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03-06-2011, 10:14 PM
Most of the praise by the basketball pundits is going out to USF for playing such a great game tonight and to Rex Walters for coaching such a great game. However, I am so much more proud of the Zags for doing what they did. The Zags kept believing against all odds. They could have yielded to what was obviously total injustice by the refs. However, they really adjusted their defense and began to play off of them and NOT TOUCH them at all (yet you still got fouls called against you). I think many teams would have fallen to such evil. But the Zags persevered through it and got a great victory.
I also give a lot of credit to Mark Few because Im sure it was not an easy task to keep his guys positive and believing and not getting upset.

Honestly, I believe theZags were really ready for this game and they were going to blow USF OUT even worse than they did in Spokane. But the refs were not going to allow that to happen. The Zags were up by ten and rolling down the tracks. Their defense totally shut out USF's offense, and they couldn't score. There was only one way that they were going to score and that was at the foul line. So as the refs began to call foul after foul after foul, USF got back into the game and our players got back onto the bench in foul trouble.

And of course all of our starters (accept Carter) and our two subs (harris and stockton) were going to sit the first half out with foul troubles. The Zags essentially had to play them with our second team for about 7 or 8 minutes in the first half.

So essentially the refs made it impossible for the Zags to play the kind of defense they have played the last 3 weeks. I doubt USF would have scored 50 tonight. So, Zags, don't even think about this game. It's not worth it. You guys did what you needed to do, and it was certainly pretty scarey. What upset me the most, was that a tournament birth into March Madness was at steak, and these kinds of refs showed up to do what they did. Honestly, their licenses should be taken away.

But you guys would not give in. And I have to honestly say, I never stopped believing in you one single second. It was hard to NOT give up. I know I wanted to. I wanted to hate the refs, but I couldn't. I just kept believing in truth and justice. If the Zags had lost it would have been the most unjust thing that I would have seen in sports. At least one of them (there have been others).

I'm so proud of the Zags. This was one that looked bad. It looked like BobZag was going to celebrate an NIT bid. But fortunately the Zags did not give up nor yield to the wrong that was being imposed on them.

A number of fans are all impressed with the Don's. Sorry I am NOT THAT impressed with them. The Zags would have beaten them tonight by 20 and thats the truth. St Mary's would have too. A game like this one is the toughest kind to win, and the Zags did it. Man I am soooooooo happy. We are moving on down the tracks....clickity clack, clickity clack. I truly hope we have real refs tomorrow night so we can watch a real basketball game and not a foul shooting contest.....This was supposed to be a fight, a game between athletic warriers. It wasn't even close to that kind of a game. It looked more like a game of chess or checkers than a real true athletic contest for a chance to play in a National Championship basketball tournament.

Im gonna just keep on believing. Go Zags. I love you guys. Great, great, great desire tonight, and that unyielding spirit to NOT give up even in the face of the worst kind of adversity. One more and you are champions.

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+2 ;)

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A tip of the hat to Coach Few on his performance last night.

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A number of fans are all impressed with the Don's. Sorry I am NOT THAT impressed with them.

Obviously, when I made that statement last night I was pretty upset about the reffing. I do agree that the Don's had nothing to do with the reffing, even though it certainly helped them to have so many of our guys in foul trouble and sitting on the bench a lot.

Actually, I AM impressed with the University of San Francisco Don's basketball team. And I think Rex Walter's is a great coach. I too felt he could have been coach of the year. He really has his guys playing good basketball. They have made the WCC a much tougher conference, and I am sure they will continue to do so if Walters sticks around. Mikey Williams is my favorite pointguard in the WCC and I wish he was on our side. I really like to watch him play. I also think Rashad Green is a very good player. Steven really did a good job guarding him last night. Limiting him to 9 points was a big key to the Zags victory. The Don's also have pretty good low post players who ARE able to give Sacre and Harris a tough time. I think they have their whole team back next year so they obviously will be much better next year.