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03-08-2010, 05:51 AM
This is going to be a championship fight between two rivalries. These guys don't like each other. I will never forget how their coaches totally snubbed ours after the last game as they walked by ours to shake hands. They were so rude. Few and the gang will not forget that one. These are the two teams who deserve to be in this fight and it will be entertaining for sure.

The Zags this year are a team that loves to fight. They love defense, and when they want to they can play it really well. I really hope the referees let the guys play tonight, and DO NOT call a game that helps the weaker team (ie calling ticki tacky fouls like last night). Let this be a batlle worthy of a championship fight. Let's see who's THE TOUGHER team.

I love championship games, and I really love the way the Zags play in them. I'm really excited about Steven Gray's game lately. He has become a complete basketball player. He does it all. I am really hoping to see the WARRIER in him rise up tonight and dominate this game. And I really hope to see the same from Matt and Elias. Elias' and Matt's fire has been dim in recent games. This fight tonight is the one that they have been waiting for all season. This is what they have been preparing for. They need to leave it all on the court tonight.

I think Rob has really improved over the year, and he just needs to play smart tonight on defense so he can stay in the game longer. Meech is very effective on defense against St Mary's because they DO NOT HAVE the quickness that LMU's guards have. I am excited about Bol Kong again. KING KONG is going to show up tonight big time. When Kong gets the ball I always get excited because he can do a lot with it. He does need to make a better effort on the boards tonight.

What has worked in the past is to take away St. Mary's 3 pt shooters. The Zags will do that again tonight.

Go Zags!!!

U Zig, I Zag
03-08-2010, 07:01 AM
It's going to be a battle. If Manny is achin' then Kong is going to have to step up and grab those boards.

It's been some time since we have lit it up from outside, I am talking 9,10,11 3's. Matt, Steven, Bol and Harris can pull that off. We are bigger at most positions and can shoot over them. If SMC plays man to man then we spread the offense. Whomever has Samhan on them needs to pull him away from the hoop. Samhan is skilled, but the last thing he is quick.

This is more mental, but we need to get Samhan fired up and t'd up. He did his run right over a guy thing last night and had to walk back cross court to have a chat with the ref. Get up early, get him frustrated and watch him erupt as his NCAA bid goes down the drain. It will be fun to watch.

* really hope they make it, for WCC sake and not Samhan's sake. ;)