View Full Version : Grant Gibbs has breakout moment vs. USF

01-31-2010, 09:13 AM
Congratulations, young man ! And thanks for becoming a Zag ! Your future looks very, very bright.

I was surprised to see GG in there at this critical time in the game -- mainly because he hasn't played much (max 7-8 mins) & only recently.

However, given his lack of minutes and only recent playing time and exposure to this kind of pressure situation in a Zag uniform (like, zip), I thought he did a really good job.

The kid has a high bkb IQ and the confidence & guts, made mostly excellent decisions and didn't hesitate to take and make the trey when left open.

I'm guessing Few decided he needed to dig deeper into the lineup for a stop or two and did not see it among the usual go-to guys.

It took guts to put in this relatively untested freshman, just like it took guts to have Steven shoot those free throws a few years ago as a freshman after (I think) a technical foul was called during a nationally televised game. He canned them both, boosting not only his own value and worth, but the team's as well.

I consider GG's infusion into the game at the critical juncture that he went in a similar opportunity for this patient, highly talented yet untested young man to step up with the game on the line.

Few has been saying everyone on the bench has to capitalize, step up, when their opportunity appears. Or failing that, learn to sit.

And GG did just that, he stepped up. It surprised me when he was selected, but it was a pleasant surprise to watch him instantly mature and then perform right before our eyes..

He got his baptism of fire and he did himself and the Zags proud -- just the way I envision all his high school fans knew he would and could, and all us fans hoped he would.

Welcome to Zag reality GG. You just earned your first stripe. I bet your family and high school team are very proud of you.

I predict many, many, more important minutes in your future. And thanks for becoming a Zag !

Go TEAM Zags !

01-31-2010, 10:56 AM
If Lowhorn doesn't bury the three on his 2nd chance -- Grant would've had the game winner with his clutch shot.

Kind of like the '86 World Series -- in my opinion there'd be a statue of Dave Henderson in front of Fenway (hit what could've been the Series winning home run in the 10th inning at Shea) if the ball hadn't gone through Buckner's legs.

01-31-2010, 11:09 AM
I completely agree GoZags. That game became a tied game on a freakish play. Outside of that Grant would have been the hero of the game. I love how he didn't hesitate in taking that shot. It shows me the young man has confidence in his game. All he needs is more minutes and we will all be feeling a tad less nervous about Matt graduating this year, imo.

01-31-2010, 12:15 PM
If I'm correct (and I'm pretty sure I am) that Gibbs was behind all defenders after Lowhorn's freak 3 when the staff called the TO, then Gibbs could have been the hero yet again. He's a smart player.

01-31-2010, 12:56 PM
Agreed, Gibbs isn't that great yet, but I had no problem with Few playing him at the crucial time of the game.

01-31-2010, 02:49 PM
If I'm correct (and I'm pretty sure I am) that Gibbs was behind all defenders after Lowhorn's freak 3 when the staff called the TO, then Gibbs could have been the hero yet again. He's a smart player.

Yeah, he was ready for the homerun inbounds and was behind every don defender calling for it, but a timeout got called before he got the ball.

01-31-2010, 03:09 PM
fI think Gibbs earned the chance at all the game minutes he got from Few. But the over time PT was over his head and was mainly good for Grant, not the chemistry the other guys are used to too to win the game. Yeah it is good experience for him and our future, but I disagree with the choice. I trust Few knows whats best. I just feel the best chance for our future is to win as many games as we can. Arop and Kong should have been in OT. IMO.

IMO,overall the best 5 to have on the floor is Bouldin, Harris, Gray, Sacre, and Arop. That is my opinion on the 5 that overall are best. Not for every situation, but if I had to bet an important OT game on it, it would be those 5 guys. Just like if you had to pick 5 clubs out of your 12 club golf bag, which 5 would you choose to play 18 holes.

I respectfully disagree with the choice to play Gibbs over Arop. And stop giving me negatives for disagreeing with the majority. Neg rep is for rules and decency violations, not because you lost an argument. Neg reppers can't win with debate, so they stab you in the back anonymously.

Zag 77
01-31-2010, 09:15 PM
Gibbs was the right guy to put in:

Needed a ball handler, so Olynyk was not the guy.

Better passer, shooter and ball handler than Arop. Arop's strength is rebounding. Sacre and Harris were tasked with that.

Better shooter and free throw shooter than Meech. Gibb's FT% is an aberration based on too few attempts.

Kong has not hit a shot in 2 weeks. He is also not a ball handler or free-throw shooter.

Gibbs did what he was asked to do and almost had the game winning basket if the ball had not wound up by accident in Lowhorn's hands.

01-31-2010, 09:27 PM
Grant also has a nice nose for the loose ball, and where a rebound will go. He doesn't have the hops of Manny, but seems to have the wily maneuvers of Steven. His passing is outstanding. He has good length for a guard. He doesn't have great one-on-one defensive skills yet, however. Hopefully, that will develop, but I think we'll see a lot of those sweet-stroke threes over the years to come. I also expect Bouldin-like free throw shooting once he is a regular.

01-31-2010, 11:15 PM
Better passer, shooter and ball handler than Arop.

really? arop is better at assits, 3 to 1. turns the ball over less. shoots fts and the 3 ball better. rebounds better. not sure i see the connection. im not saying gibbs wasnt the right guy, just dont agree hes a better passer and shooter. even ball handler could be argued seeing as he fumbled away the ball the only time he brought it up. but it was a great performance over all by GG, he will be a great player for us no doubt.