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12-12-2009, 07:46 PM
We had the Cardiac Zags in 2005-06: A team with an insane offense, could put up points left and right, make insane shots from all over the court and yet couldn't play good enough defense to blow out even inferior competition. Fun to watch but tough on the heart. This year, the GU team seems to be Jekyll and Hyde, not just on a game to game or even a half by half basis but blocks of time as well. The JaH Zags played a truly outstanding game against MSU, taking them to the wire but just not having enough left in the tank to make it count. The JaH Zags play outstanding against Wisky for the whole game, play a poor game and let the Buffs shoot out of their mind, and battle back after a poor stop against Cincy. The JaH Zags play Wazzu poorly for most of the first half and early 2nd half but play sensational basketball to get back into the game and win outright. A mixed bag against Augustana with relatively poor play with spurts of good basketball. The JaH Zags beat Davidson but play poor perimeter defense, sloppy ball movement, and all or nothing at the free throw line. This is a great team with a great group of kids but the growing pains of a young team is evident. I believe this will get better as the season progresses with Few and the team figuring out each other's strengths and adjusting accordingly. It is still early yet and when this team is clicking on all cylinders, they are dangerous.

12-12-2009, 08:00 PM
a direct result of youth. Staying in the game mentally and physically for the full 40. i thought it would be worse. Elias has added much needed "consistency" to this team. Sacre, goodson, and the rest of the youth movement are up and down like sophs and frosh usually are. Elias plays like a Jr.

12-12-2009, 08:05 PM
This behavior was predicted by many here last summer. Youth is the correct answer.

I personally believe the team isn't a year away though. I think they can play at a consistent level before March. Very, very talented young team.

A Duke fan that saw the Davidson game live. (http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=167&f=1386&t=5292418)


12-12-2009, 08:08 PM
for those who don't have scout access:

Posted: Yesterday 11:19 PM

Gonzaga vs Davidson - Elias Harris


Just got back from the Gonzaga vs Davidson game in Seattle today.

Davidson played tough but Gonzaga had waaay to much talent.

Matt Bouldin didn't even play for the Zags, and he's probably their best player.

They have a pt guard in Dmitri Goodson who is extremely quick and his game has improved unbelievably from where he was last year.

Sacre at center is developing and athletic with a nice touch.

I was impressed with some of the players that they have. At times, even w/out Bouldin, they had 3 potential pro players.

The guy that stood out in a major way was Elias Harris. He's a Frosh from Germany and goes about 6'7" 225.

I'm tellin you right now he's one of the top 5 wings in college right now. His game doesn't have any holes. I think he had around 25 pts today but when you see his game in person you can really see what I'm sayin.

His range extends to 3 and he's a very solid shooter, yet athletic enuff to dunk on anybody. He can face up or back to basket with great post moves.

I don't mean to rave but he's the 2nd best Frosh behind Wall, and I don't think it's close.

What I don't get, and this isn't meant to be a knock against Gonzaga and Spokane, WA; but why can't Duke get a wing like this guy? I mean he's as obvious a talent as comes around. If he grew up in the States he would have been the 2nd best high schooler comin into college.

He looks and kind of plays like Richard Dumas, best known with the Suns.

Anyway, thought to give some insight. From what I've seen/see the Zags have 4 future pros on this team in Bouldin, Sacre, Goodson, & Harris.

12-12-2009, 09:15 PM
I was amused, though, Lynette, by the next (and last of two) posts in that thread:
You see the zags better than I see the zags.

If Duke don't win, I'm really,really shocked.If Duke don't win indeed. ;)