View Full Version : Former Washington Redskin and former classmate of mine- Dead at 28 (SCARY)

06-18-2007, 01:21 PM
This caught me so off-gaurd. It is sad and incredibley scary. When I was a freshman on the high school football team, I remember this unbelievable athlete named Justin Skaggs. He was the punter, wide receiver, punt returner, back-up QB, special teams everything...one of those guys. He went on to play 1 season with the Washington Redskins (which is why I posted this here) where he returned a few punts and had just a couple receptions, but then was cut and sent down the the Arena Football League where he played 2 seasons with the Utah Blaze.

Just recently, he started having severe headaches and his hands were going numb. It was also reported that he would be in a huddle and the play would be announced, then he would turn around to run to his position and all of the sudden forget the play that was just called seconds earlier. He went into the doctor just weeks ago JUNE 1st! He was diagnosed with 2 inoperable brain tumors. They started chemo and radiation treatments, but something went wrong and he died last Friday morning 06/15/07. He leaves behind a wife (whom I also went to school with) and a 5 year old boy and 2 year old girl (I believe those were the ages). Its just so scary to me that 3 weeks ago he had not a care in the world, making probably pretty good money, beautiful wife and 2 children, and now he is dead!? 28 years old...seemingly peak physical condition...I HATE hearing stories like this...

Here is a nice article if you'd like to read.

RIP Justin Skaggs