View Full Version : What do you want the guys to change/practice in the offseason?

03-21-2010, 09:26 PM
My top items:

Free throws (66.5% will not cut it-- I would like to see us north of 70% by the start of the season).

Ability to guard the 3

Rebounding--Arop will shine with extended minutes


Passing? Strength?
Put on some weight?--Who and how much?

03-21-2010, 09:50 PM
I think I have been hoping for improved perimeter defense for around 10 years.....

03-21-2010, 10:08 PM
Not being able to guard the 3 ball is classic Gonzaga.
I'd like to see them bring in a point guard who is a threat to score.

03-21-2010, 10:18 PM
Not being able to guard the 3 hurt us much less when we were actually able to HIT the 3. Frontcourt needs reps, big time.

Harris just needs work on his game in general. He's got a great foundation, just needs polish. Would love to see him add a dribble fake when he catches the ball 15 ft out. His "drive, lower shoulder, spin move" became a bit too predictable by mid-January and you could tell. If he makes his moves a little less predictable and polishes his outside game, he's an All-American.

Sacre simply needs practice dealing with the double team, and practice getting position on the block so he doesn't pick up those 1-2 offensive fouls a game. He's got fairly good fundamentals for a big man at this point, and his mid-key jump hook is really looking great, but I want him to be able to function even when defenses are focused on denying him. That's what separates a serviceable big man from a great big man.

I love the dimensions Gray added to his game this year. At times, he looked really unstoppable. Don't know what he needs besides a big boost of confidence juice. He needs to learn to trust his game more. He needs to be able to throw up a shot and "know" its going in, even if he's been 0-10 up to that point.

Manny simply needs to get healthy and make sure he's 100% heading into camp. He was my favorite player this year... as Fox said, "greatest out of position rebounder I've ever seen". The kid plays hungry. That being said, I don't even think Manny knows how effective he could be can be on offense. He's got a great first step and long legs and pretty good shooting form. Could learn a lot from the beatdown Wesley Johnson put on us today, I see a similar sort of style in Arop's game.

DoubleGfor3 needs to continue his Matt Bouldin toutelage. He's got the same passing instincts, and that sort of thing you can't teach. Just needs to work on his mid-range game, get more comfortable in the lane, and add 5-10 pounds of muscle.

I honestly think Bol Kong just needs more of a green light from the coaching staff. His stroke is pristine and he's got a pretty good reportoire when he gets into the lane. That said, he needs a summer of hard plyometrics. His lateral quickness is his one glaring weakness at this point. If he quickens his first step, and improves his lateral speed on D, he's due for a big "sophomore jump." Plus adding to that vertical jump.

KO needs a personal weight trainer, a protein shake dispensing machine in his dorm room, and to join Bol in plyometrics. Kid's got instincts, a great handle for a 6' 11", and good shooting fundamentals. He just needs to add the mass so he doesn't get pushed off the block and so he can body his man up on D, needs lateral quickness, and needs to continue to polish his offensive game. I'm not as worried about him as others, oddly enough. Whatever he does, he must not lose his "follow the shot" instinct. He helped the team so many times off tip-ins this year, it's a great part of his game.

GJ needs time. All the pieces are there, but he plays out of his shoes. He plays "too fast" as the old adage goes. I think a couple personal sessions with J Stockton and learning his patience and court vision would elevate Viliarino a great deal. The gap between GJ and Meech isn't that big. He's got skills Meech doesn't as this point. But the difference this year was freshman mistakes. GJ made 'em, Meech didn't. TOs, being out of position, those things drive Few crazy. GJ has a lot to gain if he makes the prototypical Gonzaga "sophomore PG jump".

And I'd love to see Meech spending a summer "pulling a Rotnei", as Abe would put it. His defense is aces. He facilitates the offense quite well at this point, as far as keeping TOs down, finding the right man, managing the pace. If only, only, only he could add a reliable jumpshot. The way Meech hurt the team this year wasn't things he did, it was things he couldn't do. If he adds those dimensions, the offense is wide open, and that's a scary proposition.

03-22-2010, 06:59 AM
3 point shooting and defending.