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01-13-2011, 11:03 PM
Well, the adventure started yesterday when I got the mail. I had ordered two Zag beanies and a cap from Lids a week or so ago, when their sale was mentioned on the MBB. Imagine my surprise when Mr. ID said--"Uh, why did you buy me a North Carolina State beanie?" :confused: Same colors--different schools. One was the right one, one was not. So I did a quick search in the Spokane phone book for LIDS, and found the store in the North Mall.

That meant we left for Spokane an hour or so earlier than usual so we could stop by the mall. The worst part of our trip was the two + miles from our house to US 95--we have had two days of pretty heavy snow, and side roads had not been plowed yet.

We got to the mall, found the LIDS store, and explained our problem. The two clerks just looked at the NC State hat and laughed. Fortunately they had 1 GU beanie left, so we were able to make a trade. As we left, they were both looking at the NC State beanie as if to say--"Now what are we going to do with this?"

Leaving there, we arrived on campus at 4:00, so we went to Jack and Dan's to have a switch from the arena fare. While there, we ran into the lady who sat behind me at the OK State game and chatted with her for awhile.

We got to the arena, picked up our tickets, and settle into our seats in the accessible section just above the band. There were 2 rows of students between us and the band. While we were sitting there, Gamagin and Hondo came by to say hello. Great to meet other board members!

The game was incredible! I was in awe of the performces of Steven, Sacre and Elias. Just fantastic. And then there was David's first foul. Mr. ID calls it "The Stockton Massacre." Amazing how Stock could knock that Pepperdine guy over with just the touch of his hand. He must be a lot stronger than we thought!! ;)

The Kennel Club was great tonight. Standing and yelling the whole time. I only had one complaint--more about that later. As noted by others on the board, a couple of their chants were new and original.

Lurknomore and her daughter came by to say hi during the half.

In the second half, after the Zags made their 10th three, I decided to give our ticket stubs to a couple of the Kennel Club members. (No Wendy's in Sandpoint, so we always give ours away.) Unfortunately (here comes the complaint) by the end of the game, the two rows between us and the band were completely empty. And they were not the only Kennel Club members to leave early--maybe 15% had left before the final buzzer. That bugs me, since tickets are so hard for us to come by. I did step over to the stairs and give them to the first two young ladies who came up the stairs--about 4 rows of that section were also empty. They were appreciative, and I let them know that I wanted to give them to people who had stayed the entire game.

But that was a pretty minor negative in a super evening with the Zags.

The weather had warmed up during the game, and the roads were wet, so the only thing we had to worry about was how fast it would cool off, turning the roads to ice. It wasn't a problem, until we turned off US 95. The roads were icy with a layer of water on top. As usual, the last 2 or 3 miles were the most difficult part of the trip.

We made it successfully--even got home in under 2 hours after another great evening in ZagLand.


01-14-2011, 10:18 AM
You guys driving down for the LMU game?

01-14-2011, 10:26 AM
We don't have tickets yet, but I am still hopeful!