View Full Version : Opening Line for LMU

Angelo Roncalli
02-17-2010, 11:49 AM
Zags -12


El Voce
02-17-2010, 01:00 PM
If the Zags bring their A Game, it is an easy cover. If not, could be gut wrenching.

02-18-2010, 08:26 AM
Zags -12


Things have been going well for me and the Zags lately and I even was able to get 17.5 against SD to squeek out a win on that one. Throw in a rare (for me) 2nd half bet against STM and I have a little extra bankroll for this game.

LMU and the Zags are pretty much a tossup ATS The Zags have been better lately (3W 1P in last 4 games) and LMU only 4-4 at home (ATS) I think the Zags cover tonight. The last time they played the spread was at 20.5 and the Zags won by 16. I don't see the road game making that much of a difference as LMU has not seemed to come up big against the top teams all year. Also Larry Davis, who had been averaging over 10 PPG and giving good minutes looks to be out for the game tonight.

Also going to play a small bet on the under which is sitting at 153. I like the under as 1st off it is a bet you are winning before the game even starts and secondly it takes both teams to score for you to lose it.
Even if the Zags put up 80; they are averaging 76.2 their last 5 games, is LMU going to put up 74 when they only have averaged 70.2 in thier last 5?

And as the Zags D lately has been been holding teams to 62.5 points STM, MEM and PORT. in its last 5, I dont see LMU dropping a big number on them tonight. Thier last meeting did go over but that was the last over LMU has played in.

Anyways, thats the way I see this one shaking down. Best of luck to all.