View Full Version : What are you excited about today?

03-19-2010, 06:36 AM
Well, this is what we've been waiting for all year. Am I excited today? Wo! The games are so exciting this year and today will be just as exciting, I'm sure. I think the tournament selection committee did the Zags a huge favor by putting them where they did. Yes, it looks miserable, but this is March Madness. I'm sure the committee set us up with Florida St. because they knew that they would be a very tough foe for us. Zags have always had a tough time playing teams who can really play defense and are really tough. But the Zags have prepared for this kind of game by playing Michigan St, Cincinatti and Wisconsin. We may see a game like the Cincinatti game.

There's not a better sports feeling than seeing the Zags in the NCAA tournament. I wait for it all year. I hope to see Matt Bouldin return to how he played for most of the year. Matt's had a great season, and if he is healthy now I think he leads us to another victory today. He's had a good enough year to be an All-American, but he needs to play well in the tournament. I'm also excited to see how Elias does today. Can he step up with Matt and also play how he did earllier this year? And Gray has been our warrior lately and I'm really excited to see him play today. It will be nice if he's hitting his 3 ball.

The Zags must be successful from behind the 3 pt line. That means that Matt, Steven and Bol need to hit some 3's. Bol could have a big part in this game. I'm excited to see if he will be. I'm excited because I believe the Zags can get this one today. I've heard all week about FSU's toughness. Well, this is the toughest Zag team we've ever had. It seems like a lot of people have forgotten about that. I'm looking forward to see us put our toughness on display. The ten days off should really help the Zags. I'm excited to see happy faces on our Zags after the game. Go Zags!!!

03-19-2010, 07:30 AM
Usually to anxious to be overly excited, but thats life in general for me. :p :lmao:

03-19-2010, 08:00 AM
One word….opportunity.

If yesterday’s games taught anyone anything it’s no one is ever out of it. Take it as a warning and encouragement all in the same breath.

Clear minds and pure hearts can’t lose. Go get ‘em.