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01-30-2011, 05:42 PM
GHeister: 3 losses, how's the mental aspect going ?
MFew: after that, I tried to say, hey, how you respond is what everyone is going to watch. you can make excuses but you need to respond like champions. they did a phenomenal job tonight (San Diego). S.diego has been competitive. they led smc for a period of time earlier. Sam and David had some good games. And Steve settled down, too.

GH: re sam:
MF: he hasn't pouted. There were times he wasn't getting in. He wasn't ready. He worked on it and now he's playing defense and is better all around. We know he can score. Then, vs. SMC and then san diego, to be that cool and confident, it serves us well and into the future.

Fan question: scheduling. non conf games etc
MF: important, year around process. almost as important as recruiting. it can be frustrating. sometimes its later and later befoe we get a home game, or a home and home. we're all jostling. because our program is now national, its more about turning things down. this year I overdid it. we have some 4 years deals, we have mich state, n.d. we have a 4 yeear deal with ILL.,now going to the home courts. some 4. some 2 years, some done. Jerry Krause is our main guy on this. It's tricky. we're in exempt tourneys, too. also getting the dates that are open is another mix & match. this year we had tough game tough game tough game. overdid it this year, hope to be better next year.

01-30-2011, 05:49 PM
interview with Matisse Keita (Kay-tuh) he was asked how it should be pronounced and this is HIS call (we have been saying KITE' UH --- no no!).

GH: where you from ?
MK: grew up in a little town (I didn't catch the name) and moved to paris

GH: play soccer
MK: oh yes, I was good. I started playing basketball because of my father, a pro for 2-3 years. I have a sister 21, father & mother. they came to spokane for christmas, spent 10 years together. I room with KO on the road. He tries to speak french with me but, well, he's getting better.

what's KO like ?
MK: quiet. we make fun of everybody.


GH : not shooting alot ?
MK: not yet. I'm just freshman, try to do everything, help out wherever I can, it's not my role this year to do more. I'm still learning. Otherwise, I try to work hard every day. that's it.

end (very unsatisfying) interview.

01-30-2011, 06:02 PM
GH: discusses KC and a look at pre game preps. canned video highlighted the campers. Nice video.

students sign up for tents, I learned. some strategy involved. someone tweeted the place where the tents could be checked out, and the contest for the campers was ON. better to watch than describe.

a footrace erupted when the tweet place was disclosed. The first one to the site got tent position one and so forth.

the rest is about setting up camp leading to the SMC game. 90 tents in the "city." one fellow said there are 1,200 KC'ers at "every game -- it's just that SMC is a special game, so we're here early."

last segment, preview upcoming.

MF: important week. tough week. thursday-sat. Portland and then Memphis. portland is 12-0 at home. they beat smc going away. they are confidant, well coached. They have bigs and guards who went off against smc. sikma is having a phenomenal year.

then memphis. tough turnaround week for us.

MF: before we end, want to give a shout out to brock rice, son of leon. he's here to support us (and he's a friend of the Few kids). the camera panned to a grinning little boy who was clearly happy to be named.


01-30-2011, 06:42 PM
thx for the transcript, gam. but i can only be grateful my fox affiliate no longer runs the show. it's just pap. not that all coaches shows arent the same, but certainly no place to find insider information......saying USD has been playing better is an utter falsehood; even if its a life preserver thrown to a friend who's about to be sacked......and talking about yet another "tough turnaround," oh my. the season wd be so much easier without any games, it seems like few is implying. ....

01-30-2011, 08:02 PM
I don't share your conspiracy theory. I blame Heister.

I don't think his job would be threatened by asking Few for details about what the thinking was in each of the games. Why some players were seated v. smc and what were the lesson learned, etc etc etc.

Or what the process is in practice for getting more p.t. among Zags. Or seek 2-3 salient viewer questions and put them to Few.

If Heister could be counted on to ask some questions that go begging, there might even be some viewership. It would also likely get good play in the newspaper, citing his show as the source of the quotes, if not the questions. It would be good for business.

As it is, I stumbled onto the show after the news. It clearly is mostly pre-canned and formulaic. I won't be back.

01-30-2011, 08:25 PM
I thought the show was particularly boring tonight. I'll still watch, but I wouldn't bother with summaries.

I'll listen to the noon show tomorrow on KGA Radio, because I think Hudson is able to cajole a few tidbits out of Few where others don't seem able to. However, even so, it has seemed to me, especially since IMG came on board to handle media relations, Tom Hudson and Matt Santangelo have seemed to me, even more than in the past, to be part of the University's spin control and public relations than anything near journalists.

