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Last Week's Games:

Greg: Coach, life on the road has begun in the WCC. It kinda hit you square in the forehead this week.

Mark: It did, it ddi. It was a really tough trip for us. It hasn't happened...I can't remember when it's happened or if it has ever happened, at least during my tenure as a head coach. It's a dose of reality. You know, it's tough. Both times the opponent's crowds storm the floor. And you can see how much it means to those programs and those fans, and how big a deal it is. When Gonzaga plays, and we didn't respond to that as well as we probably could have. We certainly responded better the second night, and played with some fire and heart and emotion, it was a great ball game, and a couple of plays didn't go our way, and turned the game.

Greg: And again, Santa Clara when a guy like Kevin Foster gets going like that, at times you're almost powerless against that.

Mark: Well, a little bit. Again, we were forced, and we had terrible foul trouble that game. That's the most fouls we have ever had in a weekend--26 and 27. And so, usually Steven Gray would be on him. My most experienced defender. So we had to shuffle around and put some other guys on him. At times they did a nice job, then they lost him a couple of times and he made us pay, he was really feeling it.

Greg: And San Francisco, coach, they got you down there last year. So you know going into the game, number 1 they're 2 and 1, and 2 they have confidence going against you because they got you down there last year.

Mark: They had great confidence, they're playing very very well. You can just see it on their tapes. You can just see this team, previous game to their last 5 or 6. They're really playing well. Rex has done a really nice job with them. He's opened it up and he's got some guys starting to play a little like St. Mary's, spread you out, and can really play with the ball screen and they shoot the three really well. And I thought after the first 4 minutes, we did a nice job of getting out and guarding that, then that opened up some opportunities on the drive for them and their big kid inside. And down the stretch of that game, we got some key stops and put ourselves in a position to win, and it didn't happen.

Greg: And the week continues. I know you're a positive guy, so you gotta spin this positively and get everybody feeling good again, and get prepared for the rest of the schedule.

Mark: Yeah, I don't know if it is spinning it positively. It's just life goes on. That's the best part about college athletics, you got another one coming right down the pipe. We want to win a league championship. We still control our own destiny. We still have an opportunity to play every body. We have an opportunity to play the teams that beat us again. It's time to move forward.
You can't dwell on it. You've gotta learn from it. We need to get back defending like we did that one stretch, we need to adapt to how the game is being called. You know, in our conference, it's vastly different than in our national games, so we're going to have to adapt. You know 26 and 27 fouls is a lot. And we're going to have to sit down and adapt and continue to play better. And you know, we turned the ball over way to many times against Santa Clara. It's hard to do that an be effective in a road game. We did a much better job against USF. We improved on that over the weekend and we improved on the rebounding aspect of it over the weekend. But now, we play a very, very good team. A team that is probably playing better than anybody in the league, and probably playing as good as the top two or three teams on the west coast. It's this Thursday, so we gotta do better.

