give me a mile.

We're now relaxing and watching TV.

More adventure tomorrow on our trip home.


01-21-2012, 09:28 PM
Well, our adventures started early. We left the house at 1:15 so that we could get to the arena early for my walk. We got about 10 miles south of Sandpoint and discovered that US 95 was closed due to a semi crash. (We later found out it was a multi-vehicle crash including 2 semis and 2 cars. One of the semi drivers was killed and one of the car drivers was airlifted.) Anyway, we had to go back to Sandpoint and go across highway 2 to get to Spokane. We still got there by 3:45, and at least the roads were clear.

On the way to Spokane, we listened to part of the women's game. We tuned in when they were down 12, so were really happy that they tied it at the half and came off with a 10 point win.

After we got to the arena, I picked up the tickets, gave Mr. ID his so he could walk the dogs, and went up to walk the concourse.

I walked 12 laps before the game. On the way, I visited with BobZag, Zaggy Stardust, BBallGuy, Bocco, and a lady I have met at many games since we first met her in San Diego at the WCC.---no handle so I won't use her name. I also visited with the two cheerleaders I talked to Thursday and several ushers. Two of them were keeping count of my laps.

Loved the game. We had seats next to the French horn section of the band, it was fun watching them and the rest of the band.

Man, I loved Rob's game tonight. He looked really good, as did Elias, and Guy Landry, who started. I felt our guards did a good job of guarding their two freshman guards.

The Kennel Club seemed to have a lot of energy tonight, too. They added a Dower Power chant. Glad to see both Keita and MM getting some minutes.

Talked to Hondo and Lurknomore when I walked two more laps at the half.

Second half was definitely better. Dower brought a lot, too. One highlight was the way Kelly just went crazy on the sideline after one of Rob's dunks.

I walked another lap after the game. I talked to Hondo again. I got to talking to a couple of ushers downstairs after the game, and got a chance to high-five Marquise as he left the arena.

Our ride home was relatively uneventful, although we had intermittent light and heavy snow.

We stopped at Yokes to get milk, eggs, and bread (so we wouldn't have to go to town tomorrow) and some baked chicken for a snack tonight and I ran into a couple who were wearing Zag gear. So of course we had a long chat. That brings the total of Sandpoint Zag fans that we know to 8.

The sixteen mile trip home from the store was also uneventful, though snowy.

We're now relaxing and unwinding. We have a relaxing day tomorrow--but we have to go to Spokane both Monday and Tuesday for doctor's appointments. 4 trips in 6 days--and the snowiest days we have had this year.


01-21-2012, 10:07 PM
...Our ride home was relatively uneventful, although we had intermittent light and heavy snow.

We stopped at Yokes to get milk, eggs, and bread (so we wouldn't have to go to town tomorrow) and some baked chicken for a snack tonight and I ran into a couple who were wearing Zag gear. So of course we had a long chat. That brings the total of Sandpoint Zag fans that we know to 8.

The sixteen mile trip home from the store was also uneventful, though snowy.

We're now relaxing and unwinding. We have a relaxing day tomorrow--but we have to go to Spokane both Monday and Tuesday for doctor's appointments. 4 trips in 6 days--and the snowiest days we have had this year.


ZaGranny, always enjoy reading your adventures back and forth to the Zag games.

Glad to hear that you and Mr. ID ZAGFAN had safe travels today. Hope you have safe travels on both Monday and Tuesday as well.

Enjoy your day of rest.

Go Zags!

Go Lady Zags!

01-22-2012, 07:45 AM
Zagranny! I really love your stories. Thank you. Great reading in the morning after. One of my favorite! Kelly Oly's crazziness after Rob's dunk was on the TV screen. He was awesome. Kelly is seen on TV a lot, and that guy to me is such a role model of how to participate on the bench. He is one awesome Zag, and next year when he plays again he will be one of my favorites.

02-27-2012, 10:17 PM
I love Senior Night! :adored:

We got an early start today so that I could walk the concourse and Mr. ID could make a run to Costco for coffee and frozen blueberries before the game. After a couple of stops in Ponderay to pay our car and house insurance and mail the busted satellite receiver back to dish, we made good time and got to the MAC about 5:25.

