View Full Version : NCAA Stat Rankings 2/17/2010 Edition

02-17-2010, 09:13 AM
Stats rankings are for games through 2/14/2010. All ranks are out of 334 teams. (+/- is from 1/31/2010 ranks)

All-American Stats - Top 10 in the country
Field-Goal Percentage 7 (+3)

Headline Stats - Top 10% (Top 33 or Better)
Won-Lost Percentage 11 (+12)
Scoring Offense 27 (NC)
Rebound Margin 28 (NC)
Scoring Margin 28 (+24)

Good Stats - Top 1/3rd (110 or Better)
Field-Goal Percentage Defense 87 (+24)
Three Pt FG Defense 95 (+17)
Three-Point Field-Goal Percentage 96 (+11)

The Journeyman Stats - Middle 1/3rd (111 to 221)
Steals Per Game 113 (+53)
Assist Turnover Ratio 124 (+4)
Turnovers Per Game 137 (+12)
Assists Per Game 139 (-6)
Blocked Shots Per Game 143 (+11)
Personal Fouls Per Game 138 (+25)
Turnover Margin 167 (+47)
Scoring Defense 168 (+42)

The Festering Open Wound Stats - Bottom 1/3rd (222 or Lower)
Three-Point Field Goals Per Game 228 (-8)
Free-Throw Percentage 249 (-15)

02-17-2010, 09:21 AM
Ahhh... what a difference 2 weeks makes... and doesn't make.

Now for the takeaways for this round:

Positive ground was made up over the two weeks of hardcore defense by the Zags in many categories
While the rebound margin has stayed steady the defensive stats ALL made nice jumps... key stats are steals per game with a 53 ranking jump along with scoring D, 3pt D and FG% D all making large positive jumps.
Right now the rankings are even 8 above journeyman level 8 below.
Who thought things could get worse... well FT% took another dip south. At this rate the Zags may actually end the season in the 300s. :mad:
Explain to me how a team that is in the top 100 in 3FG% takes so few 3pt shots? 228th? Really?Hope to post stats again next Wednesday or so.