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01-16-2011, 07:58 AM
This is exactly what the Zags needed in order to resurrect a sinking ship. 7 of those victories were at home, and that helped. The Zags began the season primarily on the road and playing injured, and playing a few of the top teams in the country at that time. Having Elias Harris hurt was a major factor in those losses, as well as, the loss of Matt Bouldin and trying to replace him with a host of newcomers. The Zags certainly took their licks early on, and many fans wondered if the Zag ship was going to finally sink. It definitely appeared to be going down.

After getting clobbered by WSU, the Zags must have held a team meeting because they looked like a real Gonzaga team for the first time this season. The Zags almost pulled out an upset against a Fighting Irish team that was undefeated at that time and playing great basketball. After that the Zags headed out to Texas to take on Baylor, and I doubt many Zag fans were thinking about a victory there. Things looked pretty bleak; and suddenly the ship began to resurface and the Zags looked different. They were able to pull out a huge victory over an undefeated Balor team at that time, and Steven Gray was out injured the whole 2nd half and Harris sat on the bench in foul trouble most of it. The TEAM rallied without their stars, and found that thing inside themselves that has come to be known as Zag Fire. The bench turned the tide and the Zags began to sail into victory lane. And it's been a 9-0 run since.

The run included wins against Xavier and Oklahoma St without the servies of Steven Gray. The team got stronger as Steven began to heal. Harris was slowly coming back to his old self, and the team kept getting tougher and playing better defense, which was something they were not doing earlier in the season. And in particular they began to defend the 3 pt shot.

The Zags have started Conference Play 3-0 with all victories at home. They have looked different but good. This Zag team is different than so many before it because they have become a pretty tough group of athletes who play defense. Rob Sacre has somehow really matured and his play has begun to elevate the play of the whole team. With injuries to Harris and Gray, Sacre seemed to put the Zags on his back and carried them to some really good victories. Harris and Gray seem to be getting healthier again, and the team is finally running the great offense that was designed by Few and Staff some years ago. The offense is slowly becoming cohesive, and is beginning to sail with force and power.

The team now heads out onto the road in conference play. Have these past 9 victories been enough to carry the sailing ship through a tough road trip this week? Is the wind that now powers this ship strong enough now to pull out two wins? I think it's going to be a great week. I always look forward to the first road trip in conference play.

01-16-2011, 08:29 AM
Enjoyed last night :)

the injuries opened opportunities for others, and they've stepped up. it's a very good thing, didn't have to happen that way, but it has and the team is obviously the better for it

2 things from last night

1. giving up the O boards. yes, LMU shot poortly w/ their legs maybe feeling that game a couple nights before, but still, many of those O boards came early in the game, helped keep them in it and were won bu their guards. we lock those down, and we're off and running the other way instead of allowing all those extra chances and sending them to the line, or whatever. that needs to be reversed this week; it's been a weakness, then a strength, and here a weakness again. would bet GU commits to this pretty hard this week in practice

2. when the team earns the shot opportunity, take it! think it was late in the shot clock, Meech did the right thing and prenetrated the circle area from the wing, earned himself a good look at the basket as he rose and squared...then passed it out of bounds. after seeing Meech step up and shoot those last week--make or miss--that particular play was disappointing. Come on Meech! just specifically on this one issue, don't do that again! First, you might make it because it's a good shot. but more than that, everyone's expecting that shot to go up, so even if it's missed, guys can go for the glass! and more than that, it's like a needle to the collective balloon to pass on the attack lke that, whereas taking that shot is the flow! early in the shot clock? OK. but not in that situation.

that's the same riot act for any of the guys in that situation.

that said, I'm liking the PG position's development, the complimentary players

01-16-2011, 09:19 AM
I think that SDSU game is one Coach Few wishes he could take back. That one set the stage for the negative perceptions that followed. The Ill game would be looked at in a different light w/o that loss. Many of us were not surprised by the WSU loss (though not the degree) so that would have been looked at in a different perspective, too.