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Angelo Roncalli
05-13-2007, 08:37 AM
The GU women's novice 8 boat posted the fastest time of the day in the novice preliminary heats this morning and earned the #1 seed in this afternoon's championship. Gonzaga defeated UW and WSU in its preliminary heat.

The second varsity and varsity heats are upcoming.

05-13-2007, 04:33 PM
The Gonzaga University women's rowing team again proved its Novice program is one of the best in the country as the Zag Novice 8+ won the Pacific-10 Championship for the second-straight year on Sunday afternoon at Lake Natoma just outside of Sacramento, Calif. Gonzaga's Varsity 4+ also had strong day, finishing second overall, while the Varsity 8+ finished eighth and the Junior Varsity 8+ placed ninth.

The day started out strong for the Novice 8+ as Gonzaga won its heat race over the University of Washington by one second to become one of three boats from the heat to advance to the Grand Final. The Bulldogs posted a time of 6:58.30 with the Husky boat running second at 6:59.80. Washington State University placed third with a time of 7:13.30. Rounding out the heat was UC Davis (7:19.00), Saint Mary's College (7:48.20) and San Diego State University (No Time).

The Bulldogs, who established a program first a season ago by winning the Novice 8+ and in turn the school's first Pac-10 rowing title, earned its second-straight Pac-10 Championship with a five second win over Washington. Gonzaga crossed the finish line in 7:06.43 with Washington second at 7:11.43 and UCLA third with a time of 7:13.68. Washington State (7:24.61) placed fourth, Oregon State University (7:27.32) took fifth and USC finished sixth (7:33.57).

Gonzaga won both the WIRA Championships and the West Coast Conference Championships in the Novice 8+ on the same Lake Natoma course nearly two weeks ago.

The Varsity 4+ boat, an underdog who was seeded last (ninth), proved it deserves to race against the top squads, earning a two-second win over Stanford in its heat race. Gonzaga clocked in at 7:27.40 while Stanford finished in 7:29.90. Also earning a spot in the Grand Final was Washington State who place third with a time of 7:31.60.

The Grand Final was a close race with four seconds separating the top three finishers. Washington earned the victory in a time of 7:38.02 just ahead of Gonzaga who crossed the finish line in 7:40.44. USC rounded out the top three with a time of 7:42.69.

The Bulldog Varsity 8+ also had a strong showing placing eighth overall. The Zags finished the morning heat race in fourth; just one second shy of third and a spot in the Grand Final. Stanford took top honors in the heat race in a time of 6:35.60, just ahead of California who clocked in at 6:36.20. Oregon State, who was trailing Gonzaga for the majority of the race, used a late surge to squeak out a third place finish with a time of 6:39.20. Gonzaga finished fourth in a time of 6:40.40, ahead of fifth place finisher Sacramento State University (6:55.90) and sixth place finisher San Diego State (7:17.20).

In the Petite Final the Bulldogs came in second with a time of 6:44.14. Local rival Washington State earned the Petite Final victory in a time of 6:41.95. Sacramento State placed third at 6:49.81, with UC Davis fourth at 6:51.22, Saint Mary's fifth at 7:01.88 and San Diego State in sixth at 7:19.79.

The Junior Varsity 8+ struggled in its heat race finishing fifth in a time of 6:58.50. Washington earned the heat race victory with a finish of 6:49.80. In the Petite Final, the Bulldogs finished third at 7:04.84, behind Stanford (6:58.32) and UC Davis (7:04.02), who placed first and second, respectively.

Sunday, May 13, 2007
Lake Natoma * Rancho Cordova, Calif.
(all races are 2,000 meters)

Varsity 4+
Heat Race
1. Gonzaga 7:27.40; 2. Stanford 7:29.90; 3. Washington State 7:31.60; 4. California 7:32.90; 5. Sac State 7:34.10

Grand Final
1. Washington 7:38.02; 2. Gonzaga 7:40.44; 3. USC 7:42.69; 4. Oregon State 7:43.14; 5. Stanford 7:43.90; 6. Washington State 7:49.50

Sarah Rotar, Chelsie Eddings, Liz Moore, Sara Hickman and Kari Sulenes.

Novice 8+
Heat Race
1. Gonzaga 6:58.30; 2. Washington 6:59.80; 3. Washington State 7:13.30; 4. UC Davis 7:19.00; 5. Saint Mary's 7:48.20, Sacramento State No Time

Grand Final
1. Gonzaga 7:06.43; 2. Washington 7:11.43; 3. UCLA 7:13.68; 4. Washington State 7:24.61; 5. Oregon State 7:27.32; USC 7:33.57

Sarah Rotar, Chelsie Eddings, Alissa Stempson, Sara Hickman, Kari Sulenes, Katherine Krueger, Liz Moore, Samantha Cekovic and Rachel Ross.

Second Varsity 8+
Heat Race
1. Washington 6:49.80; 2. UCLA 6:51.50; 3. Oregon State 6:52.10; 4. UC Davis 6:56.90; 5. Gonzaga 6:58.50; 6. Saint Mary's 7:36.50

Petite Final
1. Stanford 6:58.32; 2. UC Davis 7:04.02; 3. Gonzaga 7:04.84; 4. Sacramento State 7:05.94; 5. San Diego State 7:23.64; 6. Saint Mary's 7:50.21

Kris Lund, Whitney Patrick, Sierra Tittle, Teagan Towhey, Stephanie Murphy, Julie Smetana, Jana Holcombe, Sophie Bluhm and Heather Jewell.

Varsity 8+
Heat Race
1. Stanford 6:35.60; 2. California 6:36.20; 3. Oregon State 6:39.20; 4. Gonzaga 6:40.40; 5. Sacramento State 6:55.90; 6. San Diego State 7:17.20

Petite Final
1. Washington State 6:41.95; 2. Gonzaga 6:44.14; 3. Sacramento State 6:49.81; 4. UC Davis 6:51.22; 5. Saint Mary's 7:01.88; 6. San Diego State 7:19.79

Joan Aubry, Kelly Steinhaus, Jessica Kocarnik, Cory Nelson, Hanna McClintock, Katie Atkins, Kelsey Koenig, Nicole Aadland-Lewis and Whitney Engle.

Angelo Roncalli
05-13-2007, 08:31 PM
So....last year GU's novice 8 won the Pac-10, and this year's the novice 8 again won the Pac-10...gotta imagine the future for the varsity 8 looks pretty darn bright for the next few years.

And finishing 2nd in the varsity 4+? Pretty incredible when you consider the Zags were seeded 9th.

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05-14-2007, 08:32 AM
229Sinto- don't have any clue on the mens. For women's what conference are we in, WCC or Pac-10? I'm curious how conferences for rowing go. Does anyone know?