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09-29-2011, 05:29 PM
Anybody have any idea who the everyday starters might be next year?

Ichiro gone mid-year? Ackley still at 2B?

Seriously, Guttie (assuming he's healthy) is the only guy I would write on the line-up card in pen. If he doesn't start hitting, I couldn't even do that?

09-29-2011, 06:43 PM
P - King Felix
C - Miguel Olivo
1B - Justin Smoak
2B - Dustin Ackley
3B - Unknown (Seager 30%, Liddi 10%, Figgins 1%, Free agent/Trade 59%)
SS - Brendan Ryan
LF - (Trayvon Robinson 20%, Casper Wells 20%, Carp 20%, Carlos Peguero 5%, Greg Halman 3%, Michael Saunders 2%, Willy Mo Pena 1%, Free agent/Trade 29%)
CF - Guti
RF - Ichiro!
DH - (Mike Carp 50%, Willy Mo Pena 20%, Free agent/Trade 30%)

I think the biggest question marks are Left field, Third base, and DH. I think the other positions are pretty much set barring a blockbuster trade. Smoak will be good next year as long as he stays healthy. His numbers this year were good when he was healthy. I hope Ichiro bounces back and I think he will. We just need guti to be a slightly below average hitter that destroys lefty (like he was before). Miggy is what he is and I don't really see any other options. I hope Adam Moore recovers, but I don't really think the M's can count on him to contribute much next year. I like Ackley and Ryan up the middle.

After reading Dave Cameron's article on USSMariner about Prince Fielder (http://www.ussmariner.com/2011/09/19/forget-prince-fielder-target-joey-votto-instead/) I don't want the M's to pick him up anymore. I hope the M's release Figgins in Spring Training next year. He is taking up a valuable spot on the big league roster and is a sunk cost at this point. Maybe they can swing a trade with another team with a bad contract as Dave also suggests on USSMariner (http://www.ussmariner.com/2011/09/15/a-suggestion-for-dumping-chone-figgins/). I like his idea a lot (we get Barry Zito). I know that SF is a good pitcher's park and that not everyone can pitch in Safeco because it's a great pitcher's park (see: Carlos Silva), but Zito would contribute more to the team next year than Figgins would just by eating up some innings. Left field is a real problem too. The team has a lot of guys and maybe one of them works out, but I doubt it. If they want to improve that position they're going to have to get someone from outside the organization. Maybe Boston will freak out after missing the playoffs and give Crawford away and eat salary. I doubt it, but a guy can always rosterbate.

Next year does not look promising, but Arizona turned it's team around in one year.