View Full Version : Can I see some defense please. And soon

01-22-2011, 09:34 PM
Gonzaga have given up 75+ points in three of the last four games and are averaging 76 against in regulation.

Portland averages 71 after putting up 61 on Gonzaga
Pepperdine averages 68.5 after putting up 75 on Gonzaga
LMU averages 71 after putting up 59 on Gonzaga
Santa Clara averags 72 after putting up 85 on Gonzaga
San Francisco averages 66 before putting up 86 in Gonzaga

Gonzaga has held only two of the middle to lower of the conference teams to below average scoring in the first five conference games. The others, and especially the last two are killing the Zags. Whether it is career nights or conituations that should not count it does not matter..average teams are lighting the Zags

Which bring us to SMC. I believe that SMC runs up the score some by not playing much of their (small) bench but what happens when SMC, who I think are without a bit of doubt, a better team than Pepperdine, SCU or SF bring thier average of 82 into Spokane next week?

If things do not dramatically change the home court advantage of what, seven points, becomes a none factor.

Mr. Few, you need to be able to defend both inside and out and as we have seen over the last two games, you are doing niether. Commit to a zone if need be, go box and one on McConnell if need be, but I really think to win this game, you cannot outscore SMC, you need to stop them from out scoring you.

01-22-2011, 11:27 PM
We don't need defense when we have such a good offense! We just go outscore everyone......

01-23-2011, 01:11 AM
I've gone on and on all night about the officiating but in the end it comes down to defensive desire and smarts. The Zags showed neither - swiping at the ball as your man blows past doesn't count - and paid the price. You cannot give up 90 points to an inferior team and expect to win. The interior defense sucked tonight and that is the reason the Dons won. Let them cast 30 footers. If you can't stop Doolin and Blackwell from making nearly every shot they take in the lane, you are screwed.

My prediction, somber as it is: The Zags miss the Dance and Giacoletti is gone. There is no reason a team with this kind of athletic advantage should suck so bad defensively.