View Full Version : Who will step up and play the 3? is a dead topic, I think

04-19-2011, 11:19 PM
It might be smart to adjust the play book to playing with 3 guards or 3 big men. This because nobody can play the 3 with excellence (Mathis, Mathis, Arop)so far. Plays and offensive sets will evolve over the season without the superb 3. Our skills at 1,2, (GB, KP, Meech, Stocks, Carter, Sarbaugh, KD) will be spilling out, and our skills at the 4,5 (KO, Sam, Spangler, Sacre, EH) will be spilling out.
Teams without a true 5 can still take national championships by adapting to that fact over the season.
The coaches and players will evolve consciously, and spontaneously, plays that do not call for the skill set of a fabulous 3 position. We will alternate between playing three big men on the court, and three guards on the court.
If done creatively, it could take a toll on our opponents trying to deal with something they haven't seen very often.

04-20-2011, 03:38 AM
I kinda believe that "IF" Manny remains, then he will have a shot at starting BUT he will have to prove he deserves it with his preparation this summer. I think Manny needs to redeem himself this summer...he needs to work on where he should be during offensive sets, his defense and free throw shooting. His FT shooting is just terrible and if Rob was able to "re-invent" himself over the course of a summer, then Manny could well do the same. The reason I hope Manny works his butt off this summer is his innate ability to get to the offensive glass, as this is a skill that cannot be taught. I just keep my fingers cross that he stays and WORKS hard this off-season.

MM also has an upside for the SF position but he would need to work hard on improving his ability to create his own shot as well as hone his defensive skills. He has the best 3pt shooting stroke on the team but opposing teams play him to only shoot from behind the arc...he just needs to work on becoming a multi-deminsional player.

Wouldn't it be just great, if EH worked on his game all summer the same way Rob did and earned that three spot...that would open the door for either KO or even Spangler at the PF position and would create tremendous mis-matches for other teams...

I have read countless times that many posters here think that MC will be the SF for the coming season and hope that isn't the case as he will surly be challenged on the defensive side as well as offensively. Gray at 6'5" could rebound very well and also play defense against any of the SF's this past year but not so sure MC could fill that role and just hope he isn't put into that position...then again, he might just blossom there too!

These are the options I see for the SF...

04-20-2011, 08:03 AM
It's interesting that we have 5-6 guys who can play this spot, many of which are upper classmen, but no ideal solution.

I think since Carter earned Few's trust late last year he is the early favorite. Isn't he 6'4"? He doesn't have the hops of Gray but his arms appear longer to me. I don't think he would be a huge downgrade on defense, and is still someone I would trust over Arop or the Hoff at that spot in that regard.

Dranginis, if he catches on to quick enough, could spell Carter at that spot and would be an easy sub because they should be able to do similar things. He also has shown an ability for playing making (ie creating his own shot or setting up team mates). I get very excited about a lineup of Pangos-Bell-Dranginis in the future because they were the facilitators for their teams and, if they translate that to the college game, we will see some beautiful offense in a couple of years that should be VERY hard to guard.

Hart is the wildcard and it seems he will get spot minutes in defensive situations. I personally don't see what the coaches see as the "best defensive player," but I give him credit for hustling and being in the right spots on screens with the likes of Jimmer and Micky.

Arop and MM are big questions marks going into next year. If Hoff can improve on defense he is an upgrade on offense over Hart. Arop needs to do whatever it takes to convince Few he isn't a liability out there, which is sad considering his talents. Both of them better get to work because they could see a freshman leap-frog them. The decision to red-shirt Dranginis will depend a lot on how these two improve this summer/fall, IMO.

04-20-2011, 09:39 AM
lose as of the end of last season. I think Meech's starting position & p.t., is there for him to increase or decrease with performance. Same with DS, RS & EH, for that matter.

And from all indications, the great news is there are plenty of candidates coming in plus several already on the team who are more than willing to compete for the existing 2 guard position plus rearrange the p.t. and try and secure it for themselves.

I'm going to cheer my head off for those who can best contribute to the team and its ongoing success. I don't think any starter or wily veteran is going to go gently to the bench.

I don't believe the coaches are willing to simply appoint any recruit to a starting position without his having to earn it.

Otoh, the 2 spot, and several others, are ultimately up for grabs, and by all appearances, there may well be a freshman or two not only willing, but able to make the leap.

I don't believe, like Hogan, that it is going to happen quickly. But I am not married to the idea it can't be done, or won't be done. I'll believe it when I see it and cheer it all on when it does ultimately happen.

It's going to be a really interesting time in Zag history and I'm proud to be a witness to it all.