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01-16-2011, 09:32 PM

01-16-2011, 09:48 PM
This gives a nice look at what the writers and pollsters think of St. Mary's schedule compared to Gonzaga's.

Two losses *should* put them somwhere up around #10...not 24.

On the other hand the Zags are ranked with teams such as Georgetown, Illinois and Temple. Michigan State, I believe still belong in the middle of the pack. Tough times a bit ago, but they can still beat anyone, any night.

I still feel there will be a split in the season series and a rubber match played in Vegas but all the love SMC is getting is put into perspective in the polls.

They are not a "legit" two loss team.

01-16-2011, 10:00 PM
And we really NEED to beat them. Hard to do with that set of guards and PF they have.

01-16-2011, 10:40 PM
SMC has gotten into my head already.

BUT, they don't look like we have no chance of beating them. They're just really good competition.

01-16-2011, 11:00 PM
I'm not so sure. This years Zags are on a roll and everything is coming together at the "right" time. We continue to improve, limiting turnovers and playing tough defensive. If we keep the "inside-out" game on track, I really believe we can sweep them this year. We've played and beat tougher teams than they have. The key is if we show up and give 100 percent in each game, we win. I think our bigs are too skilled for them to stop, period. But, only playing the games will reveal all! And I can't wait!!!

Go Zags!

01-17-2011, 12:00 PM
Earlier in the season I'd say ST. Mary's was better....now, not so sure. The ST. Mary's strengths are passing and 3 point shooting. Those things get tough to do with Gray and Kieta draped on you....Kieta's development is huge. Neither Delly nor McConnell can shoot over Kieta or Gray. St. Mary's should be more worried than GU.

01-17-2011, 12:32 PM
And we really NEED to beat them. Hard to do with that set of guards and PF they have.

Completely agree with you on both counts!

Want to add that we have a really hard time beating those teams that crash the boards (SDSU, KSU, Portland, LMU) and also shoot the 3ball well (Ill, ND, WSU). Our inside game seems to be really honed and that will create problems for SMC and think our inside presence will be the determining factor.

01-17-2011, 12:33 PM
Not sure about that. I think that St. Mary's is underrated. I would really like to see the tape of the SDSU game (i assume the coaches will be watching it - since we played them also) and figure out what SDSU did. Harris was a non-factor when we played SDSU. Hopefully, SMC has trouble with bigger, faster teams - that is our hope anyway, b/c they have two of the best guards in the conference. Of course, we have Steven, hell I don't know.

I DO know that we historically stink up the gym in SCU and USF, how far we have come since the WSU/ND games will be known by how we play on the road.

Section 116
01-17-2011, 02:27 PM
Here are some interesting stats comparing SMC and GU.

FG%-----GU: 48.7% SMC: 51.3%
FT%-----GU: 75.2% SMC: 73.8%
3PT FG%-GU: 39.8% SMC: 40.9%

3pt. Attempts GU: 294 SMC: 433
3pt. Made GU: 117 SMC: 177

Free throw Attempts-GU: 399 SMC: 325
Free throws Made----GU: 300 SMC: 240

PPG: GU: 78 SMC: 84

While these are offensive stats only it was interesting to me how close the three point shooting percentage was, especially considering the notoriety surrounding SMC's adeptness shooting threes. SMC has attempted far more and made 60 more. However in total average points scored there is not that large a disparity. Some of that is made up at the free throw line, where GU has improved markedly since last season. As you know you can do pretty much anything with stats and some may point to the level or competition against which these stats were compiled. And both teams have games to play before their first meeting.

01-17-2011, 03:58 PM
What I love most about SMC being ranked is that now it is not a MUST game (at least as far as tourney bids are concerned). Many of their past teams were arguably just as tough to beat, but if we lost it was considered a "bad loss". No more. That is great.

Next year we add BYU to the mix. Portland is close to being considered a respectable loss (if we ever were to lose to Portland - and I'm not suggesting we ever will).

Calling all other WCC teams!!! We need a couple more of you to step up! Lets turn ourselves into a regular 3 or 4 bid conference! We really aren't that far away.

01-17-2011, 04:44 PM
It's very important this year that SMC is coming to our place first. We win that one (which we should), and it puts SMC right back in the pretender bracket (in regard to the WCC's top team) which they'll have to psychologically shake off two days later at Portland then shake off again in their must-win game against us at Moraga. The Gaels better be careful 'cause they could stumble big time in their visit to the Northwest, coming out of the region 0-2.

At WCC's season end, on Vegas' neutral court, with the tough schedule we've weathered this year, this fan thinks we're still the better team. The key: get 'em in Spokane, put 'em on their heels (playing catch-up) thereafter.

With that all said, though, SMC still should be dancing come March. Hopefully, so will Portland. GU, IMO, will be both a Top-25 squad and the conference's automatic bid.