View Full Version : Most Sacred Week in Sports

02-16-2010, 08:22 AM
Here we are at the 3rd week in February. GU is safely enshrined at first place in the WCC. Bracketology is in full swing, with endless speculation as to who gets what seed where. GU RPI is creeping back up from the San Francisco disaster.

And of course, this is the most sacred week in sports. After 51 weeks of reading about NASCAR hicks, 'Roided out baseball freaks, and the perfection of SEC football, we finally get to the SI Swimsuit Issue.

God Bless America, and may God get me to my mailbox on Wednesday evening before the lovely Mrs. '75 gets there first, or I will have to wait another 52 weeks for perfection.

Go Bulldogs! Get Bigger!

02-16-2010, 08:59 AM
but I received mine last week. Any chance the Mrs. has already won the race?

02-16-2010, 12:14 PM
is it the most Bobby Sacre'd week in sports?

02-16-2010, 12:38 PM
& here I thought the most sacred week was pitcher's & catcher's reporting!;)

02-16-2010, 12:50 PM
It is 50! It is! Let's go play some ball!..