Rodda Paint Finish of the Week: Meech's 3 point to tie the game against USF

Player Interview: Marquise Carter

Greg: OK, Marquise, we don't know much about you. Where did you grow up?
Marquise: San Diego
Greg: Tell me about your family.
Marquise: My mom lives in San Diego, still. My dad stays in Madison, Wisconsin. I have a sister that's 20, and a brother that's 26.
Greg: Are they athletes?
Marquise: My sister's not, but my brother went to Oklahoma and now he's playing professionally in France.
Greg: Really? What's his first name?
Marquise: Nate
Greg: You went to junior college right out of high school. Explain that situation.
Marquise: I could have still gone to a division one, but I talked to my coach and my family and they thought it was a good idea for me to go to junior college because players develop more while they're there. And it helped a lot.
Greg: And you became an All-American while you were there, right?
Marquise: Yes.
Greg: And why did you pick Gonzaga?
Marquise: The reason I picked them is because, they were with me from the very beginning...when I talked to a lot of schools after I started doing well, then Tommy Lyons and I talked a little bit, and I was kind of leaning toward them and everything they told me about the school and everything, and then when I came for my visit, that really settled it for me, because just the players and the chemistry they had...that's just what I was looking for...teammates being family and being together.
Greg: Slow start for you, but now we're beginning to see Marquise Carter coming about. Did you get more comfortable?
Marquise: Yeah. Coming in I thought it would be easy for me, coming from junior college and the success I had there. But it's really different, all the things you've gotta get used to..the plays...the speed.
Greg: Describe your game.
Marquise: Well, I started off playing shooting guard. In high school, my coach said--I looked at a lot of good schools, and with my size it might help me if moved to the point guard position. I like to set up my treamates, I can also score when I need to, but I just like to set up my teammates, get them going, and that usually helps the team.
Greg: OK, let's jump to the Baylor game. Never has the program needed somebody to step up more than in that game. When you consider, we,re three losses in a row, we're plaing a top ten team, Steven gets hurt, Elias fouls out.
Marquise: I just felt like the team needed me, I had no other choice but to step up. Coach left me in, I got my fourth foul I think it was, and I thought he was going to take me out, but I kinda looked at the bench, and I was like "Coach", and I had confidence, and I knew he trusted me from that point on. Rob got the ball in the post, and he swung it out to me, and I shot it and from that point on, I was just like "Let's go" and I had a good feeling we were gonna be all right.
Greg: You like the coaching staff?
Marquise: Yes.
Greg: What do you like about 'em?
Marquise: Coach Tommy, he's a really good guy on and off the court. When you have a good game, he's kinda all about you, and when you have a bad game, he's all about you, as well, but he's kind of on you. And Coach Few, he's so important, he wants the best out of you, and that's what I like about him.
Greg: What does Marquise like to do besides play basketball?
Marquise: I like to hang out with my teammates, play video games, joke around, that's basically it.
Greg: Marquise, you've got really a year and a half left in your collegiate career. What do you hope to gain. What do you hope to get out of it? When You're done here at Gonzaga, what do we think about Marquise Carter?
Marquise: I just want the fans and everybody to know that while I was here, I gave it my all and helped the program out a lot, and basically when I came out on the court I was a good individual and a good person off the court as well.

Subway Sub of the week: David Stockton---14 points, 5 assists, 2 steals in just 23 minutes in the two games of last week

(My typing fingers are getting tired, so I will do the rest of the show tomorrow.)


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Thanks for the recap! :)

Section 116
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Good job. Mark Few's quote regarding the refereeing in the WCC should show up here tomorrow thanks to ID ZAGFAN!

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Here's what I did not get to last night:

Fan Question of the Week:

"Late in the game in San Francisco, Robert Sacre was called for an intentional call that played a major role in the outcome of the game. What is the rule for that situation, and what is your opinion of the call?" Bob from Medford, OR

