View Full Version : Gonzaga and North Carolina

12-07-2009, 06:25 AM
Both of us lost a lot of real good players, and we both have a lot of new guys with a lot talent that is raw and needs developing. Both teams have lost two games to real good teams. Both coaches are willing to play very tough competition in order for their players to learn. They do not fear losing, even though they hate it. They continue to schedule very tough teams in pre-conference play because they know it helps their playes. They play tough teams on the road during pre-conference where the risk of losing is higher. They know the guys need to learn to play in tough environments.

Both coaches want to win their conferences, and know that a tough non-conference schedule helps, and it will help both teams in the ncaa tournament in March.

12-07-2009, 07:32 AM
Teams like UNC, Kansas, and even Duke impress me. With stupid Husky fans talking about their OOC schedule and how they don't need to schedule a tough one because they play in the pac 10, teams like UNC, Duke, and Kansas laugh in their face. UNC's OOC schedule is a lot tougher than ours, AND they play in the ACC! For the love of god UW, take a page from Roy Williams' book. He wins titles, and plays a full, ridiculously tough schedule. Props to these teams and their OOC scheduling. they have a chance to improve their team almost every single game.

12-07-2009, 10:37 AM
Nearly all of the so called "elite" programs have difficult nonconference schedules. Even Billy Donovan, who scheduled lightly the past few years, stated that doing so gave the team a false sense of confidence going into conference play, and is why he is playing teams like Michigan State and Syracuse this year.
Certainly GU and UNC's nonconference schedules are among the toughest, and, ironically, Few and RW have the two highest winning percentages of active coaches despite constantly playing quality competition even during "rebuilding" years.