View Full Version : After USA Training Camp, Vandersloot and Fowles are Ready to Team Up

05-15-2011, 09:48 AM

by ood stuff!

ZaGranny York

I cant wait to play with Big Syl, Vandersloot said at the end of Team USA camp. I have always wanted to play with someone like her who can score in so many ways and run like she does. Now that I have the opportunity I am beyond excited.

I'll tell you what, I must have heard from five or six coaches that watched practice and I'd say 'Who is the most surprising player at practice?' and they would tell you Courtney Vandersloot, every one of them, says Auriemma. She's not going up and down the floor going 'I just saw Sue do this, let me try it. I just saw Dee do this, let me try it.' She does exactly what she's good at and she does it well.

It will be great having a point guard [like Courtney], says Fowles. It will give us a lot of options for us as a team, not just for me down low.