Greg: I think to define this correctly, you've gotta go back to Santa Clara on Thursday, a couple minutes left in the game, battling for the rebound, Rob seems to have possession, he's got guys all over his shoulders, and they call a jump ball, Santa Clara gets the basketball.
Mark: And scores. Instead of a two possession game it puts them up seven.
Greg: Yeah, but it teaches the player that this is the way I gotta play, when we zoom forward to Saturday night, same sort of situation, and Rob is just trying to protect possession, keep the ball away from the guys trying to get it and he gets called on this flagrant foul. That changed really, possibly the outcome, certainly, the..
Mark: Absolutely, we're shooting free throws, Rob is a real good free throw shooter.
Greg: What is the rule?
Mark: It's a really bad rule. And I knew it the minute we put in in, this last spring, or whenever it came in. It's if the elbow touches any players face above the shoulders, it goes to review and they have to deem it if it is in intentional. Obviously, Rob didn't intend to throw an elbow at that time. The problem is, as you said, in the Santa Clara game, we've got 2 minutes in the game, he's got 2 guys all over him. Both times, he's chinning the ball, like every player's been taught since he was in the second grade--to get the ball and chin it. And, they're all over him, they're all over him, one's on top of his back and they call a jump ball. And that can't help but factor in, it was 2 nights later 20 seconds left, in a critical game, we're up, we get a great stop, he goes and gets a rebound in traffic, two San Francisco guys, you know, were reaching and poking all over him. Rex, you can see clearly on tape, Rex is calling for them to foul. Rex wants the clock to stop and Rob to go shoot free throws, and obviously that's what we want. And finally, Rob pivots, he didn't swing, his elbows outside the frame of his body. The San Francisco kid does a great job of..
Greg: Selling it?
Mark: Selling it, and taking it, taking one for the team. And you know if you're not gonna call the first foul, then, I mean, you pretty much have to call that second one. If it looks like that. The rule puts the officials and the players in just an unwinnable position. There's no possible way you can...a kid just got tied up on Thursday, had a big rebound, holding the ball, holding the ball, two nights later gets called for chinning the ball and pivoting. I could have predicted this back in September. The thing is, Rob's gotta bring 'em in like this (he demonstrates) a turtle we call it, and just start going like that. That's the only way...
Greg: Or call a time out?
Mark: I don't think we had any time out's left. Again, the official probably had to call it. They went to the monitor, There was contact. So you're forced to call it. I just think if you start calling those fouls early in the game when anybody...the way the rule is now, is anytime anybody harasses a rebounder, it should be a foul. If I go up and get a rebound, and you come in, that's just a foul, and you clean this stuff up, boom! You don't have to review that, both benches are happy, clock stops, no time runs off, just, boom! Foul! That teams up 1, the other team wants to foul, it's a simple deal. Any rule that puts the players and officials in a bad situation is just a bad rule. It's tough, it's tough on both of them. The call was made with the elbow. You know, it touched it. It touched him.

(ZaGranny editorial aside--that's the most animated I have seen Mark Few in these shows this year.)

Sarah Michaelson--I Believe T-Shirts and Coaches vs. Cancer
They showed pics and told the story of how Sarah thought of this project last year to extend the Coaches Vs. Cancer game beyond the bench, and how she changed the design for this year and hope to sell 10,000 shirts this year.

Next week's games:

Greg: OK Coach. The season continues. Big game Thursday night, the whole WCC is looking forward to it. St. Mary's vs. Gonzaga on this floor.
Mark: Yeah. It's certainly been a great series in the past two or three years. Randy's done a great job with his teams, they're playing, great, he's got just terrific guards, they can spread the floor, they can shoot it at 30 feet, literally, thirty feet. Terrific passers, can really play with the ball screens and find openings all over the place. At one point, I think they were the number one offense in the country. So that's kind of what we're dealing with. They were able to add two transfers, that play significant roles, one from Billy's team down in San Diego, ROb Jones, and one from Creighton. Those are guys that were ready to step right in, were experienced, and that was all they lost from their team last year. They haven't missed a beat. So
a huge challenge for us, but the guys have always responded and been up to it.


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01-24-2011, 12:12 PM
Great recap. Sounds like Few was ripped.

You know, these kids love Few and they love Rob, he is the heart of the team. He had something bad happen at the end of the last two games. In his control or not, he is feeling it - I can guarantee that. I hope these kids rally up around him and shift it into another gear.

01-24-2011, 12:15 PM
it really IS an intentional foul -- just like when the ball is inbound somewhere and an opponent goes over and puts a hand on him. The idea IS to stop the clock.

and this IS no different. I agree with Few. It's a dumb rule that forces someone to to keep fouling, or the player with the ball to keep turning, and, ultimately, could be dangerous.

Thanks, Zagranny, for the notes.

01-24-2011, 01:18 PM
KHQ has the video of the elbow segment up here (http://www.swxrightnow.com/Global/story.asp?S=13898304).

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ZagGranny again thanks for the blow-by-blow...lost DirectTV Friday PM so again, THANKS!