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05-04-2010, 02:13 PM
A dangerous trio

Far and away the team that traveled the furthest to get to the Run 'N Slam is Seattle Rotary. The boys from the Pacific Northwest came with a purpose, and at the 17-and under level they brought a trio of good looking wings.

Everyone knows about Anthony Wroten. The national top 10 player is still working his way back from an injury suffered during football season, but he is looking good. At this point Wroten lacks a little bit of the explosion he had before the injury, but by no means is he hurting in that department. What does look better is his jumper. Always an athletic specimen who is a gifted passer, Wroten is now adding a far more consistent and better looking jump shot to the table. If he can get that down, it will be near impossible to guard him. On Saturday when he was motivated, Wroten was simply too much to contain, and he was the engine driving the Rotary ship.

Joining Wroten as always was Gary Bell. Bell absolutely caught fire from three, and when the Gonzaga commitment gets hot, he is a handful to deal with. A very good athlete with strength, Bell complements his knock down shooting with an ability to get to the rim and finish. Though he played limited minutes, Bell was a scoring machine and was nearly perfect from the field.

The third member of the trio is 2012 guard Anrio Adams. In a class searching for elite level scorers from the perimeter, Adams might be one to really emerge. He is an absolute jet with the ball, and has a stroke that extends out to 25 feet. All day long Adams was just money from three. Adams was able to hit contest shots off the bounce as if they were catch and shoot in rhythm jumpers, and with his athleticism that isn't easy to deal with. He does need to improve his decision making with the ball, but the natural ability really came through in his play.


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