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12-05-2009, 05:31 AM
This is a game Zag fans have been waiting for to come to K2 for a long, long time. I think for us there's nothing better than a game with the ACC, and Wake Forest has always been one of my favorite teams in that conference. I really like their coach. He's really good. I really respect him bringing his Demon Deacons into K2 to play us. I hope that this is the beginning of a long relationship with him.

Wake will be in the top part of the ACC conference this year, and will be a very tough opponent for the Zags. The game will provide some great match-ups. I think the best is going to be between Aminu and Harris. Aminu is an established power forward, and is projected to be an All American. Harris is a rising star who has been difficult for opposing teams to handle. I think Harris has surprised everyone so far, especially Zag opponents.

I also think the matchup between Goodson and Smith will be an important one to watch. Smith is a Freshman and is averaging 14 pts a game and has real good speed. Meech will need to get back on his game today and not play the way he did against WSU. He was totally ineffective. Gibbs however did a great job, and better at defending than Meech did. I was impressed with Gibbs passing and distributing skills. I see a lot of progress in his confidence.

Then there is Sacre vs McFarland. I look forward to this. I think Rob plays much better against BIG guys. I think he gets back to the Rob we know today. I look forward to seeing him have a great game.

The match-ups with their other two guards, Williams and Harris with Gray and Bouldin will be the keys to this game I think. These are 4 good wing players and I'm looking forward to watching them battle it out. Or should I say, "Shoot it out." I think our duo is better, and imo, Matt and Stephen may be the best backcourt in America. I love how they play together.

They have some pretty tall guys, but so do we. They have tall guys coming in off the bench, but then again so do we. I think Olynyk is the best of them all.

There are two or three or even four potential All American's in this game and 3 of them play for the Zags. No not first team All Americans, but 2nd or 3rd or honorable mention. But there are two potential 1st team All-Americans in this game. Two guys mentioned in the top 10 list of best players I think. So this game really is an attractive one. On my calendar at the beginning of the year I had it as the second most important OOC game for this year, only behind Duke. I think it's the most important game in K2 this year. Beating a good ACC team like Wake is always a great thing to have on your resume. I think if we beat Wake today it solidifies our contention that we ARE a top 10 team. The Zags know this and they will be ready, imo, to rise to that level of play today. We need to show we are as good as Purdue. I think we are.

12-05-2009, 06:08 AM
Please do not fall behind and play catch up for 30 minutes when every turn over ...every missed shot....every mistake is magnified...exciting yes...but not prudent...:)

Xin Loi 67
12-05-2009, 07:48 AM
Please do not fall behind and play catch up for 30 minutes when every turn over ...every missed shot....every mistake is magnified...exciting yes...but not prudent...:)

I don't like that stuff either!

"prudent".......I don't recall that word ever being used before on this board.

Prudent, prudent, prudent there, I've said it thrice.