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04-27-2010, 06:52 AM
what r the odds bell and dranginis will be their respective states' poys? awesome

04-27-2010, 07:16 AM
what r the odds bell and dranginis will be their respective states' poys? awesome

Dranginis could probably play at about 65% and lock up POY in Idaho next year. Gary will have some insanely stiff competition for the prize but there's no doubt he can pull it off.

Get Wiltjer and we can stick a large Gonzaga flag on the Pac-NW in 2011.

Remember when there was talks about how Mark Few had "lost it" in the recruiting game? Ohhhhhhkay

04-27-2010, 07:27 AM
Kyle Wiltjer | PF
ESPNU Super 60

Hometown Portland, OR
High School Jesuit High School
Height 6'9"
Weight 221 lbs.
Last Updated: 4/26/2010 Data provided by Scouts, Inc.
Evaluation / Notes On the Trail / Features


April, 2010: Wiltjer is a skilled, mobile and active power forward. He runs well and has excellent hands. He could make a living as a face up post in pick and pop situations. Wiltjer can hit the open three off the catch and beat a less mobile post off the dribble. He has excellent touch and feel around the basket as well where he can finish with either hand. He is a good not great athlete and rebounds in his area with his great length on both ends of the floor. He has an excellent basketball IQ and makes good decision with the ball. Wiltjer strength is his ability to stretch the defense with his skill and he must be identified if a team dares to play zone. He must add strength in order to be more affective against big bodies but his upside is tremendous.

December, 2009: Wiltjer exhibited his skill throughout the contest as he drained shots from all over the court (Les Schwab Invitational). He's a young-looking junior with a lengthy frame and decent athleticism. He isn't going to over power his opponents, but he'll dissect them with skill and savvy. His feathery touch from beyond the stripe (4-6 on 3's) was on display and his release is impeccable. In addition, he utilizes the up-fake to get by his defenders and can finish with either hand. His passing prowess is impressive as well as he has the height to see over defenders and make the appropriate pass. On the other hand, he needs to get much stronger and tougher in the next couple of seasons if he is to be an impact player at the highest level. He struggles scoring with contact and he isn't very aggressive around the basket as he needs to be. Furthermore, his back-to-the-basket game needs polishing as well, as he isn't nearly as comfortable in that setting as opposed to facing-up his opponent. Overall, Wiltjer has a significant upside due to his skill and feel for the game and if he decides to develop a nasty streak his game will go to another level.

October, 2009: Wiltjer came all the way from Oregon and was impressive with his outstanding fundamentals and skills as he showed his versatility scoring inside/outside (D-One Sports Nike Combine). He demonstrates a high basketball IQ especially in the low post where he knows how and when to pass the ball out of double teams or hit a cutter heading to the rim. Versatility is what he shows as he takes bigger opponents away from the basket and shoots jumpers extending to the college 3pt line or will punish smaller defenders in the paint area with his post up game from the low and mid post. He is extremely effective in a high/low game as he can produce from either position. Another way he scores is from the free throw line as he makes them count, shooting a high percentage. Defensively he must continue to work on his lateral foot speed guarding out on the perimeter. If you are looking for upside consider his dad (6'10) Greg played on the Canadian national team and will be inducted into their hall of fame soon with NBA great Steve Nash, so the gene pool is strong.

September, 2009: Wiltjer has grown an inch or two since the regular season and he has put on some positive muscle as well. However, for him to reach his potential he needs to play with more of a "mean" streak. He is a finesse 4-man with a great feel for the game and a effortless shooting stroke out to 23-feet. His shot is feathery, quick, and it has excellent rotation. In addition to his shooting prowess he is a high-level passer. In the area of rebounding he'll need to elevate his toughness around the basket. He gets his fair share of tip-ins and put-backs due to his deceptive bounce. Other than his lack of physical play at times a major issue with Wiltjer may be who he guards at the next level. He doesn't slide his feet very well and he may have trouble checking quicker fours at the next level.

May, 2009: Kyle is a skilled combo forward that is advanced offensively. He is a very good scorer. He is a very good shooter from mid range and has increased the range on his shot to where he is now solid out to 20 feet. He is also an effective post up player that can score over smaller opponents. Most of his offensive game is facing the basket. He is developing short off the dribble moves that will be able to free him for smooth jumpers when opponents crowd him. He is a decent rebounder now. That skill should increase as he continues to grow and get stronger. Kyle is not a great defender at this point. He can be out muscled inside by bigger, stronger and more aggressive opponents. He can also be out quicked on the perimeter. Growth and added strength will help him improve defensively in the future. Despite that he is still a tremendous prospect.

June, 2008: Wiltjer was one of the more pleasant surprises of the camp (2008 UCLA Skills Camp). He is far from a finished product, but that's what makes him so intriguing. He reminds me of a young Ryan Anderson, but if he grows he may resemble former University of Washington standout Spencer Hawes. He possesses a gangly frame with long arms and it wouldn't surprise me if he grows a few more inches. He isn't overly quick and/or explosive, but he runs well in transition. His skills in the post are very good and his footwork is impeccable. He has quite the arsenal for someone so young as well. He has a dependable jump hook with either hand and his outside shooting touch is smooth and effortless out to the stripe.

04-27-2010, 09:28 AM
Get Wiltjer and we can stick a large Gonzaga flag on the Pac-NW in 2011.

Getting those guys should also help GU's recruiting for the 2012 class. The domino effect. A Dranginis/Bell/Wiltjer class can only help GU in their pursuit of Jordan Tebbutt, Landen Lucas, etc.

Speaking of 2012, I'd love to see GU aim high and take a shot at this guy as well:


He would be an ideal prospect for Coach Daniels due to all of his AAU connections in California. Ashley's game is an ideal match for the Gonzaga system. He's very offensively skilled.