While we're on that subject, I like Matt Santangelo, but he's not anywhere near as informative or fun to listen to as Richard Fox was, IMO. I find my mind wandering when he speaks. I've wondered if Richard Fox was replaced because he was too independent and forthcoming with insider slants on the program. Whatever. It's not nearly as much fun or as informative, IMO, to listen to the play-by-play and game analysis without Richard Fox on board.

Section 116
01-30-2011, 08:33 PM
Fox left the radio broadcasts because his "real" job would not allow him to be gone for the amount of time required to be on the radio! It worked for a while but things changed.

01-30-2011, 08:36 PM
Fox left the radio broadcasts because his "real" job would not allow him to be gone for the amount of time required to be on the radio! It worked for a while but things changed.I know that's the official story, but I wonder ... Whatever, I miss him.

Section 116
01-30-2011, 08:39 PM
I actually liked him better too but this is Santangelo's first year. I know the "official story" is true because the person who sits next to me at the MAC is one of Fox's co-workers at his "real" job.

01-30-2011, 08:42 PM
I know that's the official story, but I wonder ... Whatever, I miss him.

married. Hobbled for life, in more ways than one.

01-30-2011, 08:45 PM
Last week's games:

Greg: Coach, a split this week. Let's jump back to Thursday ad certainly one of the best basketball games we've seen around here for a while. It just didn't end your way.

Mark: No, it didn't. It was a good game. It would have been a great game if we would have come out on top, but it was back and forth, back and forth, I think it was played at a very high level. And individuals were stepping up and making big time plays, and unfortunately for the Zags, the last play of the game was made by a big time player, Mickey McConnell made a heck of a shot, and actually a heck of a play by Rob defensively. I mean, did a good job defending the shot. McConnell he really was poised and hit a pretty tough shot.

Greg: Yeah, the shot was well defended. And it's three losses in a row in league play and you have not sustained a stretch like that in your history here. I'm wondering about the mental aspect of the game. How does that affect the guys? And what do you do in the locker room to keep them thinking forward?

Mark: Well, you know, what I tried to do was just say that how you respond to this is what everybody's gonna watch. You have all the material to make a bunch of excuses, and pout, and hang your head, and come out sluggish on Saturday. I mean 90% of the population would have done so if they would have hit a disappointing situation in their particular livelihoods, but you need to respond like champions. And you're all high character guys, and you need to respond. And they did a phenomenal job of that tonight. They really came out and played great against a team that has been struggling, but also a team that's been competitive with every team they played. I mean they were ahead of St. Mary's in the second half on the road. They battled Portland the other night for long stretches of that game. It was a good response, and we're just taking the season day by day and trying to get better. Day by day. And try and see if we can do better after each and every practice and every game.

Greg: And how do you feel after the San Diego game? Good effort?

Mark: It was great. We played as complete a game as we have probably played all year. In lieu of the circumstances, where you're not quite sure...San Diego can present some problems where the pace of the game, they're a very good defensive team, so they can slow you down and kind of frustrate you with some of their schemes and they have been playing very very hard throughout all of those games. So we put it together, got some great effort out of Sam Dower, who had a great weekend. I think that's encouraging for us, it's kind of energized our club. And certainly Stockton gave us some good minutes, and I think Steve settled down a bit and had a very mature game tonight.

Greg: Did you see this coming from Sam? Had you seen growth over the last...

Mark: One thing Sam's done, he hasn't pouted. He hasn't felt sorry for himself during this whole run, where there were times when he wasn't getting in games. He wasn't ready. He was, you know defensively he was having problems with adjusting to defending at this level. He was getting ducked in and getting hurt on post ups. But he did a great job of taking coaching and listening, and improving at that, and now he's playing much better defense. He's rebounding better than he was. We always knew he could score, but I think he's playing with a higher level of confidence than any of us have even seen. It was remarkable what he did the other night against St. Mary's. In a high level game, a high pressure situation, to be that cool, and that confident, and come in and make plays like that, that really serves us well for the future as we move forward.

Rodda paint finish of the week: And it goes to the check presentation. $700,000 (actually over $735,000) for Coaches vs. Cancer And it is near and dear to the hearts of Mark and Marcy Few. And it's raised now nearly 5 million dollars. Way to go guys!

Fan Question of the week:

How far ahead do you schedule your non-conference games? Months or years? With the quality of the GU basketball program, are other major programs calling you to schedule games, or do you have to make the first contact? What factors determine if you will schedule a game with another college/university?

