View Full Version : What are you excited about today

03-07-2010, 07:50 AM
The first WCC tournament game is here, FINALLY, and I'm really excited. I'm excited because there's so much hoopla around LMU, and it feels like there's a lot of excitement around them having the ability to beat the Zags! It excites me because I think it excites the Zags. They know they didn't play with the FIRE that they are capable of playing with. And tonight they will. And that excites me because when they play with FUEGO in their bellies they are awesome to watch.

Basketball fans are excited about LMU. They are good for sure.
I am excited about the Zags. They are really good, and at times great. This will not be the Zags we all saw lose at LMU. This will be the Zags who knocked Illinois off in their arena.

I'm excited to see Harris, Gray and Bouldin have the GREAT games they are capable of playing. I'm excited to see if they will come out and put Loyola Marymount in their proper place. And I'm excited to see Rob play because I think he has really been improving and could just be the difference tonight.

I'm excited to see the Zags' sharpshootes light up the arean tonight. I'm excited to see fireworks all over the place. It's a night for our long range missels to be on target. Could it be Kong? Steven and Matt?

I'm excited because the Zags are going to put this talk about LMU winning the WCC tornament to rest. They are NOT THAT good. Not tonight fans.:)

03-07-2010, 08:59 AM
March Madness! The college basketball OOC and conf schedules are a prelude to conf tourneys and and the big dance. Looking back I am excited about the Zags season, which was better than I anticipated. I expected the Zags to be unranked most of the season with hopes they might just sneak in. I expected the Zags to get thumped at Michigan St and lose a bunch of the tougher OOC games. I expected the Zags to have a real battle for first in conference this year against a tough St. Mary's team and the improved Pilots. As it turned out the Zags were ranked top 20 most of the season, they put up a good record against the better teams on their OOC schedule, they swept the Gaels and Pilots, they won their conference and they got the number one seed in their tourney. I am excited the Zags beat my expectations and I look forward to wins in the WCC and NCAA tourneys upcoming.

When I look at teams such as UNC, UCLA and Arizona this season I understand what Few said in his show last week about winning not being a birth right. It is easy to take Zag wins for granted, but winning never comes easy. It is easy to take Few for granted, but in a rebuilding season he is doing what UNC, UCLA and Arizona could not, he is winning just as many games and bringing the same level of success the Zags fans have come to expect. I am excited to be a Zags fan and excited that March Madness has finally arrived!