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01-07-2011, 05:26 PM
I just read a print article by Michael Lewis on the Rocket's Shane Battier and I found some direct relation between how the Rocket's front office tracks rebounds and the "uncanny Manny" Arop.

To the Rockets, a "rebound" is not a stat a player gets when he grabs a missed shot, rather it is whether or not YOUR TEAM gets the missed shot when it bounces toward your half of the court. The article talks about how Shane Battier will go to block out the other team's best rebounder/ or player best in position to get a rebound and not necessarily his man, which often allows others on his team to get the rebound. To the Rockets, Battier gets a statistical RB even though he didn't come down with the ball. Similarly, if he (or another player) decides to tip a ball toward a teamate - instead of trying to grab a 50/50 ball - he gets a RB in the Rockets stats.

I was fascinated by the article b/c of how much it reminded me of what Manny Arop does. There have been numerous times when I have seen Manny blocking out 2 guys and not even getting the rebound but letting another Zag grab it easily. He also will play "volleyball" and tip balls toward other Zags. I have often said that Manny improves the rebounding of the entire team when he is in, but having no idea what I mean by that other than seeing him blocking out "space" and giving others room.

Sorry for the meandering thread, I just found the article (which I can't post) very illuminating about what makes Manny, Manny.

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Wow, thanks Tokyo - I had the article in a book of best sports writing of 2010 and I didn't even think to look to find it online. Great job.

I hope that others find some good stuff in this article, I picked out only one aspect of it.