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Florida Times-Union: Florida State men trapped by brackets in recent seasons (http://jacksonville.com/sports/college/florida_state_seminoles/2010-03-18/story/florida_state_men_trapped_by_brackets_in_rec)

The Olympian: Itís up to Zagsí Kiddie Korps (http://www.theolympian.com/2010/03/18/1176172/its-up-to-zags-kiddie-korps.html). Some good Zag quotes here.

Basketball Prospectus: 65 Teams, 65 Thoughts (http://www.basketballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=1006).

Gonzaga: The Zags can shoot, with all five starters making at least half their twos. It's just not clear how good this team is against better defenses. Off a team eFG% of 54.4, they shot 50% eFG against Wisconsin, 28.7% against Duke and 38.6% against Michigan State. This is by way of wondering whether Matt Bouldin and company can score against the best defensive team in the country in Florida State, which blocks one out of every six two-point attempts they see and gets turnovers on nearly one in four possessions. The catch is that the Zags are pretty good in the half court, and can pack the lane in front of their big back line and force Florida State to make jumpers. They'll win a low-scoring game. The Bulldogs are a threat to Syracuse after that because of their size and ability to get to the line against a 'cuse team that isn't deep. This is another of the 1/8 matchups that more closely resembles a Sweet 16 game, and could produce an upset. Remember 2000, when two #8s got two #1s? It could happen again.

Tallahassee Democrat: Seminoles arrive in Buffalo for tourney: FSU focuses on Friday matchup against Gonzaga (http://www.tallahassee.com/article/20100318/FSU05/3180315/Seminoles-arrive-in-Buffalo-for-tourney-FSU-focuses-on-Friday-matchup-against-Gonzaga). Good FSU quotables.

Slipper Still Fits (blog): Learning more about the Seminoles: A few good questions with Tomahawk Nation (http://www.slipperstillfits.com/2010/3/17/1378805/learning-more-about-the-seminoles)

Journal-Standard (Freeport, IL): The sights, sounds and shrieks of Gus Johnson (http://www.journalstandard.com/sports/x673425267/The-sights-sounds-and-shrieks-of-Gus-Johnson). Minimal GU material, but interesting nonetheless.

And Buffalo's press is warming up...

Niagara Gazette: TOURNAMENT: Gonzaga trumpets small conference cause as a mid-major player (http://niagara-gazette.com/sports/x282173399/NCAA-TOURNAMENT-Gonzaga-trumpets-small-conference-cause-as-a-mid-major-player)

Niagara University coach Joe Mihalich said heíll be pulling for the Bulldogs, along with a number of other mid-major schools, when the tournament opens today.

ďIím rooting for Butler, Iím rooting for Siena, Iím rooting for Gonzaga, Iím rooting for Murray State,Ē Mihalich said. ďFor me, thatís the charm of the whole tournament. Every time a Davidson or George Mason pops up, it reminds the big boys we have some pretty good players and coaches down here.Ē

But Gonzaga has long evolved from a feel-good story into a burgeoning basketball power.

WGRZ-TV (Buffalo): March Madness Descends on Buffalo (http://www.wgrz.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=75403&provider=gnews). Some team arrival videos (not GU), interviews, and practice schedules.

The Buffalo News: Scouting report: Gonzaga vs. Florida State (http://www.buffalonews.com/2010/03/17/990920/scouting-report-gonzaga-vs-florida.html)

Edmonton Sun: Arop sits this one out (http://www.edmontonsun.com/sports/othersports/2010/03/17/13269866.html)

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Slipper Still Fits (blog): Learning more about the Seminoles: A few good questions with Tomahawk Nation (http://www.slipperstillfits.com/2010/3/17/1378805/learning-more-about-the-seminoles)

Tomahawk Nation: The Response - The Conversation: TNation Chats with The Slipper Still Fits about Friday's NCAA Tournament Game (http://www.tomahawknation.com/2010/3/17/1378619/the-conversation-tnation-chats)