View Full Version : This weeks S-I is great reading!

04-22-2007, 08:43 PM
My long suffering wife renews my magazine subscriptions every Christmas. I get the Sporting News, Sports-Illustrated, and ESPN the magazine. ESPN is my least favorite of the the three, its too long, too slick, and too political. This weeks (Apr.23rd) S-I is one of the best issues in a while. The Best of Enemies article about Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitski's friendship is an excellent basketball article.There is a heart wrenching piece on former Duke LaCrosse Coach Mike Pressler aptly called "No Justice for the Coach" and a great article on the Rutgers Womens Basketball Team and the class with which they handled the Imus Mess.A really great piece on The Carlisle Indian School and their football program in the 1920's featuring many interesting facts about the great All-American" Jim Thorpe and other Native American athletes. and last but not least is a brief mention in the "The List" titled Brother -Sister act about Seven Gray's sister Brittany verbaling to Gonzaga as a Sophomore. Great reading! Go Zags!!