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12-12-2009, 06:07 PM
Hudson to RS: your assessment on the game ?

RS: Few threatened me saying if this team wasn't successsful it would be on me. It worked.

TH: how feeling overall, particular since Maui ?

RS- There's always stuff we need to work on. Maui was a real key. It put us back on our heels. We now know, every game is going to be a grinder; we need to be aggressive, go back to what we were. If there are no peaks, there are no valleys . . .

TH: And now, finals . . . ?
RS (chuckling): I love finals. I love finals . . .

TH: re duke, are you pumped. How do you feel with that coming up, trip to NYC, against a big program like this ?

RS: The biggest thing for me is Imight be able to look up in the stands and see abdullia kuso. He might be in the stands. (laughing). I wasn't thinking about duke or NY. that's how I view it. It's just another game, we need to be aggressive, strong and play GU ball.

earlier in the program, Hudson interviewed asst coach Tommy Lloyd

TH: what do you take away from this game ?
tommy: the guys are capable of adjusting.

Th: asked something about areas of improvement, f.t's in particuar . .

TL: yeah we were pounding inside, meech came on in transition, the free throws started dropping.

TL: we knew maybe we could exploit the face that Davidson's opponents were making more f.t.;s than they were taking. And we did.

Hudson: 54 ft's - that's a new record

TL: with MB out, every play we jammed inside; we moved and drove. It was a great response by our team. our guys did a great job of not letting it get away from us, too.

It woulda been nice to go in up/10 at the half, but it re energized us for the 2nd half push, so it worked out.

TH: How about GG ?
TL: great substitute for MB. He's organized, a passer, excellent at going inside and a post entry passer. We wanted him out there for the solidness he brings. It would have been nice if he'd hit a few 3's. But he led with 8 boards. It's always the little things that lead to a win.

Re duke: this game comes at a great time. we need a challenge, guys get their bodies rested while they take their finals. We make some adjustments and come out with a heck of an effort in nyc.

Go TEAM Zags !

El Voce
12-12-2009, 06:11 PM
Gamagin - Thanks!

12-12-2009, 06:16 PM
Man! Good job! You'd think gamagin was a reporter in another life if you didn't know he was born to be a business tycoon! Wow.

I did note that Tom mentioned that the decision about Matt wasn't made until after shoot-around.

And I loved Rob's comments about only thinking about the possibility of Kuso being in the stants at MSG, not worrying about the game or the venue, presumable, only that our Kuso might be watching.

Hudson named Co-high efficiency players, Harris, Sacre, and Meech, for scoring 73 of the 103 pts.

12-12-2009, 06:31 PM
I hate to digress--but Sacre bought it up first: what's kuso doing in new york, if indeed he is there?