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01-21-2011, 05:44 PM
when I watched the game over today was that the Zags reverted back to playing the way they did earlier this season when they we losing and playing one on one basketball. They were NOT being patient on offense and making the defense work. They were making one on one plays early in the shot clock and missing for the most part. Harris, Gray and Meech were really guillty of this.

Secondly, because of the selfish play, the Zags were not getting the ball into the low post as much as they have done during their 9 game winning streak. In the last 5 minutes when Santa Clara made their run, the Zags only went into the low post one time. Yes! One time in the last 5 minutes. And Rob made a very easy short hook shot which put the Zags down by one. He doesn't see the ball again the rest of the game. It's hard for me to understand why our best offensive player doesn't touch the ball in the last 5 minutes of the game.

It was also obvious to me how poorly Keita played on defense. He definitely looked like a Freshman. He was getting back-doored, and failing to screen off his man on rebounds. Im not sure why Few had him defending Foster, a player who was truly taking him to school the last 5 minutes of the game. I thought that was a very big coaching mistake by Few. Foster was obviously killing Keita, and could have put Arop in to defend him. Arop guarded him occasionally during the game and of course did a real good job on him. Yes, Foster was drilling them. And, yes, he was not being defended very tightly.

When Harris, Gray and Meech play the way they did, Gonzaga is not a good basketball team, and will loose other games in WCC and WILL NOT make it to the NCAA tournament in March. Harris was pathetic last night, and once again looked like he could care less whether the team won or loss. He and Gray continue to make the same stupid fouls game after game after game. And they continue to ride the bench. How many games have we seen this out of both of them.

I think Rob could have scored 27 points last night if he had gotten the ball. I stopped counting the times Meech failed to pass the ball down low when Rob was clearly in a good postition to get the ball and score.

Gray and Harris played their worse games of the year by far. Gray's defense was pathetic. He wasn't guarding #1 at all. And finally picked up his 4th personal with one more stupid foul. I don't blame this loss on the refs. That's a rediculous out. We made as many free throws as they did. We were picking up stupid fouls, and they were picking up hard hitting fouls. Also Gray was not even attempting to block out #1 and try to keep him off of the boards, and consequently #1 was sweeping the offensive boards and giving the Bronco's other opportunities to score.

Selfish, self-centered play will always lead to a loss. Team play will lead to victories. I think the choice is clearly that easy. This team has looked good when they play together, run the offense, get the ball inside to Rob and play inside out basketball. That is the Zags strength. When Gray and Harris want to be in the limelight and do their one on one show first and play outside in ball, we can count on another loss.

Also for some reason Rob was not playing defense last night as he normally does. His jump-outs on pick and rolls were really pathetic and effortless all night. He clearly did not have the fire on defense that he normally does. Of course this can be said of the whole team. When you look at the game a day after its easy to see it more clearly. It was SO obvious that the team who won last night clearly WANTED IT MORE.

And thats a sad thing to say. The team had no fight in it last night. I'm surprised Few did not address this in his post game remarks. I almost had a feeling last night that FEW wasn't really seeing the game very clearly. I don't recall him ever getting upset with the effort of his team. I didn't see him addressing the lack-a-daisical attitude on offense, as his team made one stupid, careless play after another. THIS TEAM WAS CLEARLY NOT FOCUSSED, and Mark Few, imo, did nothing to get them foucussed.

01-21-2011, 07:02 PM
Reborn...you've sited the whole batch of starters outside of Rob!!! Yikes! How true though!;(

01-21-2011, 07:31 PM
If the Zags are to be a very good team Gray and Harris will have to play much better than he did last night. Meech is already a liability on offense, and when Harris and Gray play poorly too, on the same night, we will sureley lose. We've lost 5 of 6 games when Gray has more than 4 turnovers.

Last night there was no leadership on the floor.

01-21-2011, 07:59 PM
bravo born.....well said