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03-23-2010, 05:52 PM
There's more up in the air this next year than this past since Bouldin offered identity. I'm curious to see it play out.

Yes it is less than a week removed from the end of the season but I thought this tidbit from Mal deserved a thread of its own as it is a very interesting and more so, importent thought.

What does happens next year? What type of team is the 2010 team? Do they have a leader or is it by committee? Who do they replace Boulding with, or how do they replace both his numbers and more so his intangibles he brought to the team?

03-23-2010, 05:56 PM

Gray and Sacre are leaders.

Harris, Dower, and KO get some lessons (Here comes the Calvary)

Arop blossoms into a star with a big sophomore jump.

Zag fans wait in angst to see the level of play at the point.

The rest are unknowns.

03-23-2010, 06:11 PM
I think it's going to be that mysterious Juco transfer that everyone is talking about who comes in, grabs the team by the reins, and leads our horses to a national championship :)

I think we might see Harris as the "go to guy" when we need a bucket. He definitely has the mentality, and it wouldn't be so bad because he can regularly beat his man one-on-one from the inside and outside, and if he gets doubled we can find the open guy. Emotionally he is there and seems to have a real passion. Sacre exhibits that as well. I really like Gray and overall I think he is the most talented, but his body language sometimes is lacking when things aren't going well (although you can tell he has fun out there and I generally appreciate his generally calm demeanor).

Of course, I'm not in the locker room and seeing them in practice, and the leadership there is invaluable if you believe what players/coaches say in interviews...

03-23-2010, 06:20 PM
Next year team is going to be good just like this year the question is can they take it the next level.

I looked at this year as Sacre being a freshman so next year I do believe he will be one of the top big man in the country. He is the one I am the most excited about. Harris will have a great year pushing him into a lottery pick. He may be that player that can take over a game when he needs to (example Turner of Ohio State). Gray Has the pieces to be really great but he needs to be consistent. His three has to be better and his passing. SO many times I wanted Gray off the court because of his turnovers. Meech I just have not seen what I want in a point guard, he has the speed but as of now not the shot and I don't like his Height and weight. He may become the next Paulus of Duke....time will tell.....

As for the young guns ton of potential its just who is going to step up to the plate. Right now I like Arop or Kelly. Arop started to show how athletic he can be and he might explode next year. Kelly I think will be like Heyvelt. He can shoot the three and take it down low. I am still on the Kong wagon. He has the height, showed signs of going the hole with the ball and can shoot the three, now he needs to put it all together.

I like GG and GJ but I really think the one that can break out next year is GJ. He has the shot, I like his height and how competitive he is. Why few bench him so much is confusing.He should have just had him red shirt. I liked how early on he was not afraid to take it to the basket which I love in a freshman it means he is confident.

Dower....who knows but I like how we have another option

So what do I think? I think we have another 20 win season, win the conference on are way to another NCAA Tournament. How well we do all depends on who steps up next year. I think between Sacre, Gray , and Harris we will have great leaders in them so I don't worry about that. We have the talent to replace what Bouldin did. The question remains is this a good season or does something very special happen with this basketball program. I believe it can happen now the players have to!

03-23-2010, 06:31 PM
A better team next year. So many newbies will make the typical jump. Sacre will be the alpha dog leader. Looking forward to it.

03-23-2010, 06:35 PM
I think what Malastein was referring to was more not who was going to what, but how are they going to do it.

This years team, following Bouldins lead, had sort of a blue collar theme to them. They would beat you by out working you, out hustling you and out "physicalling" you.

Team identity can be determined by program tradition, by coaching decisions or player decisions.

Perhaps the identity the Bouldin helped establish will carry on with guys lile Olynyk and Arop leading?

03-23-2010, 06:57 PM
Rob the vocal leader. Steven the quiet leader. Team first attitude with lots of fire from the belly. Manny will be huge. Rebounding should be great with Rob, Kelly, Sam and Manny the beast, SG rebounds well for a guard also. EH we shall see. I think next years team will be fired up from the start with a great will to win every game. Some of those losses won't be forgotten over the summer. I don't see a newcomer having great impact unless EH leaves and He is as talented out of the shoot. Not likely as talented. Hope EH stays. Eight long long months until we hit the court.....

