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01-29-2011, 06:48 AM
This season is a hiccup. A temporary setback.

We talk endlessly about every recruiting class as being potentially the best. It doesn't always pan out that way and the number of recent transfers is good argument that the Zag recruiting has slipped. Those transfers would have been experienced returners and if the right fit, would have been the difference makers to maintaining GU's place in the WCC.

If the incoming class is as good as I think, this transfer business is likely not complete and the Zags may experience a similar problem next season. Playing inexeperienced players in key roles. The term "experienced" is used loosely here. I am using it in the context of players playing together as a cohesive unit over time as opposed to individual experience. I consider potential problems next year as only part of the temporary setback. Not a long term forecast. The Zags will get back to the days of star players "passing the torch" to the next group.

The coaching staff has evolved and there is certainly a transition where philosophy, points of emphasis, and recruiting connections must be aligned. The individual coaches are good, but like the players, they have not been together long as a cohesive unit relative to the long tenure of Few, Rice, and Grier.

I believe this season will make GU better than ever. The staff will be forced to put more emphasis on reavaluating every thing they do. This includes evaulating the type of system they use and the type of recruits needed to fit in that system. This is a good thing.

This season also sets up the names of Pangos, Bell, Dranginis, and Spangler nicely. If perceived as the group that "rescued" the program, the potential for "legendary" status is there to rival that of the 1999 squad. One group that put us on the map. The other group to put us back on the map.

I am very optimistic about the long range direction of GU.

Demetri Awesome
01-29-2011, 09:24 AM
Love your post and positive thinking, but I must say one thing. Gonzaga is here to stay. We're going nowhere. We will always be on the national stage. Just because St. Mary's beat us at home doesn't mean the program is falling apart. I personally still think we are pretty poised to win in Vegas. We have a talented team, but we're missing a Dickua and decent ref's in the WCC. I really like the recruits coming in to address are point guard needs, but I still love what Demetri Goodson brings to the table. The future is always bright at Gonzaga period.