View Full Version : Now thats a Zags second half!

01-28-2010, 09:38 PM
A thing of beauty...
Ok wasn't Matts best game but he played well
Stephen Gray steps up
Elias played like a beast once again
And Sacre made some big shots when needed as well as foul shots
Goodson...dont get me started:confused:

but the story of the game was Manny AROP!

And this is my official Manny Arop for the starting 5 thread!
Love the way he played tonight! Esp on the defensive end.. I think he is a smart player and he uses his length to his advantage..makes for a bigger lineup as well and I have no qualms about Matt handling the point (just like Schyer @ duke...the less turnovers the better!)

Kelly also played well and gave them the more athletic look to cover the perimeter
Loved that their "Bench" was a focal point from Bardo!
And Sam on the bench was awesome as usual!

Sorry guys I know I'm all over the place but could not be happier with the second half tonight!

Go Zags!!

01-28-2010, 11:42 PM
I agree with this post
This win was a thing of beauty
in the sense of finding a way to stiffen under pressure

Everyone on this board who has played a varsity college sport knows how mentally tough you have to be to clamp down on somebody who is playing out of their mind, with the fans, luck, and seemingly the gods favoring them. It is hard to turn all that around -- reminds me of the Illinois game. It's like stopping an avalanche. Then put on the coup de grace.

This win was a thing of beauty for that reason.

01-29-2010, 12:16 AM
It reminded me of several other games we have had. It also reminded me of 2 losses we could have avoided if we just had 1-2 more minutes to complete the momentum. It must be heartbreaking for Santa Clara fans. What a huge blow to what looked to be the biggest win in a decade for the Broncos.

We have a Final Four caliber team here. I am convinced Few is finding out who the best 5 guys are to lead us to the Final Four Pearly Gates of Indianapolis.