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02-27-2010, 08:02 PM
The Zags shot well tonight and it's a good thing as we needed them all. 26-50 from the floor for 52% and an astounding, for this team, 18-22 at the free throw line. Another astounding stat is Elias Harris had ZERO rebounds. Richard Fox said on the post game radio show he didn't think he would ever see a game where Harris had no rebounds. I would agree. Coach Giacoletti said on the post game show, and I have no notes as I was listening in my truck on the way home from the game, USF is a tough team to defend. They have a lot of shooters on that team, they can take you off the bounce and they can pass to the open man if you double. And a lot of times they got the mismatch when our bigs ended up guarding out high. And the Dons outrebounded the Zags. That being said Caoch G said he hoped the Spokane fans, and those who live elsewhere, would appreciate the magnitude of the accomplishment of winning yet another WCC championship. He noted all this starts at the top with Roth and then to Few and the to Tommy and Leon who have been here far longer than Ray G.

02-27-2010, 08:18 PM
One thing I notice is the Zags sometimes stay glued to one spot when rebounding (save Arop). USF was darting in and grabbing rebounds right in front of them and I noticed the same thing when we played LMU, including when Young popped in and grabbed one between four Zags and flicked it in for a bucket. One board tonight went over Foster and he made no movement toward the ball whatsoever. He looked like a freshman on Mulligan field watching a plane fly over.

Glad they got the win though and they deserve congratulations on keeping the streak alive. It's a great accomplishment.

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02-27-2010, 10:58 PM

Most noticable stat: 18-22 At the charity stripe! .818 !!!!! When it mattered.