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03-21-2010, 11:36 PM
There's a couple MEECH bashing threads about his lack of shooting prowess, but I feel like the kid has grown a lot since he has seen his minutes cut for poor decision making. He cut his TOs since the middle of January and he seemed to realize that he was a cog in the system and not an individual tool.

Anecdotal evidence of his growth came to me during the FSU game. There were two plays that impressed me.

#1: MEECH recognized the fast break opportunity and lax return to D by FSU and sprinted past the defense and showcased his speed and judgement. His judgement was quantified more by the countless times he played the numbers and waited for teammates rather than being gun ho.

#2: The more significant one, for me at least, was where Goodson received a post up top from a big, where the big's man had to switch to Meech and after fronting him, turned his back and started locating his original man. Once Meech noted that, he jettisoned behind him at an angle that ended up being a pick on HIS original man and an open look at the basket. That heads up play reminded me of Mendez-Valdez versus GU last year.

I realize that he doesn't have much of a toolset for offense, but I think Meech is learning from his mistakes finally and could be a contributor in the next two years.

03-22-2010, 07:30 AM
There's always hope.

03-22-2010, 08:11 AM
I agree, but will disagree on when the "light bulb" went on for Meech. I am not convinced it was with reduced playing time, instead I think it was more of a learning curve for his pre defined role for this years team.

He was not suppose to be the scorer or a true PG (as for good reasons we wanted ball in Bouldins hands on the offesnive set as much as possible), a change in this young mans mindset. He was learning where each of the other teammates liked to move to on the court as he penetrated or pushed the ball....doing this much better as the year went on.

As he got more and more comfortable and understanding of his teammates the turnovers reduced. He had the least amount of turnovers of ANY of the guards over the last half of the year.

His role will now be redefined as it pertains to the new zag team for next year. We will see his numbers in assist move up as the ball will be in his hand during half court sets, the offensive will be post-guard based in a more traditional sense for GU with Gray/Sacre-Harris being the focus points of the offense and we wont see as much top fo the key on ball screening, instead moving back to the traditional back cuts, off ball screens and picks thus the assist numbers will move up

I suspect you will see quite a few alley-oops passes from Meech to Harris, Sacre and Dower this coming year as he learns to penetrate and look for those types of assists as he didnt have that option this year in the half court set with the ball put in Bouldins hands most of the time

I see 10 pg, 4 assist pg and 3 rebound per game from Meech next year in his new role as the true point guard for GU

Meech had 1 game with 6 turnovers
4 games with 4 turnovers
8 games with ZERO turnover
TOTAL for year of 54 turnovers

Matt had 3 games with 5 turnovers
4 games with 4 turnovers
4 games with ZERO turnovers
Total for year of 75 turnovers

Gray had 1 game with 6 turnovers
1 game with 5 turnovers
3 games with 4 turnovers
3 games with ZERO turnovers
Total for year of 76 turnovers

Matt had the ball in his hand and was asked to create alot during this year, probably due to the inexperienced team. We rode this horse and rode it well.

Now it is time for Meech to take over the offensive set and relief Gray to become a True Shooting Guard.