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12-05-2009, 07:02 PM
here's what i came away with in today's game. i'd be interested to see what you guys think about this.


ultimately, i think this game will be comparable to last year's loss to arizona, which isn't that bad. obviously, hopefully we don't have a uconn effect from this game and lose to terrible teams for a weenth (a ridiculous term for half of a month).


i really didn't mind the refs. i saw plenty of bad calls and am sure lots of zags fans blame this loss on the refs, but my general rule is never to blame a loss or a win on refs. they were definitely bad, but didn't cost us the game. the technical on elias was correct, i think they ejected him based on his facial expression which sounds weird but i'd probably have done the same. the 5 free throw thing seemed odd but i'll assume refs know that rule better than i do.

meanwhile, the blocking call on olynyk late in the game that kelly complained about was the correct call. (olynyk freshmen mistake for moving when he really didn't need to). plus, the 5th foul on mcfarland involving olynyk was a bad call, which was a big deal to them because it took him out of the game. so there were bad calls both ways.


throughout most of the game, i kept thinking to myself how awesome it was that i didn't dislike anyone on the team this year. i disliked heytvelt last year for his laziness and for never having his head in the game, and knew i wouldn't miss him this year, which i don't. but i'm starting to dislike steven gray. and it has nothing to do with missing 2 free throws at the end (probably less than 5% of d1 players nationwide would make all 3, and the only player on the court i would have bet on making all 3 would have been bouldin).

i think gray is selfish. not sure how many will remember the play, but with about 3 minutes left in the game, with the zags down 4, this happened: zags swing the ball around the perimeter, gray has a slightly above average look at a three, but it was an obvious extra pass situation, with bol kong sitting in the near side corner. kong was 3-3 for 3s at the time, and olynyk was screening his man at the block to futher give kong a ridiculously wide open look. but instead, gray shoots and misses, in the midst of a poor game for him. very next possession arop passes kong the ball in the same corner and he hits it to pull the game to within 1.

i don't think this play single-handedly lost us the game, but how can gray do that in the midst of a poor game? i know few has told gray to be more aggressive, but i'm certain that he's referring to gray driving to the hoop to create looks for himself or others. there's no way few can want gray to remain 'aggressive' when it comes to shooting 3's. his reputation as our sharpshooter is dead at this point. there's no reason to still believe he's a well above average 3 point shooter. he hasn't shown it for two years now. he earned the reputation in his first season, but at this point there has been enough evidence to show that he's unlikely to be that guy anymore.

i see no reason to belive that he'll have more than 2 games with 4+ 3 pointers the rest of the season. his defense and ability to drive still makes him a top 3 or 4 option, but i wish he'd stop jacking up the 3s. he needs to d up, dribble drive, and not have nearly as many 3 point attempts as bouldin. when he shoots them, i now have the same feeling i had when derek raivio shot totally uncalled for 3s his entire senior year.


meanwhile, bol kong is absolutely a good option behind the arc, but his defense was terrible. to the point that the wake forest coach drew up 4 straight plays specifically picking on him, including the game winning alley oop dunk in which gray tried to switch with kong on a screen at the elbow to try and keep kong off the ball.

kong was still worth playing, but had he not been insane on offense he wouldn't have been worth having on the court, which probably relegates him to a 6th man 'instant offense' guy at best. until he d's up anyway.


some positives came from this game, such as our depth proving we are deeper than 5 guys (olynyk, arop and kong all look good, specifically arop in my opinion). few never has a bad game and constantly knows what buttons to push, such as kong in this game. sacre was bad but i don't think that necessarily will carry over.

what do you guys think? have a fun day.

12-05-2009, 07:15 PM
Sometimes I dislike my screen name, too. I mean, do I even know what a Pallet is? I think I do, but deep down, I just am not sure.

12-05-2009, 07:16 PM
If you don't want Steven shooting that, you're not giving Steven any legitimacy as a basketball player. Even if he is remotely open, I want one of my leaders taking that shot. Steven's gotten a lot of flack for these two games (warranted to an extent) but Steven is what saved them against Colorado (the game our All American potential Matt struggled in) and Gray's first half defense stopped Klay from making a comeback impossible.

12-05-2009, 07:30 PM
I wouldn't have dislike your screen name at all if you hadn't brought it up.
As for your post, I'm too tired to finish reading it tonight (not dogging you, I can't finish anything either).

12-05-2009, 07:34 PM
As for your post, I'm too tired to finish reading it tonight (not dogging you, I can't finish anything either).

Me too. I got about three sentences in and my eyes started to burn and itch. I'm going to bed.

BTW, I hate your screen name too. :D

12-07-2009, 02:12 AM
but i'm starting to dislike steven gray.

wow. for having an off game? you arent a bouldin fan then are you? or a dan dickau fan either? not raivio, who carried us on his back into march after a tumultuous season? who do you like that hasnt had an off game to make you hate them? give me a break, im starting to hate your posts.