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03-19-2010, 10:00 AM
Found a very cool site-Washington Post NCAA Tourney Database


Reveals the following trends since 1985

First round #8 seed has won 46 of 100 games

Second Round #8 seed has won just 9 of 46 games (all vs. #1 seed)

S16 #8 seed has won 6 of 9 games (most recently "Bama vs. "Cuse in '04)

E8 #8 Seed has won 3 of 6 games

F4 #8 seed has won 1 of 3

Finals # seed is 1-0 (Villanova)

I guess the moral is if the 8 seed can survive round 2, things historically look good.

Go Zags!


03-19-2010, 11:19 AM
Playing with the database while screwing off at work.....

8 and 9 seeds are the least likely to survive the first weekend of any of the middle seeds. Obvious reason is that the #1 seeds take them out in round 2. Underscores why it was so frustrating to get bumped down a seed line by other conference matchup issues getting the highest #8 rather than the lowest #7

As many have said we would have much rather gotten the 10 seed of SMC or the 7 seed of Richmond.

5 seeds make S16 36% of the time and are 5-31 W/L in that game
6 seeds make S16 35% of the time and 12-23 W/L record in that game
7 seeds make S16 18% of the time and are 6-12 in that game
8 seeds make S16 9% of the time and are 6-3 in that game (best %)
9 seeds make S16 3% of the time and are 1-2 in that game
10 seeds make S16 18% of the time and are 7-11 in that game
11 seeds make S16 11% of the time and are 4-7 in that game
12 seeds make S16 17% of the time and are 1-17 in that game (ouch)

Let's make some history this weekend, Zags!