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12-08-2009, 12:16 AM
Jim Meehan's Blog (http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/sportslink/2009/dec/07/gu-notes/) contains some really good stuff, as usual.

There are some comments about Elias' foul and the post goes on with this:
Few said Harris will be in the starting lineup against Augustana. He added that he was “more concerned” by his team’s reaction after Harris’ ejection.

GU coaches compare Harris’ temperament to ex-Zag great J.P. Batista, the soft-spoken forward who put up prolific scoring and rebounding numbers in 2005-06.

Harris said he’s not surprised by the amount of attention the play received because it happened in a nationally televised game.

Asked if he would change anything he did or said about the play in the post-game, Harris said, “No, because I just stepped back and boxed him out. I didn’t want to hit him or hurt him. Just play basketball like I always do.”

Few said on his Monday radio show that Wake Forest’s Chas McFarland, who was on the receiving end of Harris’ forearm to the neck, told Harris while the two were lining up for the free throws: “Hey, I just got you kicked out of the game.”

Harris’ reaction? “He said something like that, but that’s OK. Trash talk, that’s part of the game.”

Harris said he won’t change the way he plays. “No way. We have to get back to the things we did before, rebounding harder, be more focused and stop dreaming around and just play basketball, and we will be successful again.”
—Bol Kong said he’s not yet in tip-top shape, but his conditioning is improving. Kong battled sickness and an ankle injury prior to the season.

“I’m just starting to get more comfortable and understanding the sets. It took a little time, but it’s coming together,” he said.

Kong has more learning to do than most because he’s seeing time at ‘3’ and, more often, at ‘4’.

“We just have a lot of sets,” he said. “You have to stay dialed in and pick ‘em up quickly.”

Is it complicated? “Some positions it’s really complicated,” Kong said, “some it’s pretty much basic, cuts, flex offense.”

In comparison to his freshman year at Douglas College in B.C. two years ago, Kong said, “I think mentally I’m better now. Playing at this level, you have to use your mental skills more than just natural ability.”
And this really tickled me! I was just wondering today if I should start calling Rob "Bobby." That old rattlesnake ... With that sense of humor of his, I should have known ...
—Rob Sacre, Robert Sacre, Bob Sacre or Bobby Sacre? I’m sure I’ve used Rob and Robert interchangeably in articles, but I chuckled when I watched the replay of Saturday’s game and ESPN announcers referred to Sacre as ‘Bob’ or ‘Bobby’ during the second half. Turns out Sacre was just having some fun with the broadcast crew.

“It was a joke,” Sacre said, laughing. Sacre was asked about the pronunciation of his last name. “Sack-ray,” he said, fairly convincingly. “I’ve never even thought about it, until people started making me think about it.”

12-08-2009, 12:53 AM
I had given up on the Gonzaga team page (http://www.spokesman.com/sections/zags/photosets/) at the SR when I seemed to have run into a lot of broken links during a system change a while ago, but I liked it when I revisited it recently. Visit it and see what you think.

On the plus side, it's nicely arranged with direct links at the top to guboards.com and to "Zag Blogging" (which appears to be the same old SportsLink where you have to wade through a lot of stuff not Zag-related). Best of all, there is a stats link, which appears to contain a lot of good stuff. I'm interested to hear what you think about that stats page.

On the negative side (and this isn't really a negative but rather a bit of a frustration for a photo freak like me), the Photo Gallery isn't linked on that page yet - at least not for the Wake forest game. You can access it through Jim's day-after post, here (http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/sportslink/2009/dec/06/day-after-wake-forest/). Photo link is here (http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2009/dec/06/bulldogs-felled/?photos), and it's got some incredible photos by the great Dan Pelle, who I think is the best there is at sports photography - at least as to his Zags coverage.

Anyway, I've got it bookmarked prominently and will be visiting it often now that it's been rediscovered by me.

12-08-2009, 05:40 AM
If you are interested in seeing what a GREAT defensive stance looks like, view picture #9 of Steven Gray up on his man. When you can guard that close it means you have some quickness. Look at how "low" he is.