Mark: You know, scheduling has become every bit as important and probably as difficult as recruiting. It's a year round process. And it's a frustrating process because a lot of guys like to keep their cards close to the vest. And wait way into the summer, sometimes. Now it's later and later. Some guys will wait later and later before thy will give up a home game, or an opportunity to play home and home. You're all jostling for as many home games as you can get, and limit the number of road dates that you have. Because our program has ascended to the national level, we have opportunities aplenty. Now it's a matter of turning things down. This year, I overdid it. And took too many. But, you know, we have 4 year deals, we had a long running deal with Memphis. We have MSU coming into the kneel next year. We have Notre Dame coming into the kennel next year. We have a four year deal with Illinois, in the United Center and in Seattle. Now next year it will be in Champagne, and the next year in the Kennel. Some are 4 years, some are 2 years. Some are done as late as...hopefully we're done by May or June.

Greg: It's tricky. And I know Jerry Krause does a lot of that for you.

Mark: Yeah! Jerry Krause does the majority of that work. It's the whole gamut. There's so many scheming and scamming and guys out there. And that's what ends up happening. I say, fine, we'll play Baylor down in there, you know. I'd rather go fishing than spend time scheduling in June. It's tricky. And you know we're in the exempt tournaments at the start of the year every year. We've been fortunate enough to be invited to Maui, and this year the CBE, a high level tournament in Kansas City. Orlando, where all those coaches in Coaches vs. Kansas, and the Garden, pre-season NIT. The other thing that is really trick is figuring out dates. You know, WSU can play on this date and this other date, and GU has only 2 different dates open. And Illinois can only play on this day.

Greg: And you want days in between those games.

Mark: And this year, we ended up with tough game, tough game, tough game. And that's hard. It's extremely hard. And we overdid it this year. We have to be really careful with it next year.

Subway Sub of the week:
Sam Dower-- In two games this week he had 42 points 12 rebounds in 39 minutes of action.

Player Interview: Mathis Keita

Greg: Well, it's an international flavor at Gonzaga. You remember Ronny Turiaf, a Young man who came to Gonzaga from France? Well, this yeat they have Mathis Keita. Is he the next great player from France that gets to play for Gonzaga?

Greg: Say your name for me.

Mathis: Ma-tisse Kay-tuh

Greg: Kay-tuh. Not Ky-tuh. Well that's disappointing.

Mathis: Kay-tuh.

Greg: You never know what you learn. Everybody's been saying Ky-tuh.

Mathis: Yeah. A little child in the crowd: Ky-Tuh.

Greg: A little child in the crowd! You gotta correct people when they don't get it right. You gotta say hey, this is my name. OK, so tell me about home. Where did you grow up?

Mathis: I grew up in ___________ (couldn't understand) It's a little town, not a lot to do, but I went to Paris and I lived 3 years over there. It's a big city, and nice.

Greg: So Paris is one of the great cities in the world. Did you live there the 3 years prior to coming to Gonzaga?

Mathis: Yeah. Right before.

Greg: What did you do growing up besides play basketball? Were you a soccer guy?

Mathis: I was, yeah. Like ..very French child. I was like until age 10. I played for like 5 or 6 years. I was kinda good.

Greg: I'll bet you were.

Mathis: Not any more.

Greg: I don't believe it, but what got you playing basketball?

Mathis: My father. He used to play, so

Greg: Did you play professionally?

Mathis: Yeah. A little bit, like 2 or 3 years. At a high level.

Greg: Tell me abut your family. Brothers, sisters, mom dad?

Mathis: I have 1 sister, she's 21. My mother lives in England, and my father with my sister live in France. They came like for Christmas, and they stayed 10 days with me. So it's good.

Greg: Do yo have a roommate?

Mathis: No, I don't.

Greg: You live by yourself. WHo do you roomwith on the road.

Mathis: Kelly.

Greg: Kelly Olynk. What's that like?

Mathis: He tries to speak French with me. Kinda funny. He can actually speak a little bit.

Greg: He's getting better, huh? So, Kelly's a quiet guy. We don't really know much about Kelly. We need some mud on Kelly. So tell us, about him. What's Kelly really like?

Mathis: He makes fun of everybody. He's a pretty funny guy.

Greg: You're getting more playing time. You've actually started some games. As a freshman!

Mathis: I just got a chance to play, and I just try to play hard and...(could not understand what he said here)

Greg: You're not shooting the ball a lot. You're not scoring a lot yet. I do remember the big 3. Tell me, are you in there for defense and your energy level?

Mathis: I used to score a lot in France. Now, I am just a freshman, so I do everything. I try to do everything, try to defend. I do try to score, but it is not really my role. We have a lot..like Steven, Elias. They need to score more.

Greg: How did you end up at Gonzaga? It's a long way from Paris!

Mathis: (I had a hard time understanding him here, too, so this is a paraphrase.) I was in France, and I had some friends playing in Germany. And they knew I wanted to play in college, so Tommy called me up, and so far it's been good for me.

Too long, will finish tomorrow.

