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J-Mac Zag Forever
04-18-2007, 10:44 AM
Let me outline my day. I arise in the morning grab the newspaper and go to the sports page looking for any little bit about the Zags. I then move to the Zag's web and check for info there. After that I move to KHQ's web to see if I missed something in the news. Its then to this forum to check out all the new posts. I read how Bouldin is slow and lacks defensive skills. Everyone seems to catch their do at some point. Very frequently there will be something about Josh. It ruins my entire day to read what is being posted. It would seem that a lot of you are past players and do not realize the impact you are having on other fans. Be positive and try to keep negative comments for the local pub.

I agree, respect was the wrong word to use on my last post. However, you missed my point entirely. Of course Josh should be punished, yes he needs to earn his right to play and because others did not get caught does not excuse his actions. My last sentence in that post was if he stands tall and flys right.

The law, Gonzaga and especially Coach Few are not letting him off easy. I do admire him for facing this and not running. Sneaking out of town as you call it was the right thing to do. His staying would have generated more attention on him and been more distracting for the team and the task at hand.

I want to hear about the positive. Coach Few will deal with Josh. IF HE STANDS TALL AND FLYS RIGHT HE WILL BE A TRUE ZAG TO ME. Yes, He will earn my respect.

The only reason for my registering after all this time was because of the negative. I was so upset with Josh that I watched my first rerun of a game with him playing was last week.t. I want to hear positive things from you guys. You are my Hero's. Coach Few will deal with Josh. I want you to keep me informed and excited about Zag basketball.

Sorry diid noot havee tim to edit speling and grandmaer.

04-18-2007, 11:20 AM
alternatively, in the spirit of healthy public discourse, people in this forum should feel comfortable posting their views, regardless of whether those might be perceived as negative or positive by others in the community. suggesting everyone refrain from posting negative comments (as if thats an easily identifiable, monolitic category of post) is no more productive than requesting everyone ban positive posts. a healthy public forum requires that all perspectives are at least respected for their right to be voiced. we've got a great group of mods who keep out the offensive and downright nasty posts, no need for the rank and file to start deciding what belongs and what doesn't.

04-18-2007, 11:59 AM
Perhaps - as a solution to all this positive vs negative stuff, we should have a system whereas a person who starts a thread rates it either posltive (+) or negative (-) in the title. That way, people who just want to read positive stuff will know which threads to avoid and vice versa! I happen to be one of the positive leaning people so I would like that.... :o But seriously, I also notice that the people that tend to be negative, tend to be negative all the time - and I guess that is what bugs me the most. When BobZag or GoZags or F1D or CDC, or some of the other old timers make a critical statement, I tend to listen because I know they are offering constructive criticism and would only do so if they felt it truly was warranted. I believe there is a big difference between contructive criticism and constant negative banter just for the sake of flaming.

I feel your pain, J-Mac Zag and feel the very same way sometimes. But I would say watch the contributors regularly - get a feel for their "lean" and try to grin and bear it when you read their posts. The glass half empty folks will always be around and unfortunately are usually the first ones to spout their opinion - especially when they feel it justifies their position. The glass half full folks stand out as the true fans and their opinions, even when different from your own will often give you another view to chew on. I like your style and optimism though! Keep it up!

04-18-2007, 12:06 PM

I would encourage you not to take much on these boards personally. You'll just worry needlessly.

As far as the other thread goes, most people were respectfully disagreeing with your opinion. That should be ok with you and I hope it is. It really doesn't make your opinion less valid.

Keep your head up and keep on posting!


04-18-2007, 09:21 PM
J-Mac Zag Forever: Loved your thread...it brought a sweet smile to my face. Here's something very positive for you to think about. Pendo, Kuso, Heytvelt, Pargo, Downs, Brown, Bouldin, Foster, LG, Davis, Daye, Gray & Sacre. The Zags have a real nice saying that I've always liked, "The team is as strong as it's weakest link." When I look at the weakest link on this team, a smile comes to my face. Whenever, you're feeling down just write those thirteen names out. Mmmmm I thought we only had 12 scholarships to give out. Am I missing something?

If everything posted here was positive, in my opinion, it would be a horrible Board and totally unrealistic. But then again I was raised in a fairly large Catholic Family with four brothers and a sister. Sometimes I think fighting, or arguing was as familiar to us as eating...Eating? Funny I'd mention that because the dinner table was often our favorite battlefield....lol....We never called it fighting though...just healthy arguments........constantly challenging one another and the way we thought. We got that from my dad. I still enjoy healthy arguments here on this Board.

One word of support. Stick to your guns if you feel strongly about something. Don't back down from your views if you believe in them. If you have respect for Josh, don't back down and apologize. But that's easier said then done.

Hey did you hear the good news about Matt? He's bulking up. Maybe he'll be quicker on his feet next year, and able to play some defense......lol lol lol

04-18-2007, 09:28 PM
It's things like this that make me not surprised when I hear about teaching "fuzzy math" in schools because kids can't handle the emotional trauma of getting the "wrong" answer.

At what point did "criticism" become synonymous with "negative?"

I must have missed the memo.

04-19-2007, 06:05 AM
So you're saying you can't handle criticism of your criticism technique then?


All in good fun...