We heard an interesting item in the pre-game radio show as we drove to the stadium. They said that this Senior Night Game is called the Turiaf Game. When he was a senior, they thought he would be too emotional to play well against a tough WCC team, so they scheduled a relatively easy game for Senior Night and have continued the tradition.

While I was picking up our tickets, I noticed a staff member talking on the phone and then meeting someone outside. From the conversation, it was apparent that this was a recruit and his family. He was a tall, slender, black kid, but I have no idea who he is. They were sitting to the left of the basket in the front row right near the end of the Zags' bench.

I was on a roll, so I walked 16 and a half laps before the game. I saw Zaglaw, BBallguy, and Hondo before the game. Several ushers stopped me to ask me where I had been.

I loved the game. The introduction of Marquise and Rob and the senior manager before the game was very special. It was great to see Sacre's family especially his adorable son. I was glad to see he was wearing ear muffs. I was really touched by how the whole GU staff came out to stand with Marquise, as his family members were unable to be here. A true Zag moment.

Marquise had a great game with 13 points an 5 (I think) assists, as did Rob. Other highlights in the rout were Ryan's defense and offense, GBJ and his threes, Mathis K and M getting some good minutes.

At halftime I walked a couple more laps. I saw Rob's grandfather and stopped to congratulate him on having such a great grandson. He said "He's always been that way, since he was a little kid." You could tell he was about to burst his buttons with pride.

At the 4 minute timeout in the second half, I moved around to the other side of the stadium to be able to take pics of the speeches.

Loved the speeches. Few said that one of the speeches would be long-winded and the other not so much. Wasn't hard to guess which would be which.


Senior Manager at the end of the game:




Rob: (Not a great pic--the photographer stepped in front of Rob just as I clicked, and the other one of him was totally out of focus.)


After the speeches, I had a visit with Hondo. We both agreed that it had been a fun night.

I went down to see whether the guys would come out. I was standing next to Rob's dad, so I mentioned what a great son he had.

Then I saw Kelly's mom. We met several times last year. She has only been to a few games this year. We had a great visit. She's planning to see a lot more games next year including Vegas and Maui. I got to say hi to Kelly just before we left.

We had an uneventful trip home, a snack, and are now relaxing.

We have a whole day to get the motorhome ready for the trip to Las Vegas.


02-28-2012, 03:11 AM
Another great story Granny... I can't wait to hear from you in Vegas... Keep us all updated...

Have a safe trip... :)


03-09-2012, 10:11 PM
Wow! What a great night!

We left early to get to the MAC about 5.

We had snacks with a couple we met in Vegas.


I talked to Pendo. I asked him about the Brewster girl and he repeated what someone said in the WBB forum--that she was a great player and a greater person. He also said she had been a Zags fan forever, from following him playing for the Zags.



The banquet set up:


4 image limit. More to come.


03-09-2012, 10:17 PM
The banquet was great. We sat with a great bunch of folks.

Photos with the guys:



I got a kick out of David Stockton. He came by our table very slowly, talking to a lot of folks on his way to the buffet line. He said he wasn't in a hurry. He couldn't eat meat, it being Friday in Lent, so he was just hoping they would have some fish dish. Hope he enjoyed the shrimp with polenta.



More to come.


03-09-2012, 10:20 PM
More photos with the guys:






03-09-2012, 10:23 PM
More photos with the guys:






03-09-2012, 10:27 PM
More photos:

(Sorry I didn't get these pics rotated. I thought I had done them all. Apparently not.)


I told Mark about seeing his t-shirt in St. Regis. He thought that was cool.


The crowd:




03-09-2012, 10:37 PM
One more photo:


The only bad thing about tonight was that Marquise couldn't be there. He has a bad case of the flu.

Speeches were great. Father Hightower's, before his invocation, Thane McCullough's, Mark Few's, and, of course Rob Sacre's.

A lot of people called me over to talk to me. Several remarked on the transformation from red hoodie to little black dress. Many mentioned seeing me walk the concourse. It was really fun, knowing a lot more people than before.

It was a great evening. Our drive home was uneventful. We are now relaxing.


03-10-2012, 08:23 AM
Thank you, thank you for the wonderful adventures.