Angelo Roncalli
01-30-2011, 09:02 PM
I've wondered if Richard Fox was replaced because he was too independent and forthcoming with insider slants on the program.

All you need is a chalkboard and you could be the GUBoards Glenn Beck...

01-30-2011, 09:10 PM
I just think the local media is too tightly reigned in. No need to be insulting, Angelo.

Pargo the Destroyer
01-30-2011, 09:23 PM
Boring, uninformative, large unwatchable. Too much protection, for
Goodness sakes ask a question someone actually would like an answer to.

01-30-2011, 10:04 PM
I don't know if any of you have ever interviewed Few, but that's how he talks to pretty much anyone for anything that's on the record. That's just the way he is.

01-30-2011, 10:59 PM
I quit watching some time ago. There was a few good stories sprinkled in but overall I just found it lacking in information, boring and Heister never asked the "real" questions that we all wanted the answers to.

01-30-2011, 11:05 PM
Living behind the Cascade Curtain, I have no idea of what eveyone is talking about in this thread. I haven't a clue.

Maybe that's a good thing.

Go Zags!!

01-30-2011, 11:52 PM
Anyone know if there is any replays or pid casts of the Tom hudson pre/post game radio also the mark few coaches show? I work graves and it's hard to keep up I really like Tom Hudson and Matt. Thanks :)

01-31-2011, 09:21 AM
Heister never asked the "real" questions that we all wanted the answers to.

Even if he asked them, Few wouldn't answer them in the way we want. Few just isn't candid like that - he's very guarded in dealing with the media or anything that could end up "on the record."

01-31-2011, 09:38 AM
Even if he asked them, Few wouldn't answer them in the way we want. Few just isn't candid like that - he's very guarded in dealing with the media or anything that could end up "on the record."

It's up to the ink-stained wretches & the talking heads to ask the salient questions. It's not up to Few to make sure he answers all the questions that may be nagging others.

U Zig, I Zag
01-31-2011, 09:44 AM
I don't think the Jaws of Life could get anything of substance out of Few. This show (watched it maybe 2 times for about 5 mins) is like his interviews after games, media days: guarded.

It's just not his style. He is complimentary, almost to a fault.

"Well, I wouldn't say we 'won, won' but we did have more points than USD when the refs said we had to stop playing. If that's a 'win' then I guess we won. But USD played great, played their type of game. Tough team."

01-31-2011, 10:20 AM
Richard changed jobs and no longer could get time off for games, especially road games. Sometimes the reasons are very simple.

01-31-2011, 10:26 AM
Well, I learned something last night. Posts are limited to 10,000 characters.

Here is the continuation of the show.

Feature about the students getting tent assignments:

(Summary, not transcript)

The students get together in groups (I think I remember from last year that the group size for each tent is about 7). They spread out over campus, and wait for the tweet at 12:30 from the president or other member on the board to tell them where they will be handing out the numbers for the tents.
This year it was St. Ignatius. Everybody races over there and the first person to get there gets the tent #1 designation for his group, second person gets tent #2 designation, etc. down to about 90. The students then go set up their tents outside McCarthey. The kids in the first 10 or so tents get to sit in the front row of the kennel. It was kind of fun to see them all chasing across campus.

Looking forward to next week:

Greg: OK, coach, you've had a lot of these weeks this year, but this one is as important as any you have had. Portland on Thursday, Memphis, and when you talk about NCAA tournament stuff, it's an important week.

Mark: Yeah, it is. It's tough. It's a Thursday/Saturday turnaround. Memphis will beat us into town here, coming back. First we have Portland at Portland. They are 12 and 0 at home this year. They are fresh off a...you know they really took it to St. Mary's. They were up 25 in that game and end up winning going away. So they're a confident team, they're a very well-coached team. They have bigs, they have guards. Their little guard just went off for (I think) 26 against St. Mary's. Obviously, everybody knows Jared Stohl. And I think Luke Sikma's having a phenomenal year. inside for them. And then we come right back and play a--well they were nationally ranked Memphis team. Don't know if they will be next week, but a high level of talent. I think they had the number one recruiting class in the country last year and it will be real tough turnaround, a real tough week.

Greg: Yeah.

Mark: Before we end, though, I want to give a shout out to a young man in the studio audience tonight is Brock Rice, son of Leon Rice, former associate head coach here, he's doing an awesome job job down at the Boise Program. He's got them rolling, and they came up this weekend to support us and we've missed 'em bad. But still staying in touch.


Pargo the Destroyer
01-31-2011, 11:24 AM
Appreciate the ground work though. zagranny and zagnative; props to you both, would much rather read the show than watch it :-)

Pargo the Destroyer
01-31-2011, 11:26 AM
You get a check mark to Gam.... Thanks to u all