View Full Version : Kudos to all the Ladies!

03-21-2011, 10:51 PM
Ms. Vandersloot was amazing tonight as usual. So exciting to watch the steal and cap 2000 pts with a layup. One would think you'd cease to be amazed but she continues to do so.

That said, I'd like to applaude the rest of the ladies for a very well played game.

Standish pulled a double double which is impressive in its own right against a tough team. All around defense in the second half pushed them down even more on FG% so the hustle was evident. Look forward to Saturday.

Great Job Ladies!!

Oh, and the crowd...nice!!!


03-22-2011, 07:00 AM
Agreed! What a game, and what a performance by Sloot and Standish, not to take away anything from any of the others. They all played an important part, and I like the result.
Life is 'just a game', basketball is serious stuff!! You take what life dishes out, and do your best to control the outcome, but basketball is personal, whether as a player or a spectator sport. Vicariously it lifts all fans up to new and greater heights. Sheesh, "it's just a game", might as well kick the TV ...or the cat!! LOL

03-22-2011, 07:18 AM
And too think that the Lady Zags did this against a very, very good UCLA team is truly great. UCLA was ranked 9th I believe. And they had a great defense. Zags really turned it over. And the Bruins could really shoot. I think in the end the pace of the game affected them late because they really began missing their shots as Gonzaga pulled away. Gonzaga is relentless on offense, and to score 89 points against that defense is almost unbelievable.

I was wondering during the game if Gonzaga had enough to beat UCLA because UCLA looked so good. They were shooting mostly lay ins against the Zag zone. But changes were made to stop the layups, and then they began hitting from the outside. And then I think their legs wore out.

The pace however did not affect Vandersloot. She got stronger as the game went on, and she took the game over in the last five minutes and was unstoppable. Great game!!!