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Once and Future Zag
07-02-2010, 04:15 PM
The Chris Sarbaugh thread inspired me to dig this old clumsy bit of doggerel of mine out of my archives.

The Wake
The Irish have a love affair with die-
ing heroes; living short, but burning bright
until their final pyre. One always hopes
that goodness will survive through vicissitudes;
and, in our idols we will see this strength
in times of stress; but times of joy, and times
of life, the springtime budding new brings heroe-
es falls -- great lives cut short by random chance,
by death not earned. We miss our fallen loves,
and mourn untimely graves, but honoured feel
that we considered ourselves friends.

There's tragedy in Ireland: that so many
of its greatest souls are mourned in pubs
across the lands; both new and old, from hills
of Eire, green and live, to foreign fields
where time runs short -- where sands are strewn across
the floor, the hourglass let fall and precious
time all gone. There's those that live a life
by drunkard's false nobility: live fast,
live hard, and leave a pretty corpse; but death
claims all, and none but God knows how to live.

How can the night be less a night for all
the moon's full glow? How can the darkness be
less black for still remembered light? Dark
seems all the darker for the sun that shined.

For Tim.