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03-03-2010, 07:20 PM
Sorry for the delay between posts, I was out of town with no computer access. This one was really tough for me, I went back and forth with #5 and #6 for a long time and I already know some will disagree

12. Jeremy Pargo

11. Derek Raivio

10. Cory Violette

9. JP Batista

8. Richie Frahm

7. Matt Bouldinhttp://guboards.spokesmanreview.com/showthread.php?t=27101

6. Ronny Turiaf

Why he’s here: If you combine Ronny’s stats with the fact that he may have been more beloved than any Zag ever you would think he would be deeper into this list. It surprised even me that I had him at 6. He was just so damned good and had such a great personality that I thought I would have him at least a spot or two higher.

He contributed as a freshman and then was really a stud for 3 straight years. He was remarkably consistent; He averaged between 15.6 and 15.9 ppg his final three years. Really the only thing that stands out statistically over his last three years is that he increased his rebounding by 3.3 per game his final season. Only Batista has come close to the 9.5 rpg that Ronny put up in the ‘05 season. That ’05 season also saw Turiaf set the single season record for blocks at GU (since broken by Daye and surprisingly only one ahead of Sacre this year). He was just an absolute force. 16 ppg 9 rpg and the school record for blocks is one hell of a season, one of the best seasons anyone put up over the last 12 years. And good enough for conference player of the year

There hasn’t been a player except maybe Morrison that got the Kennel (I or II) rocking like Turiaf. There was absolutely nothing like Ronny with his Fro blown out getting behind the defense and catching an alley-oop from Blake Stepp. And everyone has their favorite Ronny memory/story. Whether it is him C walking on the sideline, or telling Michaelson he wasn’t leaving early for the NBA so Brian didn’t have to be alone on Senior Night (how ridiculously great is that btw), if you ask any GU fan for a Ronny story they will go on for hours

And unlike so many players across the nation, Ronny was never style over substance. On one hand he was the court jester and on the other he was an absolute warrior. You always felt good going to battle with Ronny and he almost always delivered.

If it seems like I’m rambling/gushing right now it’s because I am. I was one year behind him at GU and I am willing to admit in a very manly way that I love Ronny Turiaf. His final 3 years he OWNed that school. Even when Stepp was the best player or Morrison was the hot shot scorer, no one compared to Ronny. He was the BMOC and really he was the big man in Spokane as well. It’s hard to describe it if you weren’t there, but he could do absolutely whatever he wanted, and he always used his powers for good.

3-time all-WCC and ’04-’05 conference POY; He finished 4th all time in scoring (now 5th) and also 4th in career rebounding; 2nd in blocked shots; 1st in FT made (and before Turiaf came along Burgess was so far ahead of the field it looked like one of those records from back in the day that couldn’t be broken); 7th in FG made; He shows up 3 times on the single season list for most blocks.

Also gets props for having the best NBA career of anyone on this list

Why he’s not higher: I think a really good argument can be made for him to be at least 1 if not 2 spots higher. If you compare him to Calvary in career stats, Turiaf comes out ahead in everything except blocks, and he’s even second all-time in that. What sets those two apart is that Turiaf won only 3 NCAA games over his career, while Casey won 3 in his first attempt. I guess when comparing the two it matters how much you value the not only the tourney wins but also the 2 separate game winning shots by Casey in tourney play. Obviously not all those tourney disappointments are Ronny's fault by any means (you can’t beat UNR if they don’t even let you play), but no Zag has ever won like Casey. Only one of Ronny's teams would be classified as having overachieved in the tournament (sophmore year against Arizona). I never really felt like he was a big game player, or at least he could never be the top guy in a big game. As much as I love Ronny, I remember thinking at the time that Morrison should have won player of the year. So it is arguable that Ronny was never the best player on his team. I don’t think it is cut and dried that Morrison should have won it, but at the time I felt it was almost a career achievement award and Adam would get his the next year anyway.

2001-02 GONZ 19.5 07.3 5.0 .5 1.7 .30 .4 .8 2.9 .521 .695 .000
2002-03 GONZ 24.7 15.6 6.2 .6 1.9 .30 .6 1.5 3.1 .519 .760 .167
2003-04 GONZ 26.9 15.7 6.2 1.5 2.4 .63 .5 1.5 2.7 .538 .703 .333
2004-05 GONZ 31.2 15.9 9.5 1.5 2.3 .69 .4 1.9 2.7 .508 .683 .286

03-03-2010, 09:52 PM
100% agree thus far. Thanks for the interesting posts.

03-03-2010, 09:56 PM
Still my favorite Zag. I miss the alley oops.


Pleasant Peninsula
03-03-2010, 10:28 PM
Loved Ronny. Agree with the rating. Loved the fire and determination he brought to every game.

Hated that front end of the one-and-one that he missed in the final minute of that Texas Tech game.

03-04-2010, 07:01 AM
Would have had him higher, but then again, I am biased as he is my favorite Zag. I always way my Turiaf jersey to games. That being said... Loved the write up and can accept your reasoning for his placement. I would also add in that back then he had a proclivity for getting into foul trouble from time to time and that should also factor into why he is placed where he is placed.

03-04-2010, 03:13 PM
So the top 5 are, in some order, Calvary, Dickau, Morrison, Santangelo, & Stepp, correct? Don't see anything wrong with that. Although I would like to have to change my mind in early April...

03-04-2010, 04:56 PM
Met Ronny my first day at GU when he was trying to get into my wing of c/m and couldn't get anyone to open the door. He wanted to come to my dorm room to check out how I had settled in and set everything up and to formally welcome me to GU. Me, pimple face biology major nonbody special freshly minted freshman. Ended up being a peripheral friend of his during his remaining time a GU since I knew a couple of the guys on the team. Though, pretty much everyone on campus could say they were a friend of Ronny's.

One of my top 3 favorite individuals I've ever met in my life, and I've met some pretty remarkable ones. Great basketball player, great ambassador for GU, and most of all a great human being.

03-04-2010, 04:59 PM
Love Ronny but if he makes just 50% of his FTs down the stretch, the Zags beat Texas Tech and advance to the SS.