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Section 116
12-07-2009, 07:44 PM
I know there is another thread on this subject but I got a lot of positive feedback on last weeks Mark Few show post so I'm posting what I got from this weeks show. Heister and Few opened the show by noting it was another tough emotional physical week. Against WSU we dug ourselves another hole like we have done before. Hopefully we don't make a habit of this. We made some adjustments at halftime, shored up the rebounding and got a good win against a previously unbeaten team. Against Wake we got down by 13 after the Harris incident. Few said he hadn't watched the replay yet but we tell our guys to step back and block out. McFarland had his hands high and Harris arm rode up over his arms. Harris is not malicious although Few said with a smile, "We have had some guys in this program who were malacious" What disappointed Few most was how mentally affected the team got. On the other hand Bol Kong's performance and his potential at the 3 or 4 was a positive andwill really stretch defenses in the future. On the following Best Zags Show Few called Kong's performance really gutty and courageous. Also the play of Arop was noteworthy and the play of both bodes well for the future.

Next was a discussion about the decade of Excellence DVD with attention to the beginning in 98-99. Few said Quentin Hall was one of the great characters in GU history. To this day Few does not know if Hall heard in the huddle at the end of the Florida game he was supposed to foul. Instead he hounded the Florida player into traveling, then took the shot that Casey tipped in. Few says Hall is a dear friend and one of my all time favorites.

Next was the fan quesiton from Stephanie in Spokane, wanted to now how does Few balance being a father and a coach. Few said that is his #1 priority, to balance the two, some coaches never figure it out. Says his profession is nearly 24/7 365 days a year. Lot of family around on game days and if the Zags win everyone is cheerful and if they lose things get kind of dicey around the house. Living in Spokane does give him the opportunity to get outside and do the things he likes and get away from basketball.

Next was a piece on the Kennel club and how they line up for tenting prior to big games. They got the idea from Duke. As I understand the location to report to to get your number in line is unannounced until noon on a particular day. Then a text or twitter goes out and there is a mad dash to the announced location to receive your number for tenting position. Someone in the Kennel club may have better info, but that is as I understand the process. Few noted though Heister is a native Alaskan he is not tough enough to camp with the Kennel clubbers. After the kids are set up, the team shows their gratitude for the Kennel support by passing out hot chocolate and pizza. Also team members show community gratitude by visiting area agencies such as the Union Gospel Mission, Shriners Hospital and other.

Regarding upcoming games with Augustana and Davidson Few said Augustana plays unbelievably hard, he has known Auggies coach for 20 years and Auggies coach is a longtime friend of Ray G. which I believe is how this game came to pass. Davidson has played a bunch of road games but they are will coached and Few believes when conference play starts Davidson will be a force. Few says the Zags will have to match the intensity and desire of both teams as both would really like to leave with a win.

On a side note I heard on the Best Zags show Elias Harris dad was in the crowd on Saturday and we all know how long Elias played. Heister noted it was unknown how long it would be before Harris dad would have the opportunity to watch his son play again. I am not sure if Harris dad is still in Germany. Someone on the board may know, but that is really a tough break for father and son.

I have tried to provide as many details as possible for those out of the local veiwing area. For those locally this is just a rehash. For those who posted in the earlier Few show thread, good going. I don't have the opportunity to catch the shows live on Sunday but I do have time to get somewhat detailed info on Monday. Enjoy.

12-07-2009, 07:50 PM
Love your summaries. Although I was able to watch it, your summaries put it all into focus for me. :)


12-07-2009, 07:51 PM
Amazingly good report, Section 116, once again.

I believe I've read Elias' father lives in Houston. Still a long way to come. That makes me feel even worse about the ejection.