03-23-2010, 06:58 PM
A better team next year. So many newbies will make the typical jump. Sacre will be the alpha dog leader. Looking forward to it.From the great Spokesman-Review photo album of the Syracuse game by Christopher Anderson (http://www.spokesman.com/galleries/2010/mar/21/gonzaga-vs-syracuse-ncaa-round-two/), Alpha Dog Sacre shouting encouragement to his teammates during the Syracuse game...


Coach Few and Huddy had this conversation about leadership on the most recent Mark Few Show on KGA:

HB: Coach Few, in a lot of respects coming into this year you had no idea what to expect from this team, and you got out to such a great start, and the expectations continued. With so many young kids, I don't know that you guys were prepared to have the success that you had early, I mean you thought it might take a little bit of time, but as you get ready to move forward, what are your feelings with this group coming back this year?

MF: Well, I think we need to add a couple of key parts, we need to add a couple of perimeter players that can help us. We need to get better out there. We lose a phenomenal perimeter player, so we need to probably make some additions there, and we've got a couple of guys that redshirted this year that I think could step in and help us, and I think David's had a good redshirt year, he's just got to get stronger and bigger. There are some qualities there that I think could help us down the road.

I think the leadership we're going to have with Rob and Steve and as Elias gets more and more comfortable with being a person that can lead, it will do nothing but great things for the program with those guys, because they're hard-working guys, they're very good players, and yet they have the personalities to where they can lead.I'm sure not worried about a leadership void.

As an aside, listening to my recording of the show very carefully, I was interested to note that Coach Few doesn't talk about getting new guards necessarily - he talks about perimeter players. Presumably, they could be looking at wings as well as guards, more looking for pure shooters than necessarily guards with skills at the point?

03-23-2010, 07:28 PM
The point needs to be a threat from the perimeter to make the opposing defense honest. If not a perimeter shooter, he must at least be respected as some form of an offensive threat.

If the point doesn't have a defender in his face on the perimeter, the passing lanes become narrower and the time that those lanes are open shrink. So if the point isn't a great shooter, he must at least be an incredible passer to compensate.

The very best points can do both. Good points can do one or the other extremely well. Inneffective points are average or worse at both passing and perimeter shooting. Sometimes a point can get away with being a creative penetrater with some passing skills (ie. Pargo), but the fact is....he needs to occupy a defender in some manner.

This is so very key to the entire team mechanic, that discussion on the team identity can't really go any further. The point guard is the identity of the team similar to how a quarterback defines the identity of an offense in football. If all of the other parts are extremely good, the team can enjoy success. But champions need a quarterback.

Look at the Super Bowl.....Manning verse Brees.

TJ Campbell and Mathew Dellavedova demand defensive attention. This resulted in some prolific offense from a team standpoint. They made everyone else around them better.

03-24-2010, 10:10 AM
I agree that Sacre and Gray will be the centers of emotional and psychological stability. I agree that the point guard will be extremely important in running the show and keeping everyone together. Those are all very good points and those guys will be key to the success of the 2010-2011 Zags.

But there's only one superstar on next year's team and his name is Elias Harris. For this team to play on the second weekend (and, excitingly, beyong), Harris needs to know that this is his team. He has to lead in terms of being the first option, the go-to guy, and the key player. He has to be our LeBron, Kobe, DWade, Carmelo, etc. He has to know he can dominate and take over a game.

His assertion of his offense against Syracuse was impressive. He was the only player on the court who showed no fear when we were still in it. He has to continue that line of thought next year. I have no doubt that he will. I think we're looking at an All-American and a very special Zag on the national scene, in the footsteps of Dickau and Morrison. If that happens, this could be a very special Gonzaga team because they will be extremely sound mentally (more than 2006, for example) and physically (more than 2002, for example).

But, to repeat, all of this depends on the confidence and execution of Elias Harris.