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01-22-2011, 08:32 PM
We got beat by a team that was defending their home court and played their rears off . Irregardless of the officiating ?, Gonzaga should have won this game . The thing is , many of you are always bemoaning the fact that our Conference is so bad..., well Gonzaga has forced the other teams in the League to improve and obviously they have . With BYU coming into the Conference next season it's going to be even tougher . We've beaten these teams at times in the past just by reputation alone , those days are over. If any team does'nt bring their A game on the road they will get beaten . Now this St. Mary's game in K2 is the most important game of the year , if we can't protect our home court , then you can say we're in big trouble . ?

01-22-2011, 09:03 PM
I thought the refs in the SCU game were far worse than these guys in terms of homering us for what it's worth. There sure were some situations that played out badly for us but a couple went our way as well. Ok, more went their way...

I think SF played a hell of a game and frankly had so many lucky rolls I couldn't believe it. Especially the weird bank 3 and that last lay in. A lot of luck of the roll for them all night long. The free throw shooting was a clear aberration from their norm too.
A lot of people throwing Few, Gray and others under the bus here, but I don't buy it. If we had won it would have been a hell of a gritty win not the end of the world. C'mon, lay off Few, one of the best coaches in the country bar none.

01-23-2011, 07:09 AM
Nice thread guys. I was going to start one like this myself, but now I don't have to. I think the game last night was a great game, and that the Zags played really good (I watched the game over. It helps!). Meech was everything we have hoped he'd be. He just played a great game. HIs 3 point shot at the end of the game to tie it was as good a shot as his layup against Western Kentuchy two years ago in the NCAA Tournament. And Stockton played an incredible game as well, and also hit some really great 3's. And the 3 Monninghoff hit was also awesome. The Zags played with fire last night and thats all we can ask of them. They left everything they had on the court last night. We just could not hit our free throws. We hit those and we all feel the Zags are a great team, and we're all really happy about how well Meech and Stockton played. We only had ten turnovers, and we outrebounded them. And we had 22 assists; so we went back to playing team ball on offense. I also thought Harris had his best game of the year. It was nice seeing him play with more fire.

The fact is that USF played a great game. They made some incredible shots as well, and they gave everything they had and more. Blackwell, their center has really improved since last year. This USF team is better than last years, so we know that our Zags are better too. We must give Rex Walters credit for what he is doing there at USF. He's getting talent and he's teaching them how to win. Their two guards are as good as any two guard tandum I've seen this year. USF has some real talent on their team, but they DID NOT outplay us, we outplayed them by a hair. We missed way too many foul shots at the end of the game to win. It's pretty simple. We make those foul shots and we're a great team.

The end of the game, and especially in regulation time, was as good as basketball gets. It's the kind of game that I love. It was a real battle, and both teams gave everything they had. I have been one who has always wanted the WCC to get tougher, and it has. A lot tougher. A tougher conference only makes the team tougher. Our Zags are a good team. Yes, it has it's flaws for sure. Hopefully we can correct those as we go along.

01-23-2011, 07:45 AM
I was afraid to even look at the board today. I also thought that both teams played great. SF shot super at the foul line, made some very lucky shots, and played with great heart. Our kids also played hard and did some things that this board has been asking for all year. Stockton and Meech played a great point guard. And yes we should have made some free throws and also the refs did make some "questionable" calls. But the game was great to watch and I do like the way this team is playing with emotion. Go ZAGS.

01-23-2011, 08:24 AM
awesome fun basketball game, but disagree that everyone played well.

Still missing the critical 3 slot as no one wants to "grab" it and keep it

Keita defense was seriously lacking fundamentals and it cost us several huge momentum shifting times

Harris as well still looks half a step slow on defense and rotation coverage

but other than some defensive lapses thought the kids left it all on the court