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03-26-2011, 10:05 PM
How sweet it is!!!

Started out with a smooth trip from home to Spokane.

Went first to the Alumni function at the Red Lion River Inn. We have stayed there so often for Zag games and doctor's appointments that the Red Lion staff supervising the event recognized me!!!

Saw Hondo at the function, and met Cavebear from the board.

I met Janelle Bekkering's dad---he was talking to someone else, when I joined them at the table. This guy's wife came up, and her husband said "These are Janelle's parents." He quickly said, "No, this lady is not my wife, though I would be honored to be married to her. Janelle's mom stayed home." It was pretty funny. We chatted for a while. He said he was staying at the Red Lion Inn at the Park--which was overrun with Louisville fans. (I had wondered if that might be the case, when the venue was changed.) We talked about Lethbridge (Taber is very close to Lethbridge) and that part of Alberta, where I have been many times on the way from Colorado to Alaska.

I also met Vivian there. We chatted about how she liked Sweden--fun playing there, but too cold. She would like to go somewhere warmer next year.

We left the function early and went to the arena. There were long lines waiting to get into the arena.

I had not exchanged my tickets for accessible because I looked at the seating map and it looked like our row was just up from accessible. Turns out there a whole bunch of steps to get up to 203, so I went to guest services, and we exchanged our tickets for a pair in accessible.

The game was incredible. Wonderful first half, then 20 points up, then a brief period of fumble ball on the Lady Zag's part, and outstanding play by the Cardinals, especially Shoni Shimmell. Suddenly, they are within 3!!!
I was getting very nervous, but the ladies righted the ship, and were able to make their free throws coming down the stretch. I was so proud of the Zags for not folding under adversity.

We stayed for about 5 minutes of the Stanford/UNC game, then left because we had to drive home.

Got home safely after a very satisfying day.

Can you say "Elite Eight"? :adored:


03-26-2011, 10:35 PM
Glad to read you made it home safely.

Saw you for an instant on TV near the end of the game. :)


03-26-2011, 11:05 PM
They were probably trying to show the lady next to me with the "Big-Head Courtney". They don't usually show the accessible sections---too high up.

She told me that she was Courtney's aunt.

Also, they wouldn't let her bring it in at first--said it was too big. But she pointed out several other signs that were as big or bigger, and they got a supervisor who allowed her to go out to the car and get it, probably because in that section it wouldn't bother anybody as no one was behind her. Lurknomore said that she was in their section at a previous game, and it was really annoying.


03-26-2011, 11:15 PM
They were probably trying to show the lady next to me with the "Big-Head Courtney". ZaGranny

Yup. That's when I saw you. :)

Actually, Mrs. 'Neer saw you first and shouted out, "There's ID!!" and then I saw you also.


03-26-2011, 11:56 PM
I disagree about the game....our team was off as a team....not as smooth sailing as usual.....Court was a genius....good to see Bowen score and Hedmon was animated for sure...good effort from all except as a team...just not that usual smooth...I hope they get some rest.....

Schimmel....not impressed with her...one thing is she needs to watch her weight...she has that frame that could explode if she is not careful....

and Louisville played like animals and got away with it all night....not impressed with their team...Ucla played tough and aggressive as did Iowa....but not like muggers...

since I wasn't there...was the crowd into the game?.....I know the kennel is smaller but were'nt there 10,000 people there?....thought there were periods of quiet.....that'll change on Monday....

03-27-2011, 04:21 AM
Another fine report, ID.

I, too, noticed the ZagGranny during the cablecast.

Were there many Stanford fans in attendance? I would expect at least that many there again Monday.

03-27-2011, 07:32 AM
There were a few hundred in one wedge of the arena--section 101 I think. There may have been others scattered around. We only stayed for about 5 minutes, so didn't get a sense of who was cheering for whom. A lot of the Zag fans stayed, so there was a lot of red in the stands. Very few UNC fans--just 2 or 3 rows right behind scorer's table.


03-27-2011, 09:06 AM
:roll::roll:Granny we saw you on TV near game's end too! There were about 23 seconds left and Courtney was shooting free throws. The camera focused on the giant Courtney-Head next to you, but you were in the shot (so was Mr Granny). Courtney's head appeared to be twice as big as you two put together. It was funny... We backed up our DVR and watched you guys a few times...

Section 116
03-27-2011, 10:03 AM
There were also several hundred Stanford faithful behind the Stanford bench. By the end of the Stanford-UNC game the Stanford fans were highly visible as the arena was really quite empty by the end of the second game. Many GU fans stayed until halftime of the second game, many did not. And as the second half of the second game progessed more and more left, despite the fact the game was extremely close until the last two minutes. Obviously Stanford is much closer to Spokane the UL or UNC but Stanford always travels well. I expect an overwhelmingly pro GU crowd tomorrow night but Stanford will be well represented.

03-27-2011, 10:51 AM
when during the Stanford game did the Zags come on and get the standing ovatation....I want to see if I can find in on espn3...

Section 116
03-27-2011, 10:58 AM
Coach Graves came out first, alone, and was spotted immediately. I would guesstimate some 5 minutes of game time. The team did not come out en masse. Stephanie Golden and I can't recall who the other one was came out first and made their way to assigned seats behind the Stanford band. Over the next ten minutes or so the gals trickled out, mostly in twos and threes. I believe Courtney and Carter were among the final team members out and as expected Courtney got the loudest cheer. After sitting in their assigned seats the gals eventually worked their way over to where the parents were sitting in the lower level north side. At that point they began signing autographs on everything and anything including shirts on the backs of fans. basketballs, programs etc. And posed for pictures with fans. It is no wonder this team has taken Spokane by storm. They are the most accesible, most giving, most personable team one could imagine. It's no wonder Graves is so proud of them. If you can access the Spokane Spokeman Review read this link regarding the team and their young fans: